October 31 – November 1 2018

November 1 2018

Today and yesterday have been perhaps two of the most important days the town has had this year.

Deniliquin marked Halloween like never before, Waring Gardens was a hive of activity and forty shops were doing a different kind of business, deciding whether to trick or treat customers.

But behind the dressing up, behind the masks, the smiles, the trick or treats, the sound of lollies going from hand to bags or buckets was an important message, mental health.

Life is getting harder across the board, technology that does so much for us every day is also causing social and psychological problems, weather patterns are inconsistent leaving farmers unsure about if the weather will reward them or punish them, food and fuel prices are going up, the economy is sluggish and there are many other problems faced every day.

It is a lot to take in and hopefully yesterday’s activities at Waring Gardens helped people learn more about mental health because one day they may need what they learned, it could save their life, it may save somebody else’s life.

Today was also an important day, it was the day over 40 locals, young and old stood in 37 degree weather to tell Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud that our area needs some of the water that is held by the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Deniliquin is proud of those who were out there today, there were many more who wished they could of joined them but they had to work or look after family members but those at Town Hall were never far from their thoughts.

What connects Halloween and today is mental health, as the low rainfall total for 2018 continues on, pressure is building up on our local farmers, on our businesses and residents.

There is a lot of stress and anxiety going around, look after each other by keeping your eyes and ears open, listen to what people around you say and look for any sign of something they don’t say.

Keep campaigning for what you believe is right, the right for our farms to grow food and look after stock with water to spare for food, water and stock are three important ingredients of life.


Halloween Playlist 2018

October 31 2018

Halloween is here and we have another playlist for our readers who may want some music to pass the time on this warm day.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is known for having two versions, one is the standard running time music video and the other runs for 14 minutes, readers have the choice of both.

Purple People Eater was a song released in 1958 by Sheb Wooley, it has enjoyed 60 years of constant playing and The Big Bopper even made a spin off of the song as you will soon see.

David Seville in 1958 released a song called ‘Witch Doctor’ which made it to #1 on the charts in the USA, the ‘Witch Doctor’ was mentioned prominently in Big Bopper’s ”Purple People Eater Meets Witch Doctor’ in an age where artists regular made ‘answer’ songs or combined past hits.

The Big Bopper is known for being killed in the plane crash that also killed Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens but he was also a successful Radio DJ and a singer in his own right.

The Big Bopper sang a song that put the Witch Doctor and Purple People Eater in the one story and it was called ‘Purple People Eater Meets Witch Doctor’.

‘Ghostbusters’ was recorded by Ray Parker Jr for the movie of the same name, the music video also had appearances of several movie stars.

‘I Put A Spell On You’ has been recorded by several artists but one of the most popular versions is the one by Creedence Clearwater Revival and thankfully a music video was made at a time they were just considered promotional.

Another CCR hit that must be added is ‘Bad Moon Rising’

Psycho was a film that scared audiences in 1960 and it’s music was one of the reasons why it caused such a scare and so we have the theme from the movie.

‘Race With The Devil’ is a song by Gun and you may of heard this song in the 1980’s Vietnam War show ‘Tour of Duty’.

Guitar lovers will love this song and the song has been covered by bands such as Girlschool and Judas Priest.

‘Howlin’ Wolf’ was a blues singer who could also play the guitar and harmonica and is regarded as one of the best blues singers in history.

‘Evil (is going on)’ was recorded in 1954 and its re-recording in 1969 gave Howlin’ Wolf his last chart hit.

Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ can be heard in the 1982 horror film ‘The Thing’ as well as several other movies, the song was also performed live on Sesame Street which can be seen below.

We hope you have enjoyed our 2018 playlist and we hope to see you next year as we get through another Halloween together.

Deniliquin’s gearing up for Halloween

October 18 2018

Deniliquin will have a busy Halloween this year with several events planned for the day and even earlier.

Deniliquin RSL Club is hosting a Halloween Disco fundraiser for the Deniliquin Girl Guides, entry is $5 and Under 10’s have their disco between 5pm and 6:30pm while those over 10 years old will have theirs at 7pm until 8:30pm.

Waring Gardens on Halloween afternoon (October 31) will be the scene for an event to help prove that mental health is not as scary as you think as part of Mental Health Month.

Locals can go and collect a bag and a list of shops and then go trick or treating at over 40 selected shops around town and there will be stalls, activities, live music, busting myths about mental health and a BBQ at the gardens as well.

But that’s not all as there will be four age groups where people can enter for best costume and that event starts at 5:30pm with gift card prizes to be won.

The page ‘Halloween In & Around Deniliquin‘ is still running so there will be plenty of information posted there as Halloween gets closer like addresses of houses that will be welcoming trick or treaters and more, there are even tips and ideas up now for people to look at.

Our FB page will be posting a couple of classic Halloween tunes through the night and we might even come up with a playlist for people if requested or is thought of to be a better idea.

We hope everyone will have a fantastic Halloween on October 31.

Uke Muster expands video collection

October 15 2018

The Deni Uke Muster is coming up in November, some readers may be thinking we are in a time loop and are meant to be saying Deni Ute Muster but it is the Deni Uke Muster that will happen in November.

Their YouTube Channel was recently updated with three new videos taking the total up to eight videos.

There are renditions of ‘You Are My Sunshine’, ‘Going up the Country’ and ‘Down on the Corner’.

‘You Are My Sunshine’ is a classic from the 1930’s and most people only perform the chorus compared to this 1942 version by Harry Roy and his Orchestra, probably because the chorus is more cheerful.

‘Going up the Country’ was a song by Canned Heat that was based on a 1928 song called ‘Bull Doze Blues’.

‘Down on the Corner’ is a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival and written by band member John Fogerty.

Unfortunately the three new videos are low in quality but you will see and hear that they can perform a range of material.

If you are interested in going to the Uke Muster, visit the Facebook event page, indicate that you’re going or are interested and have a great time in November.

Rain at last! – October 10 2018

October 10 2018

Deniliquin woke up to the sound of rain just before 6am and by 9am it had reached 8.4mm even though Weatherzone has put down 8mm.

Weatherzone has a unique rainfall chart and that is because it only counts rainfall from 9am to 9am and so history will record Deniliquin receiving 8mm on Wednesday even though it continued to rain through the day.

9.8mm between 9am January 30 and 9am January 31 was the record and so some may of felt disappointed that a new record for 2018 wasn’t set but they weren’t disappointed for long.

The rainfall didn’t stop at 9am as it continued to rain steadily and between 10:30 and 10:40am it rained 0.6mm to send the post 9am total to 10mm and a new rainfall record.

By 11am the total amount of rain between 6 and 11am approached 20mm but the rain was slowing down as the band of moderate rain moved past and the town received lighter rain.

By 12pm the rain was almost on its way out of town and was heading west to dump its cargo on other towns ensuring that they get some rain too.

We ended up with 23mm of rain, 23.5mm in some other areas, we needed every millimetre as a dry couple of months is expected to occur.

Monday’s forecast looks interesting according to Weatherzone, if the rain forecast for that day comes true then our local farms will be in much better shape than just a day ago as water tanks and dams will be getting more of a fill and the soil will be more deeper soaked than before..