Uke Muster expands video collection

October 15 2018

The Deni Uke Muster is coming up in November, some readers may be thinking we are in a time loop and are meant to be saying Deni Ute Muster but it is the Deni Uke Muster that will happen in November.

Their YouTube Channel was recently updated with three new videos taking the total up to eight videos.

There are renditions of ‘You Are My Sunshine’, ‘Going up the Country’ and ‘Down on the Corner’.

‘You Are My Sunshine’ is a classic from the 1930’s and most people only perform the chorus compared to this 1942 version by Harry Roy and his Orchestra, probably because the chorus is more cheerful.

‘Going up the Country’ was a song by Canned Heat that was based on a 1928 song called ‘Bull Doze Blues’.

‘Down on the Corner’ is a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival and written by band member John Fogerty.

Unfortunately the three new videos are low in quality but you will see and hear that they can perform a range of material.

If you are interested in going to the Uke Muster, visit the Facebook event page, indicate that you’re going or are interested and have a great time in November.


Rain at last! – October 10 2018

October 10 2018

Deniliquin woke up to the sound of rain just before 6am and by 9am it had reached 8.4mm even though Weatherzone has put down 8mm.

Weatherzone has a unique rainfall chart and that is because it only counts rainfall from 9am to 9am and so history will record Deniliquin receiving 8mm on Wednesday even though it continued to rain through the day.

9.8mm between 9am January 30 and 9am January 31 was the record and so some may of felt disappointed that a new record for 2018 wasn’t set but they weren’t disappointed for long.

The rainfall didn’t stop at 9am as it continued to rain steadily and between 10:30 and 10:40am it rained 0.6mm to send the post 9am total to 10mm and a new rainfall record.

By 11am the total amount of rain between 6 and 11am approached 20mm but the rain was slowing down as the band of moderate rain moved past and the town received lighter rain.

By 12pm the rain was almost on its way out of town and was heading west to dump its cargo on other towns ensuring that they get some rain too.

We ended up with 23mm of rain, 23.5mm in some other areas, we needed every millimetre as a dry couple of months is expected to occur.

Monday’s forecast looks interesting according to Weatherzone, if the rain forecast for that day comes true then our local farms will be in much better shape than just a day ago as water tanks and dams will be getting more of a fill and the soil will be more deeper soaked than before..

Poll Time (6/10/18)

October 6 2018

We have three new questions up for readers to consider and answer on the side of the page (computer users) or at the bottom of the page (phone users), one asks for a rating on the ERC, one asks how the local economy is going and the last asks if the Federal Government has improved under Scott Morrison.

Questions asked

1. What Rating Do You Give The ERC?
2. How is the local economy?
3. Has the Government improved under Scott Morrison?

The rating for the ERC is asked as it has been over a year since the council was elected and we are hoping to get a snapshot of how they’re going.

The local economy question is to see if bad drought conditions and the status of the economy on a national scale have affected the town.

The Scott Morrison question is asked because it has been after a month since he was made PM and it will be interesting to see if the LNP is back in contention after many political experts have called the next election to the ALP.

Polls will run until Saturday October 20.

Golf Club from the air

October 1 2018

Noisy Street Design has released a lot of videos this year and late last month they released their longest one yet, one on Deniliquin Golf Club.

It is a video that runs for just under 20 minutes and features all 18 holes that the Golf Club has to offer all in 1080p quality (High Definition).

It is always something unique to see something from above and viewers will see things from a couple of golf carts driven in a line, a golfer playing the first hole, the Bowling Club and Memorial Park plus nearby houses.

It is a great video that should entice golfers to come and play in town once they get a good look at all the holes in the video.

Sports Talk – Rams Grand Final Day (22/9/18)

September 22 2018

Four Rams sides played in Grand Final action today.

Three of the four sides were Netball sides whilst the Rams Fourths attempted to bring home the Premiership for the Football Club.

Results of all four matches are below.

Rams Football Results

Fourths lost 6.20 – 56 to 0.0 – 0 vs Cobram

Rams Netball Results

A Grade lost 54 to 36 vs Moama
17 and Under lost 42 to 23 vs Echuca United
15 and Under won 45 to 33 vs Tongala


An undefeated Cobram gave the Rams Fourths no opportunities but the Fourths should be proud that they made the Grand Final and that had an excellent 15-3 season (17-4 if you count finals).

A Grade went up against a Moama side that had lost only once during the course of the year but the Rams went down trying and trying is what matters in a game.

It wasn’t to be for the 17 and Under side this year going down to Echuca United who went through the season undefeated.

The 15 and Under side had a comfortable victory with Eloise Ritchie winning a medallion for her performance, the side had a perfect 21-0 record for the season counting finals.

This may be our final edition of Sports Talk for 2018, we would like to thank everyone for reading each edition as the season progressed for both the Rams and the Rovers.

Deni Speaks (21/9/18)

September 21 2018

24 people answered our question of “Should there be an upgrade to footpaths, making them wide enough for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters?” 16 (67%) voted for Yes and 8 (33%) voted ‘No’.

25 people answered our question “Are you looking forward to the Ute Muster?” and answers were pretty wide spread but it appears that while most aren’t looking forward to it they don’t mind it being around.

7 (28%) said No, it doesn’t interest me personally
7 (28%) said No but have fun if you’re going
6 (24%) said Yes, I love the Muster
3 (12%) said Yes, I love the business it generates
2 (8%) said No, wish it would go away

22 people answered our question “Should water be taken from the basin plan to grow fodder for stock?” and 19 people (86%) said Yes and 3 people (14%) said No.

16 people answered our question “Should milk prices rise by at least 10 cents to help dairy farmers?” with 13 (81%) saying Yes and 3 (19%) saying No.

Just after these results Coles raised prices of 3 litre milk by 30 cents to help Dairy Farmers.

Thank you for voting and for reading the results, if you have a sensible question you want polled, please let us know.

Sports Talk (16/9/18)

September 16 2018

Seven Rams sides played in Preliminary Finals action over the course of the weekend.

Of the seven, six of the sides were Netball.

Results of all seven matches are below.

Rams Football Results

Fourths won 7.7 – 49 to 4.5 – 29 vs Finley

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 49 to 47 vs Numurkah
B Grade lost 42 to 25 vs Moama
C Reserve lost 39 to 27 vs Moama
17 and Under won 27 to 22 vs Tungamah
15 and Under won 27 to 9 vs Echuca United
13 and Under lost 30 to 29 vs Tongala


The Rams Fourths continue their march towards the Premiership.

It was a mixed bag for the Rams Netball sides with three sides getting into a Grand Final and three sides just missing out.

We will be back next week with a Rams Grand Final Day edition of Sports Talk.

Sports Talk – Rovers Grand Final Day (15/9/18)

September 15 2018

Today was Grand Final day for five Rovers sides (Three Netball and two Football).

It seems like only yesterday that the season had started but in reality the season has come to an end and the clock is now counting down towards the 2019 season.

Below are the results of today’s matches.

Rovers Football Results

Reserves lost 6.4 – 40 to 5.7 – 37 vs Waaia
Fourths won 7.16 – 58 to 0.1 – 1 vs Katunga

Rovers Netball Results 

A Grade won 27 to 33 vs Tocumwal
C Reserve won 36 to 24 vs Waaia
15 and Under won 28 to 19 vs Picola United


Rovers Reserves gave it their best today, they were down by 29 points at three quarter time and kicked 4.2 to 0.0 in the last to make Waaia earn their Premiership whilst the Fourths were too good for their opposition today.

The Netball sides had a great day, after so many years of trying the A Grade side are now champions and they deserve to party like it’s 1999.

Tomorrow we’ll have Sports Talk with Rams results as they play their matches over this weekend and then next week we’ll have the Rams Grand Final Day edition of Sports Talk.


Sports Talk (9/9/18)

September 9 2018

Both the Rams and the Rovers played Finals this weekend with sides playing in either Semi Finals or Preliminary Finals.

Rovers Football Results

Reserves won 8.8 – 64 to 7.6 – 42 (Preliminary Final vs Berrigan)
Fourths won 7.11 – 53 to 3.4 – 22 (Preliminary Final vs Rennie)

Rams Netball Results

B Grade won 44 to 40 (Semi Final vs Echuca United)
C Grade lost 39 to 27 (Semi Final vs Congupna)
C Reserve won 35 to 26 (Semi Final vs Mulwala)

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 45 to 31 (Preliminary Final vs Blighty)
C Res won 32 to 23 (Preliminary Final vs Mathoura)
15 and Under won 25 to 21 (Preliminary Final vs Rennie)
13 and Under lost 22 to 8 (Preliminary Final vs Strathmerton)


Rams Netballers have their B Grade and C Reserve sides reach the Preliminary Final, unfortunately the season ended for the C Grade team though they should really be pleased that they made it into the finals and played well.

The Rovers Reserves and Fourths have both made it through to the Grand Final.

The Rovers A Grade, C Reserve and Under 15’s are all through to play in a Grand Final unfortunately the season ended for the 13 and Under side but they should be proud in the knowledge they were a Top Four side.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk as we go through Rovers Grand Final and Rams Preliminary Final results.

Poll Time (5/9/18)

September 5 2018

We are back with four new questions for readers to consider and these questions cover a variety of topics.

  1. Should milk prices rise by at least 10 cents to help dairy farmers?
  2. Should water be taken from the basin plan to grow fodder for stock?
  3. Are you looking forward to the Ute Muster?
  4. Should there be an upgrade to footpaths, making them wide enough for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters?

There are calls for a levy to be added to the price of milk, a levy would rise the price by at least 10 cents so farmers can get a couple of cents more for their dairy produce.

While the milk war has been good for consumers many feel that it is more than ok to pay a little more to ensure the survival of the dairy industry, what do you think?

Barnaby Joyce believes that water should be taken from the MDBP so farmers can grow some much needed fodder for their stock.

Political figures ‘slammed’ the idea from Australia’s new drought envoy with the Greens believing Barnaby is into destroying the environment, so it comes down to asking do you agree with taking the water or not?

The Ute Muster is coming up at the end of the month and there is always a variety of opinions on the subject, some wish it would go away, some aren’t interested but , some love the increase of business the event brings and some just like everything the event brings, what do you think?

Lastly we ask if the footpaths around town should be widened to allow for bicycles, walkers and mobility scooters.

Polls will run until Wednesday September 19.