Deniliquin Quiz Game 2 launched

January 13 2018

Readers may recall some time ago that we made a quiz game and it done reasonably alright.

We are pleased to tell readers that The Deniliquin Quiz II game has been launched for testing.

This free game is a replacement of the original game that was sadly lost due to hard drive failures that killed both the primary and backup hard drives.

Players can download the game .exe file from here and install it onto their computers, there are 22 questions and each question can be answered by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Questions are varied with questions of Hotels, Railways, Football, KFC and more.

The game also comes with an uninstall option as well for those who wish to delete it after a play.

The game will be improved over time as there are a few things needed to be straightened out such as finding a suitable opening picture but hopefully the game as it stands will give some people at least five minutes of enjoyment.

Let us know how you go in the game.


New video of aircraft landing

January 12 2018

If you’ve never seen footage of a plane coming in to land at the airport from the perspective of a plane, now is your chance.

A YouTube video was uploaded at the start of the year and it has a plane coming in to land on the runway pointing to the north, the action starts at 690ft in the air at a speed of 109km/h and ends as it is coming to a stop at 16km/h and 334ft and the video moves to Riddells Creek.

It should be noted that Deniliquin is at an elevation of 305.18ft and the music you hear is from Pink Floyd and their song ‘Learning To Fly’.

Hopefully in the future we’ll see more film of Deniliquin from the air.

Cinema Pop Up ends tonight

January 7 2018

Cinema Pop Up ends tonight with a screening of ‘Step Brothers’, Cinema Pop Up has been occupying Edward River Oval for the last four nights and showing one movie per night.

The prices of food and drink have surprised or angered many, unfortunately the high prices is pretty much universal in cinemas around the country as everyone searches for a profit to keep afloat.

Some may of felt that the open air setup would of allowed a relaxation of rules concerning food and drink but like a traditional cinema, food and drink from outside is either not allowed or frowned upon although drive in cinemas can’t really enforce rules unless they do car checks which is a time consuming process.

Yesterday’s 43 degree heat led to calls for people to be allowed to bring in drinks to combat the heat, perhaps they will think about a heat rule or lower prices if temperatures reach a certain point in the future.

Overall Cinema Pop Up has been a success with those who have attended the screenings, hopefully this will lead to a desire for more screenings in the future and hopefully one day The Regent Theatre Mark III.

Red Rose Diner celebrates birthday

January 6 2017

Red Rose Diner celebrated their first year of business today with a day of activities at their place of business.

The popular business started celebrations earlier in the week by offering customers on Facebook the chance to win one of four prizes from a free Ice Cream to a Burger and Chips meal.

The party went from 10am until 1pm and the hit of the day was the free face painting as plenty of kids taken the opportunity to take advantage of being painted up as characters such as Spiderman

Cold drinks and Ice Creams were also popular as it was a 42 degree day in town and keeping cool was of course a major priority.

We hope that Red Rose Diner will have many more birthdays to come in the future.

A review of 2017

December 31 2017

The year is winding down and at this time last year many were wishing 2017 would hurry up because so much bad happened around the world in 2016.

2017 has treated us well as we have written 248 pieces across the year, we had just over 13,500 website visits and over 9,600 visitors.

Let’s take a look at what stories grabbed your attention month by month.

January started off with a call for raffle prizes and that locals also noticed that the weather was going up and down as hot days were followed up by cold ones and quickly replaced by hot days again.

News of a fundraiser got the interest of locals in February, the fundraiser shown that when it comes to helping locals out Deniliquin does really care.

The return of Deniliquin History in Photos topped the readers charts for March, the return of the popular Facebook page saw the news of its return reach #8 on our most read about list for 2017.

A new design of shopping trolleys and the moving of a popular Deniliquin sports team topped the charts in April, these news items did not have the same impact as the report on the merging of Deniliquin’s schools in April 2016.

The question of what does Deniliquin want and research into a postcard from 1916 topped the charts in May, readers helped make sense of the message on the postcard that was never sent to a Connie at Carrigan Villa.

The hunt for the Lyceum Theatre/Lyceum Hall topped the charts in June as locals discovered that the building was dismantled, shortened and rebuilt as an engineering building in Deniliquin North.

Drone footage of the Court House and Waring Gardens was the story of choice in July as the YouTube videos gave a spectacular view of the two areas and was sharp enough to read the rude messages on the bridge.

Also interesting readers was the story on Walking Stick Mick and the search for the site of the Methodist Church, readers discovered a cinema almost ended up on Cressy Street in the late 1930’s.

Images of Deniliquin in the 1960’s dominated the August charts and so did a report on Deniliquin’s many hotels both past and present ones which made a long list and lots of time spent reading up on them, research that continues to this day.

September saw the ERC election take place and so it dominated readers attention, Norm Brennan waltzed into the Mayor’s office after dominating the polls, the voters of the ERC went with a mostly former Conargo Shire lineup with five ex Conargo Shire Councillors, two ex Deniliquin Council members and two from neither council being elected.

October saw readers take a trip back in time thanks to Google Earth leaving most of Deniliquin’s streets stuck in 2008, Google Earth currently has images of Deniliquin’s streets in either 2008, 2010 or 2017 shape.

November had readers learning how to use the ‘Return and Earn’ machine which turned out to be a success in December and a petition to keep the Peacocks at Waring Gardens was launched after the ERC started eyeing the removal of them due to expense of updating their facility.

Finally we come to December and this month saw readers take an interest in the book ‘From The Banks Of The Edward River’, the fireworks at Waring Gardens also got the attention of readers and fine photos were taken by Daniel Clark.

December also saw the demolition of the old Police station and the closing down of Burchfields.

Below is the Top 10 most read stories on DNS for the year 2017.

1. Exploring Deniliquin in 2008
2. Shopping revolution coming to Deni
3. Images of Deniliquin
4. Deniliquin from the Air
5. ERC Election Wrap
6. Deniliquin’s Hotel History
7. ‘Return and Earn’ – December 1 2017
8. It’s Back!!!!!!!!!
9. Hunting down the Lyceum Theatre
10. Election Complication

That was the story of 2017 in terms of what readers of Deniliquin News Service read the most about.

Thank you for reading, we will see you in 2018.

NYE Playlist – 2017

December 31 2017

Feels like yesterday that 2017 was just hours away and now 2018 is coming and once again we are sitting here watching time tick away and thought why not put something to together to take up time and listen to music.

The people of Deniliquin do love to party and there is every chance at least one of these songs will be heard tonight as the hours go by and the fun goes on.

We got everything from the recent to the hits of the 90’s and even one from the 60’s so there is a bit of variety to choose from.

Miley Cyrus – Party In The U.S.A.
The Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Stop The Party
Luke Bryan – Crash My Party
Sam Hunt – House Party
Jason Aldean – My Kinda Party
Shawn Mendes – Life Of The Party (Lyric Video)
Vengaboys – We like to Party! (The Vengabus)
Jessie J – It’s My Party
Robbie Williams | Party Like A Russian – Official Video
Shania Twain – Party For Two ft. Billy Currington
S Club 7 – S Club Party
Will Smith – Party Starter
S.O.A.P. – This Is How We Party
Five – Rock the Party
Lesley Gore – It’s My Party (1965)
Beyonce – Party ft J. Cole
INXS – The Strangest Party
Ricky Nelson – Garden Party

New Years is also a celebration and there is songs with Celebration in the title, not many but one is the standard of party songs.

Kool and the Gang – Celebration
Madonna – Celebration
Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day

If you want something with Groove in the title, there are a couple of options of various genres, some are quite well known.

Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind & Fire
Let’s Groove – CDB
Groove – Jack & Jack
Groove is in the Heart – Dee-Lite
Into the Groove – Madonna

If you really want to stretch things out you could go with bands with ‘Party’ in their title and we can think of two, The Party Boys and The Party.

The Party Boys were a band of rotating musicians and The Party are a group that spun off from the 1980’s – 1990’s version of The Mickey Mouse Club, they’re still going after a long absence.

The Party Boys – He’s Gonna Step On You Again (Great Quality)
The Party – In My Dreams

If you want fireworks well there is one option on the table and it is a long one so if you start from 6pm December 31 it be done by 6am January 1.

10 hours of Fireworks

Enjoy your night readers, hope to see you all again soon.

Era coming to a close

December 30 2017

The signs are down at Burchfields as the clock ticks down on one of the longest running businesses in Deniliquin’s long history.

Gone is the Holden logo on the pole, gone is the long, red sign that read Holden and Burchfields leaving just an empty space on the wall.

It is going to be weird in 2018 without seeing the business operating there, the business started building coaches before cars hit the road and then offered vehicles from General Motors manufacturers such as Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Vauxhall, Bedford and then from the 1940’s Holden.

For many decades in front of the dealership stood two petrol pumps, The Independent mentioned in 1937 that Burchfield Bros. asked for and was granted permission to install a pump and over time these pumps were replaced.

The business saw every make and model that Holden built in Australia, an honour that few dealerships would of had the chance of seeing through.

Holden’s retreat from Deniliquin has defied logic as the business was at the pointy end of car sales in Deniliquin and the service department has been considered vital to this area as people will have to go to the border to get their car serviced.

The good news is that the building is heritage listed and deservedly so as the building has been virtually unchanged over the decades as shown in the second link above shows it virtually unchanged from 1937.

So when 2018 starts, there be two empty buildings side by side, the Community Centre whose facade proudly stands over the footpath while it steadily loses windows and Burchfields, both waiting for somebody to come along and give them new life.

Christmas 2017 playlist

December 24 2017

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and below is a list of songs that may come in handy if you want to listen to some tunes from a variety of artists from different time periods and level of fame.

Santa Claus Is Back In Town & Blue Christmas – Elvis
The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth) – Bing Crosby and David Bowie
Love Love Love – Maddie Wilson
Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney
All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Celeste Kellogg
Have Yourself A Merry Christmas – Michael Buble
Aussie Jingle Bells – Bucko and Champs
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Michael Buble
White Christmas – Josh Groban
Wiggly Wiggly Christmas – The Wiggles
Finally It’s Christmas – Hanson

If you want YouTube audio instead of music videos, there is a wide selection and here are some possibilities available to you.

Christmas Songs by Frank Sinatra
Christmas Jazz
Christmas Time Again – Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Classic Christmas Album – Elvis

We hope all readers find the music they desire tomorrow no matter what it is in the end.


Christmas 2017 weather

December 22 2017

We’ll start off with the forecast for Saturday December 23 and it will be a hot one with the maximum predicted to be 37 degrees, there will be winds of up to 35km/h and the Fire Danger level is at High.

Sunday December 24 is predicted to be cooler with a predicted top of 32 degrees, winds are expected to be around 30km/h and there could be rain and thunderstorms in the South East part of the Riverina.

Monday December 25 is predicted to be 31 degrees with winds up to 30km/h, more details will be added closer to the date.

Tuesday December 26 is currently predicted to be up to 35 degrees with winds up to 30km/h, more details will be added closer to the date.

We will continue to keep readers informed of any changes as best as possible over the coming days.