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Deniliquin’s New Plan

Napier Street is set to look a whole lot different in the future thanks to a long standing plan to revitalize part of the street and to bring more tourists into town.

The new plan envisions Napier Street’s modern buildings be demolished or their facades modified to resemble building styles from no later than 1960 to tap into the historical market.

This plan has come about after many months of meticulous assessment and then coming to the conclusion that most of Deniliquin’s pre 1960 buildings or replicas of them are still intact in the top section of street making it the perfect place to try get more dollars from tourists.

The old Dublin Hotel is expected live again for the first time since it was closed down in the early 1920’s, future patrons can visit the recreated hotel safe in the knowledge that they won’t get caught and fined for taking away a drink on a Sunday or being on premises after hours like many locals did back in the day.

The Federal Hotel won’t need too much done on the outside as most of it is still looking like it was in the late 1920’s when it got its current day look though the arch (between ‘Hotel’ and ‘Deniliquin’ is now nice and flat.

Deniliquin’s thirst for motoring will be somewhat quenched with the old Deniliquin Motor Company building once again being a hub for cars this time it will be for museum that will showcase some of the makes that used to be sold from that location, the building paint will also be scrubbed off to give it that original look.

The Commonwealth Bank will be approached with hopes their modern signs will be replaced with ones from their past to fit in with the theme and avoid any costly moves to another street.

The town’s large collection of historical photographs will help developers and planners come up with the right mix of building looks to ensure a spectacular look that will please both locals and tourists.

The replacing or modifications to building facades may limit the amount of demolition needed which will save money and the saved money is expected to go towards filling in pot holes and other abnormalities in our roads and footpaths.

It is still unknown whether the section of road that in the buildings area will be closed to give the section a limit on modern technology.


It is also yet to be seen if this idea will be enthusiastically received by the public as people are still pretty miffed about the costs of Christmas, the ERC’s $600,000 portable and leased office and the Visit Deni site whose large cost to make and promote gives tourists places to go that are long shut down.

The starting date for construction to start on this new tourist attraction is never as this is our April Fools Day effort for 2018, thank you very much for reading.


The brief venue confusion

September 1 2017

There has been a little confusion over the last day when listed the Rovers Preliminary Finals matches were being played in Deniliquin whilst the Football was being played at Berrigan.

Eventually it was figured out it was Berrigan where all the action is going to take place tomorrow and not Deniliquin as listed on the link above.

Mistakes do happen and we’ve been caught out a few times when times have been listed wrong mostly game starting times when we were new to writing about Netball but when we go down the wrong path we quickly fix it.

We just hope the below video does not happen to any Rovers players (Rams too) tomorrow for nobody wants it to happen during finals.

How would the above sound locally, something like below;

“I think how lucky I am to be a Deniliquin Rovers (Rams) player and how fortunate I am to have a great sponsor like NAPA Auto Parts because NAPA understands quality and value and the importance of having a friendly, knowledgeable staff and at the times like this looking around the empty stands and listening to the silence of the bench that I realize………I’m at the wrong court!”.

It might actually make a great parody video someday.

Fun Facts: The guy in the video is Michael Waltrip, Michael’s brother Darrell voiced Darrell Cartrip in Cars 1 and 3, the Waltrip brothers won 88 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup wins (84 are Darrell’s), three Daytona 500’s (two are Michael’s), three NASCAR championships (all Darrell’s) and Darrell most likely had the weirdest celebration in NASCAR history.

The Ghost of 1937

August 16 2017

Four years after the story of the ‘Trotting Cob’ was recounted in The Independent, the paper once again reported a ghost story only this time the story was fresh and the incident happened in town.

In January 1937, a white apperition was last seen floating into the Waring Gardens after being spotted standing in the street around the vicinity of the ‘Economic Store’.

The two eyewitnesses who saw this apperition called other locals for help and a search of the gardens provided no clue to what was seen.

It was reported that the two eyewitnesses were sober and so it was not the use of their imagination of the drunken state kind.

Unfortunately the article does not tell more about what was seen in terms of what the ghost looked like, a week later The Independent reported that further inquiries revealed no new clues but many residents believed it was a joke.

Amusingly on the day of the follow up report, there was an ad by Lyceum Pictures advertising the movie ‘The Ghost Goes West‘.

For those into the paranormal, It must be remembered that Old Jack, the people hanged in the now former jail grounds, the half dozen or so deaths that occurred in nearby hotels and others all died in nearby locations and the ghost could of been any of them or it was simply just a 2:30am joke.

EDIT : January 30 2018

For those who like their ghost stories, the economic store mentioned in the report in January 1937 may be referring to the store Rose’s that was situated next to the Primrose Café.

A woman was fatally stabbed outside the Globe decades earlier and a woman died there in 1935, could it be either one of those ladies?

2QN from afar

AM Radio can be wonderful, you can pick up stations hundreds of kilometres away which is nice if you want to see how your old town is doing news and shops wise.

YouTube user dxer22000 tuned in to 2QN from Numeralla which is 403km away from Deniliquin and just 70km from the NSW coast and got a pretty good signal.

The video sample has ads from the Deni Golf Club, C.O.P.S,  Ash Cycles and Deblu’s Adult Warehouse.

The best of the four ads is the Ash Cycles one as it is cleverly acted out though Deblu’s is notable for having lots of sound effects to keep the ad radio friendly.

2QN has been known to get picked up as far as the outskirts of Brisbane on a good night though one has to put their ear close to the speaker to pick out what is being said.

AM Radio, the format that keeps interesting people even if they don’t like their local station format.

There’s a what parade?

Deniliquin has many streets, lanes and parades but most only need to know a select few by name to get to where you’re going for example you need to know places like Hardinge, Harfleur, Henry, Wood, Sloane, Victoria, Davidson, Cressy, George and Napier Street.

Of course there are street names that amuse kids and those who like a laugh though those streets were innocently named after mostly local historical figures and not to make people laugh.

Some locals may not know that Deniliquin actually has a place called Pee Parade, no joke readers because on the map clear as day is Pee Parade, if you don’t believe us just put in Pee Parade Deniliquin in Google.

Why would somebody call a place Pee Parade? Maybe they got a sense of humour, maybe they just like Pee Wee Herman whatever the reason it exists and appears to be the only Pee Parade in the world.