About Deniliquin News Service

About Us

Deniliquin News Service was established in 2014 to provide a new perspective into life around Deniliquin.

This website is just one part of us, we also operate a Facebook page and anybody can email us at deniliquinnewsservice@outlook.com if they have something they want written up such as notice of a future event etc.

The Facebook page keeps readers informed of events when they come to hand such as weather, accidents, phone and internet service status, river levels and more.


It cannot be remembered where exactly Deniliquin News Service’s journey started, it may of been started in a room in Henry Street or it was started in K Block at TAFE during a part of class that we think was called ILT (Independent Learning Time) aka ‘Do Something For An Hour Time’.

The TAFE class, Certificate 1 in Access to Work and Training (Introductory) was an important stepping stone in the development of DNS as partnerships that were built in class later became partnerships in print.

What we provide every day is a mix of opinion and the little things that wouldn’t make it into a newspaper, you may read a piece on the weather followed by one on Athletics and the next be something on Education.

We do our best to make each story we write perfect and sometimes it takes a couple of revisions to get there because something doesn’t make sense or something needs better explaining but it is all worth it in the end.

With a little luck, DNS will serve as a historical record of what is going on through town as we report on the present, look back at the past and speculate on the future.

The following people have to be thanked because without them things be a lot smaller at DNS;

Daniel Clark for his idea contributions because without them a lot of good writing topics would not have been thought of, it’s always good when we think there’s nothing to write about on a particular day and then one idea is thought of and it’s done and people like it because it boosts spirits and self belief.

Janice Hilton is one who also gives ideas on what to write, encourages when anxiety or depression tries to kick in as reads rise and fall and she also corrects anything that is out of place so nothing is mumbo jumbo because making mistakes is annoying as we strive to look good and do good.

Linda Clarke who apart from being a supportive sibling has also expanded our knowledge into things like Rare Disease Day which was an important addition to news reports and hopefully that continues to happen well into the future.

CH was part of the ride through 2015 and to ignore her contribution would be egoistical and selfish, she also took a fine picture of the Waring Gardens for our Christmas report which was a great ending in the partnership.

The above proves that success on any scale is not an individual thing but is made up of many people coming together to make something a success.

We hope you’ll enjoy what you’ve read at Deniliquin News Service and that you’ll keep coming back well into the future.


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