Water crisis

November 2 2019

Australians who tuned into 60 Minutes last Sunday night got a good look at what was happening concerning the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

They saw areas of the Murray full, they saw forests flooded with water and then they saw farms with not enough water to keep crops alive and without enough water there is no income and no jobs and whole towns face devastation as various industries are impacted by departing farmers etc.

Everyone knows that we need forests to be at their best as they need to provide oxygen for this planet of ours as well as other resources and everyone knows that the world needs food and that includes both humans and animals around the world.

There has got to be some form of compromise where the environment can be looked after, the rivers be at a sustainable height and the farmers get their fair share of water in their canals, dams and crops.

Country areas have never trusted the Australian Labor Party, it has always been the Liberals and Nationals but now that is beginning to change.

Recent years have seen the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party winning seats in places that the Nationals had an almost impenetrable grip on for example Orange and Murray in NSW.

Country seats decided the 1999 Victorian Election and they also decided the 2010 Federal Election when Independent MPs both sided with the ALP over the Coalition.

The LNP have had chances over the last decade to make a few small changes to balance everything out as the drought goes on but the longer the inaction goes for and the longer the drought goes on for, the smaller the chances of the Liberals and Nationals winning or retaining seats remains.

It is political suicide to continue to ignore the situation, lives are at stake and we’re not talking about livelihoods but real human lives because the drought is killing people as despair overwhelms even the nicest and the toughest of farmers and their families.

4.6mm of rain has fallen today (November 2 2019) on Deniliquin as of 6:45pm but it is not enough, more is needed but the forecast models don’t give much hope of it coming this coming Summer.

As said before, a few small changes can balance everything out and get people going but the Government needs to have the courage to make those changes and right now it doesn’t look like that they’ve got it.

Deni Pokemon Wrap (29/10/19)

October 29 2019

Deniliquin’s Pokemon Go players are still finding great Pokemon around town including the well sort after range of Shiny Pokemon.

An Omanyte with a CP (combat points) total of 447 was found across the road from the Sushi shop in Cressy Street.

A Polliwag with a CP of 355 was also caught around Deniliquin and this one was rare with perfect ratings for Attack, Defence and HP.

So if you’re looking for Pokemon in Deniliquin or feel like getting back into the game then rest assured that you will find good ones all around town.

Meanwhile there is two and a half weeks before Pokemon Sword and Shield is released, there is great anticipation for this game after the success of Pokemon Let’s Go.

The size of the game is expected to be more than 10GB which is massive compared to the size of Pokemon Lets Go.

That is all for this edition of Deni Pokemon Wrap.

New Bus Era

October 25 2019

News came through last night on social media that Purtills was purchased by Dysons (Dysons Group of Companies) who will be commencing runs around December 1 2019.

Dysons are the company that take people to Melbourne on their nice buses though the ride can be pretty long and they have been doing that since 1987 since taking over the run from Ansett Pioneer.

Thousands of locals over the decades have ridden on the Purtills buses with many families seeing the evolution of transport from the small buses to the large ones with all the bells and whistles on them.

We can remember personally during the 1990’s the joy when a bus you were going to or from school was a Coach and the groans when the bus was one with the leather seats, metal bars and no seatbelts.

Those old buses were no fun in the summer especially if your skin touched the metal bars.

A Hussey’s bus was always first (Town bus) but the main event for some was an unofficial race to see which of the main group of buses would arrive first.

Would it be the Tuppal or Moonee Swamp bus that would arrive or would it be a different bus first ensuring that everyone on that particular bus gets home a couple of minutes early than the day before or at least before everyone else waiting for a bus.

There was an advantage of being at North School, kids would get to play longer than the rest until somebody looking to the left would see a bus appear from behind the service station and about to use the roundabout, students would scramble to get to their bus line and those at the front looked to the right to see what bus would pop out from Hyde Street.

Everyone waited until the bus parked (as they do now) before walking over to the bus and then waited for those who were getting off to disembark before getting on the bus, no back rows for the Primary/Public School kids, they had to wait their turn.

For those wondering what is next for Purtills, they’ve got the Fuel Distribution business, their Service Stations, Wired Entertainment plus their Vehicle Hire and Car Wash to run and in 2020 they’ll have The Depot Historic Collection to run too.

Times change and businesses come and go by collapse, purchase or merger and sometimes it is a shame but as mentioned earlier memories will remain thanks to the Depot Historic Collection and countless photographs, articles and more of the buses.

Sports Talk (15/9/19)

September 15  2019

This weekend saw the Rovers reach the end of competition for the year whilst the Rams had five chances at putting a side into a Grand Final.

As usual results are divided up into Rams Football, Rams Netball and Rovers Netball.

Rams Football Results

Fourths won 7.3 – 45 to 3.5 – 23 (PF vs Echuca United)

Rams Netball Results

A Grade  lost 56 to 27 (PF vs Moama)
B Grade won 38 to 37 (PF vs Mulwala)
15 and Under won 41 to 27 (vs Echuca United)
13 and Under lost 41 to 40 (SF vs Tongala)

Rovers Netball Results

C Res lost 26 to 23 (GF vs Katunga)


The Rovers ended the year without any premierships but overall they had all teams in the finals and ten of them made the Preliminary Final stage and that made it a great year.

The Rams had five teams vying for a spot in a Grand Final and three of them made it and when the majority makes it, that’s a good weekend.

The Rams Fourths will play in the Grand Final next week against Nathalia, Nathalia defeated Tongala by 43 points to set the scene for next weeks clash.

We’ll be back next week with perhaps the last edition of Sports Talk for 2019.

Sports Talk (8/9/19)

September 8 2019

The mixed bag of action continued this weekend as Deniliquin had clubs in three sports either trying to progress in finals or be premiers/champions.

The Wanderers played Yoogali SC today in the Grand Final and unfortunately for Wanderers fans, it was Yoogali SC who were champions after winning the game 4-3.

It may not be the result the Wanderers or their fans had hoped for but this year has proven that Soccer is back to stay in Deniliquin after a long absence followed by a stint of team sharing.

Below are the Football and Netball results separated into the categories of Rams Football, Rovers Football, Rams Netball and Rovers Netball.

For those not familiar with game acronyms, SF is Semi Final and PF is Preliminary Final.

Preliminary Final winners go through to a Grand Final, Semi Final winners go through to the Preliminary Final and any side that lost either are unfortunately eliminated.

Rams Football Results

Fourths won 10.6 – 66 to 4.2 – 26 (SF vs Moama)

Rovers Football Results

Seniors lost 9.16 – 70 to 5.7 – 37 (PF vs Waaia)
Reserves lost 11.7 – 73 to 2.1 – 13 (PF vs Waaia)
Thirds lost 11.9 – 75 to 7.3 – 45  (PF vs Katunga)
Fourths lost 9.4 – 58 to 3.4 – 22 (PF vs Strathmerton)

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 44 to 37 (SF vs Cobram)
C Grade lost 48 to 45 (SF vs Nathalia)
C Res lost 45 to 32 (SF vs Nathalia)
17 and Under lost 47 to 41 (SF vs Rumblara)
13 and Under won 38 to 23 (SF vs Rumbalara)

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade lost 53 to 47 (PF vs Picola United)
C Grade lost 70 to 18 (PF vs Berrigan)
C Res won 30 to 29 (PF vs Rennie)
17 and Under lost 41 to 38 (PF vs Picola United)
15 and Under lost 44 to 25 (PF vs Blighty)
13 and Under lost 20 to 16 (PF vs Blighty)


It wasn’t the easiest of weekends for Deniliquin’s sport teams but there are a lot of positives from the last month to remember and below are some examples.

The Wanderers made a Grand Final in their first year back and the Rams Reserves made finals after a difficult 2018 whilst the Netball sides had another strong year.

The Drovers made the Grand Final and it had taken a very good team to stop them from taking home the title.

The Rovers had all four football teams participate in finals and ten out of 11 Rovers sides participated in the Preliminary Finals across Football and Netball.

So while the weekend didn’t go according to plan, it has still been a good year and there’s the possibility of a couple of premierships coming too.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.