Water issue worries Deniliquin

December 6 2018

Earlier this week it was announced that the Rice Mill is in trouble, this means jobs are going to be lost in town and in Leeton in 2019.

The most recent harvest is the second lowest since 2003, some farms in the local area only got to grow a sixth of the usual amount of rice they grow and harvest.

Jobs are a valuable commodity in Deniliquin, many local jobs are dependent on the weather, good rains equals plenty of jobs because there is cattle, sheep and of course food to take care of.

The Murray Darling Basin Plan has been blamed for this crisis, the Murray River is in wonderful shape with plenty of water in it yet the water does not flow on to the farmers with many believing it just goes to corporate irrigators.

Below are six things to think about

No water = No Food
No Food = No Jobs
No Jobs = No income
No Income = Lower Quality of Life
Lower Quality of Life = Depression or health issues
Depression = Possible Death,

There must be a way to strike a balance between environmental needs and farming needs,

Politically this crisis is not good for the LNP or the Nationals, Helen Dalton gave Austin Evans a good run for his money in the last Murray election and she could easily take the seat due to the LNP suffering in State and Federal Politics.

The ALP may even be rubbing their hands in glee that they might be able to work their way into country areas that have been Liberal or National for decades.

Don’t forget that just a couple of weeks ago, dozens of locals stood in high temperatures to send David Littleproud a message as he went through town and if they can stand in the heat they wouldn’t hesitate to send a message via ballot box.

For more thoughts on the water situation, visit Speak Up 4 Water.


Deni Tyre Service

November 23 2018

It has been some time since we’ve written about an experience with a local business and so we recently went to Deni Tyre Service and we would like to share our thoughts on the experience with you.

It was nearly 6pm when a tyre needed replacing and so we called into Deni Tyre Service which was still open despite their listed closing time of 5:30pm.

Our tyre was quickly replaced with a new one and the price was good too, they were very nice about us coming in so late in the afternoon and it is always good to see a business working hard either towards the end of business hours or beyond it.

Their Facebook page is really informative, it is amazing how easy various objects can penetrate a tyre from bolts to pieces of wood that struck a tyre at a high velocity.

Overall we had a good experience and if you ever need their help call 5881 2261, they have a 24/7 call-out service and they even do on-site repairs which is handy for especially those on farms.

Deniliquin’s Crazy Weather (Nov 21-22 2018)

November 23 2018

Deniliquin has had some interesting weather this week.

A dust storm blown across town on Wednesday and during that time rainfall also reached town causing the dust to turn into drops of mud or ‘dirty rain’.

Once clean cars were quickly turned into cars that looked like they went through a couple of puddles but it could of been dirtier if not for the rain coming to a quick halt.

High winds came on Thursday with winds reaching 52km/h and gusts reaching as high as 72km/h and the rain returned to drop a couple more millimetres and the town even got some hailstones.

Unfortunately the town is still slightly more than 30mm off its November average for rainfall and has received 119.6mm less rainfall than this time last year.

Deniliquin is expected to get some cool conditions to end November with a little rain added to the mix.

Church seeks donations for stall

November 18 2018

St Pauls Church are currently seeking donations of books, bric a brac, linen, ornaments, craft items, jewellery and any other useful small items.

The donations are for their stall at the Lions Club Market, the Market is held on every 4th Saturday of each month.

Donations can be dropped off at St Pauls Church in Harrison street and it is requested that the donations are marked “for church stall” or “for Marcia”.

They can also be delivered to the stall on the day of the market or items can be arranged to be picked up from your house and to do that please phone Marcia on 5881 5054.

All money raised at their stall will go to St Pauls Church.

Noisy Street Design release new videos

November 15 2018

Noisy Street Design released a steady amount of videos this week and they are really excellent videos

From Big River Real Estate to Channel 4 Change, the quality of all the videos is outstanding and shows that Noisy Street Design is a leader in helping locals promote their businesses or their causes.

The videos do get some good view totals on YouTube and they may entice some of the businesses that check them out into hiring Noisy Street Design to do a video for them.

From the air to the ground, there is something for all businesses in the local area that need some good footage to be put together for great effect.