The enclosure challenge

November 27 2017

The petition to keep the Peacocks and other animals at Waring Gardens has been doing a roaring trade over the last twelve or so hours.

So far 200 people have signed the petition which is a higher number than a petition presented to the ERC calling on the removal of the animals from Waring Gardens.

On November 16, Council discussed the issue and the following points were made

– Staff need a Certificate III in Captive Animals
– The ERC will need two staff with the Cert III
– It costs $4290 per person to get the Cert III and it takes up to 24 months
– Enclosure needs $30,000 worth of upgrading to meet standards
– The enclosure is considered by Councils Heritage overlay as low importance
– Annual costs will jump from $6000 to $10,000 per year

Here is a quick list of options

1. Upgrade the enclosure and train the staff
2. Remove the enclosure and re-home the animals

$80,000 is set aside for the Waring Gardens in 2017/18, this includes the replacement of fences, replacing the concrete around the BBQ area, the refurbishment of the Fountain and the refurbishment of the Rotunda.

The Rotunda is the big ticket item costing $30,000 and the fountain has been a long awaited project and delaying that would cause grumblings.

The $30,000 needed to upgrade the Peacock enclosure would have to come out of the $80,000 set aside, if they go for closure and re-homing it will require $15,000 therefore delaying some of the projects planned.

Some people would be happy if they got rid of the airport expansion plan and divert some of its funds to the Gardens as the Air Freight hub idea is very unpopular and the Airport Development has $219,000 next to its name.

To see the complete picture of what can happen concerning the enclosure, click here and pick the November 16 meeting and read from page 44.

EDIT: It has been suggested on our Facebook page that perhaps businesses should unite to donate the $30,000 required to upgrade the enclosure

To reach $30,000, one easy way would to get 30 businesses to donate $1000 each to reach the target, these businesses would likely be rewarded with the gratitude of the people in way of purchases.

A second suggestion has been made that a GoFundMe account could be established but it is recognized that such an account would have to be in the hands of somebody trustworthy and a legal agreement is written up ensuring that the funds are spent solely on the enclosure and full transparency is required from the ERC.

If you got any ideas, please comment on our Facebook post reporting about this post or leave them on the petition page.


Petition to retain Peacocks launched

November 28 2017

An online petition was created late yesterday calling on the ERC to keep the Peacocks at Waring Gardens and allow them to continue their decades long stay along with the other animals in the gardens.


Almost 30 people have signed the petition in the early going and this number is expected to rise in the coming hours and days as word spreads on social media.


The Peacocks in particular are a popular attraction to the town and have been for many decades and the loss of them would create a small but very noticeable change to the makeup of the town.

It is felt that the facts that they are popular with locals and that the Peacocks and their fellow animals draw in tourists who spend their money in our shops is worth the cost of feeding them, maintaining their enclosure and ensuring they are in the finest of health.

If you believe that the Peacocks should stay where they are, sign the petition by visiting this link.

We wish the petition the best of luck.

80’s teens to reunite in Echuca

November 26 2017

On Saturday night (December 2) in Echuca there will be a reunion of those who were teens in the 1980’s and lived the town as well as those who lived in local areas such as Deniliquin and frequently made (for us) the 45 minute trip to Echuca to enjoy all the border town fun.

It promises to be a big night with nearly 300 saying ‘Yes’ to attending and the festivities could potentially last until the early hours of the morning down at ‘The Yank’.

Below is a message from Suzy Farley who explains what the evening (and early morning) is all about and anyone interested in finding out more can do so by clicking on the link below.


For all the DENI Locals 😉

I have a page called “ECHUCA 80’s Teens“…

I’ve created an event “80’s Teens Reunion” Saturday 2nd Dec @ “The Yank”!!!

The Reunion is for ALL Echuca Locals PLUS ‘Adopted’ Locals (regular visitors from neighboring towns)….of THAT Era!!!

If you’d Love to catch up with old mates – it’s going to be a HUGE night!!!
280 Confirmed attending already 😎🎶🍻🌠

We would 💖 to see you there! 👌👌

Please READ (7) points & NOTE NEW DETAILS (centre)…

1. As we all know – TIME FLIES – so to make the MOST of the Night – please aim to Arrive 7pm…

2. NAME TAGS & WRIST BANDS ‘momentos’ – pick up upon arrival.

3. ‘DJ Stratt’ – as of 7pm – will be HIT’n us up with the BEST of the 80’s!! Finishing off the Night with AMERICAN PIE!!!

4. A GROUP PHOTO for Fun – of we 80’s revelers will be taken at some point during the night!!

5. REUNION PHOTO ALBUM – I’ll create one – so feel free to message me pics – to Include, Reminisce, Laugh, Cringe about…..

6. FOOD & DRINKS – This is a Regular evening…. we each buy our own.



Floristry Workshop a big success

November 26 2017

Deniliquin Florist had a successful Floristry Workshop today, participants of the workshop got to enjoy putting together floral arrangements, enjoyed a free morning tea and they got to take home not only their handiwork but a Christmas Cake too.

As readers will see in this linked picture, the flowers put into the arrangements were of great beauty and will brighten up any home or workplace that they end up at and the participants were very pleased with the final product.

Proceeds of the workshop went to Can Assist Deniliquin and the total amount of money raised today was $700 which is a fantastic result.

Job opportunity for Registered Nurse

November 24 2017

A job opportunity has opened up for a Registered Nurse and below is a message from Dylan Kovacevich and he given us all the details including how to contact him by email or mobile phone in the event you want to know more.

Hi there,

I am searching for a Registered Nurse for a company based in Deniliquin. It would be great for someone new to their career as there is great career trajectory.

Please get in contact with me via or 0422 288 744 if you wish to talk further about this.

Warm regards,

Dylan Kovacevich.

Floristry workshop – November 26

November 23 2017

Deniliquin Florist will be holding a Floristry Workshop at 10am on Sunday November 26.

The cost of the workshopis $70 and everyone who goes gets to learn how to make 2 floral arrangements and they get to take both floral arrangements home plus they will get to enjoy a delicious Morning Tea and to top it all off they will get a Lions Club Christmas Cake.

But wait there’s more, every cent from the workshop will go to Can Assist Deniliquin, so if you are interested in going, please let Deniliquin Florist know (on 5881 6266, express your interest on their FB page or visit 214 Cressy Street) preferably no later than late Friday so they know many flowers, Christmas cakes, chairs and much more they will need on the day.

We hope those who go will have a great time and feel great in the knowledge that they are helping out a great cause.

Poll Time (21/11/17)

November 21 2017

We have four questions for readers to consider as we head towards December and the last month of a very insightful year.


Is it too early for Christmas ads?
Do you find the Christmas ads annoying?
How do you rate the ERC so far?
Is Deniliquin experiencing a crime wave?

Christmas ads are in full swing everywhere you look and there is just over a month to go until the big day, is it too early for the public to be bombarded by ads?

That leads us to the next question on whether or not those ads are annoying, some ad cycles have the ‘Must be Santa’ ads by Target twice in the space of two or three minutes and that has gotten some people annoyed and there is probably a lot more ads driving people nuts during a time that drives people nuts (ad breaks).

The Councillors that make up the ERC are now settled into office, have they bolted out of the gates thanks to a fantastic start or do you believe that have found the going tough early on when it comes to ideas and policy? Pick between A, B, C, D and F.

Lastly, is Deniliquin experiencing a crime wave? It is something that is being talked about after you see the police reports on social media telling you about multiple thefts and the thumbs up/down groups discuss theft after theft and there is no set pattern or set tastes in thefts but is it a crime wave?

Polls are running until December 5.

St Michael’s Twilight Fete – November 18

November 16 2017

St Michael’s are having their Twilight Fete this Saturday (November 18) from 4:30pm until 7:30pm.

The fete promises to be an afternoon/evening of fun with Pony rides, Chair-o-plane, games of Laser Tag, a Giant slide and soccer darts among the games and activities on offer.

But there’s even more with a Battle of the Bands competition entertaining the public , Jen’s DanceFit will be in action, Jess Hupfield acrobatics will amaze and the always popular market stalls will be in operation.

Raffles will also be taking place with tickets $2 each of three tickets for $5, tickets can be purchased at the first table upon entry via Harrison Street.

Nineteen businesses donated prizes in the raffle so there will be no shortage of variety in the raffle.

Ten dollars could win you $250 (or $500 if all 100 tickets are sold) by picking what numbered section of a field a cow will stop and fertilize the grass and add to greenhouse gas in the process, this game is called ‘Cow Pat Lotto’.

BoM forecasts currently predict a 60% chance of up to 2mm of rain falling with a possible storm with winds up to 35km/h on Saturday morning and afternoon but this is always subject to change.

So come on down to St Michael’s and have a great Saturday afternoon and evening and don’t forget further information can be found on their event page.

Interest in N.D history book rises

November 14 2017

Two copies of ‘100 Years of Education in North Deniliquin’ have appeared on eBay in recent weeks with one selling for $41 and the other has an asking price of $100.

The book contains just over one hundred pages and it is quite informative as it also features some history of other past and present local schools like Warragoon, Wanganella, Wandook, Conargo, Tholobin, Booroorban School, Mayrung, Pretty Pine, Elimdale, Morago, Moonah Cullah, Woodbury-Landale, Blighty, Carrigan Park, Mundiwa North and Tuppal.


The book has facts scattered across its many pages and below are just a couple

– DNPS is the third Deniliquin North school to exist
– The book explains how Veritas, Justita, Caritas was chosen
– It also explains how the design of the school badge came to be
– Council wanted the Sandhill but they only got a portion of it (for the Water Tower)
– Aside from the buildings, the Education Department did nothing else
– Bindies was a major problem in the development of the school
– A phone for the canteen was requested in 1973 and was deferred, it was installed in 1987
– Half a sandwich cost students just six cents in 1973
– Enrollment jumped from 161 in 1972 to 315 in 1973

Almost every page has a picture too and every DNPS year group in 1995 (K to 6) has a group photo towards the back of the book as well.

For those who like to know how kids got to school over between 1896 and 1996 there is even a transport section with pictures of the first buses and more.

The book is a wonderful snapshot of school history up to 1996 and we hope to be able to share more of it as soon as possible.


Events from November 10 to 12 2017

November 10 2017

It is going to be another busy Friday to Sunday period around town as there is events galore for people of all ages.


Those who love the water will probably be interested in the First Ski School Night that will be held at the Deniliquin Boat Club from 5:30pm.

Circus Royale kicks off the first of their series of shows at Memorial Park from 7:30pm, there are seats of various costs and we will quickly run through them.

VIP Ringside seats cost $40 for Adults, $35 for Concession and $30 for Children
Ringside seats cost $35 for Adults, $30 for Concession and $25 for Children
Grandstand seats cost $30 for Adults, $25 for Concession and $20 for Children
Side View seats cost $25 for Adults, $20 for Concession and $15 for Children

Children are up to 14 years old and Concession is for Aged, Disabled and Full Time Students.

Deniliquin RSL Club is having their Friday Night Raffle and the prize is a $500 Harvey Norman Gift Voucher.


The second last Naponda Farmers Market for 2017 is on at George Street
from 8am to 2pm and there will be Flowers, Goats Milk Soap, Gluten Free Food, Coffee, Jam, Strawberries, Breakfast and much more on offer.

It will be the Victorian Barefoot Ski Club Training Weekend at Deniliquin Boat Club on Saturday and Sunday so check them out as they go through their paces.

The Deniliquin Twilight Carnival that is hosted by Deniliquin Little Athletics will be on at
Hardinge Street Oval from 1:30pm to 8:30pm and it promises to be a great day of Athletics as Athletes from Deniliquin and the local area show their skills, heart determination in a variety of events.

Circus Royale will have their second and third shows in town at 4pm and 7:30pm.

Those who want to hear some music can go to Muso Night down at The Deniliquin Club
which is located at 230 George Street from 7pm to 10pm

It will be celebration time at Deniliquin Stadium as the Crystal Ball gets underway from 6:30pm, this event is for 18 years and over (so bring ID) and there are a couple of important things to remember such as bring your ticket, don’t wear Stilettos, finish your drink before getting on the bus for the ride home, don’t drink and drive and behave yourself.

Seven Car Pileup will be performing in the Beer Garden of the Exchange Hotel.


Circus Royale will be doing their last show at 11am.