Sports Talk (16/8/18)

June 16 2018

It was just the Rams in action today with the Rams playing host to Numurkah.

Meanwhile in Rugby Union action, the Deniliquin Drovers were back in action after a two week break and they played Wagga Ag at Rotary Park, the final result was a 91-0 win to the Drovers.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 20.14 – 134 to 3.7 – 25
Reserves won 5.6 – 36 to 4.3 – 27
Thirds won 6.7 – 43 to 3.2 – 20
Fourths lost 8.12 – 60 to 1.1 – 7

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 57 to 29
B Grade won 37 to 14
C Grade won 36 to 34
C Res won 45 to 23
17 and Under won 35 to 27
15 and Under won 59 to 16
13 and Under won 36 to 10
11 and Under won 21 to 4



The Rams Footballers had a mixed day but it was great news for the Rams Reserves as they scored a long awaited victory.

Rams Netballers rebounded from last week in the best way possible by winning all eight matches played today.

The Rams 15 and Under side top scored with 59 goals in their netball game whilst in football the Rams Thirds topped scored after kicking 6.7 – 43 in their win.

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We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.


Who wants Krispy Kreme?

June 13 2018

The title is not a joke, there will be some Krispy Kreme donuts to be eaten in Deniliquin on August 4 but only if you order them first.

Deni Theatre Company is doing a fundraiser because they need props, costumes and other items for their production of Alice in Wonderland and so they have chosen selling Krispy Kreme donuts as their method of raising funds.

If you want a dozen original glazed donuts it will cost you $20 but if you want the Fundraiser Assorted pack containing six Original glazed, two Choc Iced, two Strawberry Iced and two Choc Donuts with Sprinkles and it will cost you $24 (take exact change with you when ordering).

To place your order, please see Anthony Myatt at Imperative Apps located at 208 Cressy Street by July 20 and bring your money with you.

Imperative Apps is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5:30pm so there is plenty of time to see them.

As mentioned earlier the donuts will be available for pick up on August 4 and will be at the Basketball Stadium (why the Stadium will be revealed later).

Further details can be seen on the Deni Theatre Company Facebook page (link will take you to the post).

Deni Big Freeze a success

June 10 2018

A cold and foggy morning did not stop the Deni Big Freeze from taking place at McLean’s Beach.

Just over a dozen people many of them in summer gear lined up to simultaneously run into the Edward River in support of efforts to cure MND (Motor Neuron Disease).

Many more locals watched the event take place despite the cold and foggy conditions, ironically the water was warmer than what it was out of the water.

For those who missed out on seeing the moment live, fear not as the video of the moment is available on the Facebook event page.

Team Uncle Bob’s online fundraising total for Daniher’s Drive – Tour for a Cure has reached $7,284 whilst more money has been raised offline once again showing that Deniliquin is a caring town when it comes to fundraising for good causes.

The drive isn’t until October 11 so there is plenty of time for locals to still contribute and help researchers continue to attempt to end MND as a quality of life draining and life taking disease.

Sports Talk (9/6/18)

June 9 2018

Both the Rams and the Rovers were in action today with the Rams playing Echuca United and the Rovers playing Tocumwal away.

Meanwhile in Rugby Union action, the Deniliquin Drovers are on their break and will be back in action on June 16.

Rams Football Results

Seniors won 13.6 – 84 to 10.8 – 68
Reserves lost 16.23 – 119 to 0.0 – 0
Thirds won 16.3 – 99 to 1.3 – 9
Fourths lost 5.10 – 40 to 2.4 – 16

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 21.17 – 143 to 7.7 – 49
Reserves won 13.10 – 88 to 1.6 – 12
Thirds lost 8.9 – 57 to 7.5 – 47
Fourths won 18.14 – 122 to  0.0 – 0

Rams Netball Results

A Grade lost 38 to 36
B Grade lost 49 to 42
C Grade lost 49 to 33
C Res lost 44 to 38
17 and Under lost 32 to 24
15 and Under won 35 to 24
13 and Under lost 44 to 26
11 and Under won 13 to 6

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade lost 34 to 24
B Grade drawn 39 each
C Grade won 27 to 21
C Res won 53 to 8
17 and Under lost 44 to 32
15 and Under drawn 30 each
13 and Under lost 23 to 14


The Rams Footballers shared the honours with Echuca United with two wins apiece but the best news is that the Seniors drought is over despite the side just scoring a point in the third quarter.

Rams Netballers had a tough day after losing seven out of their eight matches.

The Rovers footballers won the day by winning three out of their four matches.

The Rovers netballers narrowly lost the day with Tocumwal winning three games to two with the sides also playing out two draws.

The C Res side top scored with 53 goals in their game whilst in football the Rovers seniors kicked 21.17 – 143 in their big win.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.

Deni Big Freeze – June 10 2018

June 7 2018

The Deni Big Freeze will be held at McLean’s Beach at 11am on June 10 to raise funds for ‘Team Uncle Bob’ who are taking part in Daniher’s Drive later on this year.

Deni Big Freeze, Daniher’s Drive and The Big Freeze are part of the massive effort that is growing every year to raise funds to find a cure for Motor Neuron Disease (MND).

Participants will be jumping into the Edward River which will be very cold despite a forecast of 17 degrees for the day, if you are interested in going please indicate your interest after clicking on the ‘Deni Big Freeze’ link.

They are aiming to raise $10,000 and at this present time they are up to $7,124 which is an impressive total and it will only get bigger.

Those who cannot attend the Deni Big Freeze can watch events unfold via the Deni Big Freeze event page and there is no doubt that the link will be spread around social media on the day.

If you would like to donate to ‘Team Uncle Bob’ please click here and put in the ‘From’ field ‘Deni Big Freeze’ even if you do pick the anonymous donation option.

Noisy Street Design – June 2018

June 5 2018

Noisy Street Design have released several videos on YouTube in the last couple of months.

Overall they have made 42 videos and these videos cover a wide range of areas from music videos to promotional videos.

Viewers will see music videos by Gomer and The Girl, Anna Bowie, Ruby Saltbush, Zara Lindeman and Chris Bodey as well as Zara singing with Shane McGrath.

Viewers will see videos for Murray Irrigation, Speak Up for Water (2018), IntereachChannel 4 Change, Country Wedding and Event Hire, Cosy Camping, Deni Uke Muster and more.

To see the full range of videos, please click here.

All the videos are extremely well made with great use of camera technology and sharp video quality that doesn’t miss out on all the finer details which is very important for businesses who want to look their best.

They also make websites and examples of their work include Channel 4 Change, Hair Desir, Moira Station, Local Dental Clinics and more.

They also make books, flyers, business cards and more, all these are quite handy for local businesses and events.

So if you need something done that is graphic like a Book, A website like their very own, posters or flyers for an event or a video like the examples that linked above then visit Noisy Street Design at 208 Cressy Street right next to the Florist.

Sports Talk (2/6/18)

June 2 2018

Both the Rams and the Rovers were in action today with the Rams playing Mulwala and the Rovers playing Katunga at their respective home grounds.

Meanwhile in Rugby Union action, the Deniliquin Drovers are on a two week break and will be back in action on June 16.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 20.12 – 132 to 1.9 – 15
Reserves lost 18.10 – 118 to 3.4 – 22
Thirds won 22.12 – 144 to 3.2 – 20
Fourths won 13.8 – 86 to 1.3 – 9

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 17.15 – 117 to 12.14 – 86
Reserves won 13.14 – 92 to 1.1 – 7
Thirds lost 15.6 – 96 to 4.1 – 25
Fourths won 12.10 – 82 to  1.1 – 7

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 61 to 50
B Grade won 47 to 39
C Grade lost 42 to 37
C Res lost 55 to 41
17 and Under won 39 to 27
15 and Under won 63 to 14
13 and Under won 43 to 13
11 and Under won 26 to 6

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 55 to 26
B Grade lost 39 to 37
C Grade won 31 to 30
C Res won 42 to 23
17 and Under lost 50 to 34
15 and Under won 43 to 5
13 and Under  won 28 to 12


Rams Thirds and Fourths won their games by handy margins whilst the Seniors and Reserves struggled in their matches.

Rams Netballers dominated the day by winning six out of their eight matches.

The Rovers footballers won three out of their four matches today.

The Rovers netballers won the day against their opposition but not without trouble as the C Grade match could of gone either way.

The Rams 15 and Under side top scored for the club with 55 goals in their game whilst in football the Rams Thirds kicked the highest score of the day with an impressive 22.12 – 144 score.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.

Poll Time (31/5/18)

May 31 2018

We have new poll questions for readers to consider as we ask about our local State MP, Getting cars serviced in Echuca and whether or not a Dog Park is still thought about?

Questions Asked

How well is Austin Evans going as our State MP?
Getting your Holden serviced in Echuca is……
Does Deniliquin need a fenced, off leash dog park with activities and obstacles
Do you think the plan for the Federal Hotel will be done?


It has been a couple of months since the Austin Evans held off Helen Dalton to keep our state seat of Murray in Nationals hands, how well do you think he has done since making his way to Sydney to represent us?

It has been five months since Burchfields shut down forcing car owners to get their cars serviced in Echuca as Holden had no wish to keep operations going, how have car owners managed the trip over the border to get their cars serviced since then?

Dog Parks, this has been a long wished addition to the town and it was an election campaign issue when the local area picked local council, do readers still wish for the park to happen?

There are grand plans for the Federal Hotel with Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Food and Drink and the addition for a small cinema but some are skeptical that the plan will be completed, do you think it will?

Polls will remain open until Thursday June 14 and posted in Deni Speaks.

Deni Speaks (31/5/18)

May 31 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have asked readers their opinions on a couple of questions on Live Exports, Scott’s Park and Recycling.

Below are the results of the three polls.

Should Live Exports be phased out/banned?

Yes – 81%
No – 19%

What do you think of the Scott’s Park  – BMX Park Concept Masterplan?

Like It  – 54%
Dislike It – 31%
It’s OK – 15%

Will Ipswich City Council’s attempt to end recycling kill off Deniliquin’s recycling hopes?

No – 53%
Yes – 47%


The support of banning or phasing out Live Exports is in agreement with Sussan Ley who believes the practice should be stopped and will side with the ALP on the issue.

The concept masterplan for Scott’s Park has been met favorably by those who answered the poll, locals hope the rubbish and drug problems that has plagued one or both locations do not stay in the remodeling process.

Voters still have faith in kerbside recycling despite major councils trying to pull out of the initiative due to China changing their rules on accepting such material.

Don’t forget the Return and Earn machines are available to recycle your cans but don’t leave them there if the machines are full, if you have cans you can also go to the Apex shed between 10am and 12pm on June 2.

We’ll be back in two weeks with a new edition of ‘Deni Speaks’.


Deniliquin on YouTube – May 2018

May 27 2018

Every couple of months we take a look at YouTube has that is related to town and in the last month there is a couple of options, some of them are below.

A show called Art-E-Facts has a video on local artist Meg Williams, the video runs for just over four minutes and was made by South West Arts Inc.

Deniliquin Sporting Car Club has a range of videos showing competitors competing in the NGK Victorian Motorkhana Championship.

The videos are of various lengths with the longest being 1 minute and 53 seconds.

Big4 Deniliquin Holiday Park has a couple of videos online and they show all the good things and the good times that people can have at the park.

Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park has a couple of videos on offer showing people all the great things the caravan park has on offer.

Elders Deniliquin from time to time posts videos of livestock with a new video just posted for those who like to see what livestock is on offer.

Noisy Street Design have been releasing videos that they have worked on and the latest one is a music video that features Zara Lindeman and Shane McGrath singing a song, the song is called ‘Autumn Leaves’ and it has over 100 views.

They also have a music video by Ruby Saltbush titled ‘The Way That It Goes’ and it is approaching 100 views.

We hope that you found some of these videos interesting and don’t forget to look around as you may find other videos of interest, if you have a YouTube account make sure you subscribe to each of their channels to get future content.

We’ll check back for more videos in the near future.