Sports Talk (21/4/18)

April 21 2018

Today saw the Rams take on Barooga at Hardinge Street whilst the Rovers taken on Blighty at Memorial Park.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 18.22 – 130 to 1.1 – 7
Reserves lost 21.18 – 144 to 1.0 – 6
Thirds won 6.6-42 to 6.4-40
Fourths won 18.16-124 to 0.2-2

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 51 to 45
B Grade won 55 to 37
C Grade won 43 to 22
C Reserve won 39 to 38
Under 17’s won 39 to 28
Under 15’s won 66 to 20
Under 13’s won 32 to 17
Under 11’s lost 18 to 6

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 11.12 – 78 to 7.13 – 55
Reserves won 7.10 – 52 to 6.4 – 40
Thirds won 21.14 – 140 to 4.2 – 26
Fourths won 33.20 – 218 to 0.0 – 0

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade lost 54 to 36
B Grade won 61 to 26
C Grade lost 33 to 23
C Reserve won 43 to 17
Under 17’s lost 33 to 29
Under 15’s won 36 to 30
Under 13’s lost 28 to 23


It was a mixed day for the Rams footballers, the Seniors and the Reserves suffered massive losses but the Thirds and the Fourths dished out heavy defeats to their opponents to square up the day at two wins apiece.

The Rams netballers almost had the perfect day with seven wins from eight matches and they will be very happy with that outcome.

The Rovers footballers had the perfect day after achieving a clean sweep and bringing home the Warner Tasker Cup after the seniors won the game by 23 points.

The Rovers netballers were defeated overall by a margin of 4 games to 3 with all four losses having margins of no less than ten goals.

The Under 15’s Rams achieved the highest score of 66 goals in netball whilst in football the Rovers Fourths kicked the highest score of the day with a massive 33.20 – 218 score.

We’ll be back on Thursday with a new edition of Sports Talk featuring ladder positions, weather forecasts and more.


KFC petition doing well

April 19 2018

The KFC petition launched by Matt Dyson is doing well.

There is currently 165 signatures on the petition and while it may seem a joke to some, it is serious business to some.

Perhaps it is time to bring KFC back to stop locals doing forays into Victoria for the eleven herbs and spices on their varieties of of chicken, keep money close to home and perhaps bring residents from neighbouring towns to our town too for their KFC fix.

Nine pieces for $10 on a Tuesday or two dozen nuggets at a decent price or large chips for $2, there are so many menu possibilities.

Of course there is opposition to the idea of KFC making a triumphant return, some think we do not need any more of the big chains in our town ruining our way of life and the facade of the town.

People fear that KFC will kill off competition, we’ve had McDonald’s since the late 1990’s and Subway in the last decade but we still see Black Cat, Laughing Chicken, That Pizza, Cressy Pizza and more still trading and trading well.

People say that KFC failed once therefore it will fail again but don’t forget that the Subway we’ve got is the second Subway we’ve had and when the second store was opened, it was well received so comebacks are possible.

The town loves takeaway, we cannot get enough and as mentioned earlier our town not Echuca could be the new port of call for travelers from places like Conargo, Warragoon, Blighty, Mayrung and Finley to get their KFC fix.

Imagine if the Federal Hotel gets its cinema going, Echuca will lose customers who went all the way to see a movie and get dinner on the way back, think about all that money that stays in town.

Business equals jobs which equals pay which equals spending elsewhere which in turn equals people being paid and they spend their money elsewhere.

The possibilities are endless and as we once mentioned the chatter has to continue, words are where ideas begin and actions begin from the reading of words.

Who is hungry now?

Sports Talk (19/4/18)

April 19 2018

This weekend is round three in the PDFNL competition and round four in MFNL competition.

The Rovers are hosting Blighty with the winner in the Seniors football match taking home the Warner Tasker Cup, a cup that has been held by Blighty since 2016.

Rovers Fifths will be playing on Oval 3 at 11am.

The Rams are playing host to Barooga who are in the Top 5 when it comes to senior and reserves football.

Google Weather says it should be a mostly Sunny day in town with temperatures reaching 28 by 2pm, winds should be staying around 15km/h.

Below is how the Rams and the Rovers stand after three and two rounds respectively.

Rams Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 15th
Reserves – 13th
Thirds – 2nd
Fourths – 2nd

Rams Netball Ladder Positions

A Grade – 3rd
B Grade – 2nd
C Grade  – 7th
C Reserve – 2nd
17 and Under – 1st
15 and Under – 1st
13 and Under – 2nd

Rovers Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 4th
Reserves – 1st
Thirds – 6th
Fourths – 1st

Rovers Netball League Positions

A Grade – 2nd
B Grade – 8th
C Grade – 11th
C Reserve – 1st
Under 17’s – 9th
Under 15’s – 3rd
Under 13’s – 4th

We’ll be back on Saturday with the results from the Rovers vs Berrigan matches.

The lost signal

April 17 2018

Deniliquin has had an unlucky week with power and communication services.

Saturday’s weather brought on a power outage that while brief for the town lasted for several hours longer for surrounding towns.

On Monday there were reports of TV services being on the fritz though that may of been an isolated case.

Today there were reports of phone service issues and after checking Optus and Telstra’s online service checker, it at first appeared there was nothing wrong.

But if over a dozen people said the same thing then something must of really been up and so this time we checked Vodafone and they  provided the answer that was a problem.

Readers may remember a tower problem happened last year during an AFL Preliminary Final and a NRL Final when locals were unable to watch the games and resulted in us being text commentators for chunk of the games.

Hopefully the tower issue will be solved soon and phone customers will be able to communicate with others again soon.

Sports Talk (14/4/18)

April 14 2018

Today was round 2 of the PDFNL season with the Rovers travelling out to Berrigan.

Meanwhile in the Murray Football League and Murray Netball League, the Rams got to put their feet up courtesy of a bye.

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 8.12 – 60 to 5.7 – 37
Reserves won 9.17 – 71 to 2.3 – 15
Thirds won 12.10 – 82 to 1. 6 – 12
Fourths won 29.14 – 188 to 0.0 – 0

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 43 to 23
B Grade lost 40 to 38
C Grade lost 26 to 15
C Reserve won 61 to 9
Under 17’s lost 32 to 25
Under 15’s won 31 to 7
Under 13’s won 26 to 1


The footballers achieved a clean sweep whilst the netballers narrowly won the day by winning four out of the seven matches.

The Fourths kicked the highest score with 29.14 and C Reserve got the highest netball score with 61 in their big win.

We’ll be back on Thursday with a look at the next round of matches.


Sports Talk (12/4/18)

April 12 2018

This weekend is round two in the PDFNL competition and round three in MFNL competition.

The Rovers are travelling to Berrigan while the Rams get to put their feet up as they’ve got the bye.

Google Weather says there is a 93% chance of wind and rain on Saturday, any rain is expected between 2pm and 5pm and winds could be as high as 43km/h with the winds staying in the 30’s and 40’s from around 11am until 5pm.

Below is how the Rams and the Rovers stand after 2 and 1 rounds respectively.

Rams Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 14th
Reserves – 14th
Thirds – 3rd
Fourths – 3rd

Rams Netball Ladder Positions

A Grade – 3rd
B Grade – 3rd
C Grade  – 4th
C Reserve – 2nd
17 and Under – 1st
15 and Under – 2nd
13 and Under – 3rd

Rovers Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 6th
Reserves – 1st
Thirds – 9th
Fourths – 1st

Rovers Netball League Positions

A Grade – 4th
B Grade – 4th
C Grade – 8th
C Reserve – 3rd
Under 17’s – 9th
Under 15’s – 4th
Under 13’s – 5th

We’ll be back on Saturday with the results from the Rovers vs Berrigan matches.

Sports Talk (7/4/18)

April 7 2018

Today was the start of the PDFNL season for the Rovers with the team playing host to Strathmerton.

Today in the Murray Football League and Murray Netball League was Round 2 and today’s action saw the Rams play host to Rumbalara.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 9.12 – 66 to 23.14 – 152
Reserves lost 0.0 – 0 to 25.16-166
Under 17’s won 14.12-96 to 4.5-29
Under 14’s won 16.20 – 116 to 0.0

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 39 to 36
B Grade won 63 to 29
C Grade won 53 to 36
C Reserve won 65 to 22
Under 17’s won 76 to 9
Under 15’s won 52 to 12
Under 13’s won 42 to 12
Under 11’s won 13 to 3

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 14.8 – 92 to 13.8 – 86
Reserves won 16.10 – 106 to 1.2 – 8
Under 14’s won 35.15 – 222 to 0.0 – 0

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 54 to 30
B Grade won 47 to 27
C Grade lost 26 to 35
C Reserve won 48 to 16
Under 17’s lost 55 to 25
Under 15’s won 45 to 6
Under 13’s won 22 to 11


The Rams are going fantastically well in Netball and they must be really happy with their clean sweep today.

Youth continue to the shining light for the Rams in Football as the Under 14’s and 17’s have won by impressive margins but fans will be starting to worry about the Seniors and Reserves.

The Rovers will be happy with their Netball sides efforts today with five wins from seven games today, there is no doubt that Sponsors Day was a great success for those businesses who put money into the club.

The football sides had a great day and the Seniors must be really happy with getting a win over an always strong Strathmerton side and we certainly hope it is the launching point for a return to finals football.

We’ll be back on Thursday with a look ahead to Round 2 (PDFNL) and Round 3 (MFL/MNL) action.

Sports Talk (5/4/18)

April 5 2018

Sports Talk is back once again to talk about local Football and Netball.

This week is Round 1 in the PDFNL while it is Round 2 for the MFL and MNL.

Technical problems prevented us from covering Round 1 of the MFL and MNL action last week and so below you will find the results from all four Football and all five Netball matches.

As readers know, the PDFNL declined affiliation with AFL GM and are now an independent league, the PDFNL have scrapped divisions and now have a 13 team competition with 20 rounds and like the old system there will be byes.

The Rovers have Strathmerton up first at Memorial Park and entry to the ground for Adults is now $12.

The Rams host Rumbalara at Hardinge Street Oval with both senior football teams looking to win their first game of the 2018 season.

It is going to be an interesting PDFNL season whilst in the Murray League it will be interesting to see if the Rams can climb up the ladder after the struggles of 2017.

We’ll be back on Saturday with the results from all Rams and Rovers matches.

Rams Results


Seniors lost 11.13-79 to 5.6-36
Reserves lost 13.15-93 to 3.1-19
Under 17’s won 14.6-90 to 6.2-38
Under 14’s won 10.14-74 to 1.3-9


A Grade won 52 to 38
B Grade won 43 to 36
C Reserve won 35 to 34
17 and Under won 44 to 10
15 and Under won 55 to 17

New call for KFC to return to town

April 1 2018

A new petition has gone up calling on anybody to end Deniliquin’s enduring lack of KFC (no joke).

This year is the eighth year that KFC has not operated in town and locals are still relying on others going to Echuca and bringing back the stuff that contains 11 secret herbs and spices.

Of course it is not just the Chicken, there is their range of Burgers, Chips, Potato and Gravy and many more delights that make peoples stomachs rumble for KFC.

Some would argue that a lack of sales caused KFC’s departure in 2010 but it can be argued back that Deniliquin has changed with kids then are now teenagers and teenagers back then are now adults.

It will also create jobs though some do worry that a return of KFC may have a negative impact on the shops that are not franchises  though the counter to that is that McDonald’s and Subway have not annihilated businesses since their arrivals.

Will this petition succeed? maybe and maybe not but it is always worth a try to state that you want something to come to town as that is how progress begins.

Deniliquin’s New Plan

Napier Street is set to look a whole lot different in the future thanks to a long standing plan to revitalize part of the street and to bring more tourists into town.

The new plan envisions Napier Street’s modern buildings be demolished or their facades modified to resemble building styles from no later than 1960 to tap into the historical market.

This plan has come about after many months of meticulous assessment and then coming to the conclusion that most of Deniliquin’s pre 1960 buildings or replicas of them are still intact in the top section of street making it the perfect place to try get more dollars from tourists.

The old Dublin Hotel is expected live again for the first time since it was closed down in the early 1920’s, future patrons can visit the recreated hotel safe in the knowledge that they won’t get caught and fined for taking away a drink on a Sunday or being on premises after hours like many locals did back in the day.

The Federal Hotel won’t need too much done on the outside as most of it is still looking like it was in the late 1920’s when it got its current day look though the arch (between ‘Hotel’ and ‘Deniliquin’ is now nice and flat.

Deniliquin’s thirst for motoring will be somewhat quenched with the old Deniliquin Motor Company building once again being a hub for cars this time it will be for museum that will showcase some of the makes that used to be sold from that location, the building paint will also be scrubbed off to give it that original look.

The Commonwealth Bank will be approached with hopes their modern signs will be replaced with ones from their past to fit in with the theme and avoid any costly moves to another street.

The town’s large collection of historical photographs will help developers and planners come up with the right mix of building looks to ensure a spectacular look that will please both locals and tourists.

The replacing or modifications to building facades may limit the amount of demolition needed which will save money and the saved money is expected to go towards filling in pot holes and other abnormalities in our roads and footpaths.

It is still unknown whether the section of road that in the buildings area will be closed to give the section a limit on modern technology.


It is also yet to be seen if this idea will be enthusiastically received by the public as people are still pretty miffed about the costs of Christmas, the ERC’s $600,000 portable and leased office and the Visit Deni site whose large cost to make and promote gives tourists places to go that are long shut down.

The starting date for construction to start on this new tourist attraction is never as this is our April Fools Day effort for 2018, thank you very much for reading.