Deni’s Super Weekend – March 10 to 11

March 9 2018

There is plenty happening in Deniliquin this weekend with locals and tourists spoiled for choice and below are some of the events happening.

Saturday has the ‘Do It In Deni Street Bazaar’ from 9am to 2pm which will see the middle section of Cressy Street and the closest the National Bridge end of Napier Street closed to road traffic.

There will be sales conducted by businesses, there will be Sausage Sizzles, Buskers, Performers, A Dog Parade,  Boat Display, Tasting Tables, Displays, Promotions, Edward on Edward Music Event ticket sales and more.

The Farmers Market will also be taking place in the Waring Gardens at the same time and you can find more information on the Bazaar here

As the Bazaar winds down, there will be action at the Deniliquin Swim Centre as Channel 4 Change brings Chloe McCardel to town and the 24 time English Channel crosser will be holding two sessions during the two hour event.

The first session will have Chloe talk about her experiences as an elite athlete and will go into talking about training, nutrition and goal setting.

The second session is a swimming coaching lesson, the cost is $10 per person and $25 for families and it will be a great day for learning and swimming, readers can find out more here.

After the event, there will be a Fundraising Dinner & Auction at Deniliquin High from 6:30pm.

Ritu Mehra will be conducting Indian Food cooking lessons at Intereach on March 10, 17 and 24, the cost is $50 and it starts at 11am and runs until 2pm, more information can be found here.

If you want to check out the draft of the Community Strategic Plan and have your say on it, you can between 10am and 12pm at 42 Napier Street.

Sunday March 11 has Edward on the Edward Music Event, this event takes place at ‘The Point’ and runs from 1pm until 6:30pm

Tickets can be purchased from Deniliquin Newsagency, Peppin Planners, South West Music & Edward School and if you get one before 1pm Saturday you will go into the draw to win the raffle at the ‘Do It In Deni Street Bazaar’.

Tickets are $30 with School Children free provided they are accompanied by an Adult, Further details such as a map to the event can be found here.

Gomer & The Girl are performing at the Exchange Hotel from 5pm until 9pm.


PDFNL and AFL Victoria split

March 7 2018

The PDFNL and AFL Victoria has gone their separate ways after failing to come to an agreement on terms.

AFL Victoria has been fighting with up to seven leagues as they are demanding that each league falls under AFL jurisdiction.

The PDFNL would of been overseen by AFL Goulburn Murray but the PDFNL fears that agreeing to the terms given to them means that AFL Victoria may be able to do what they like, the league would have its hands tied, the affiliation is too open ended and there were issues over financial transparency and privacy.

Leagues can also not make changes to their constitution, bylaws or rules without consent from the commission.

The PDFNL is confident that it can stand alone as it does have insurance and they have found a group to keep stats and other important factors rolling.

It is unknown at this time what clubs will do as it is reported that AFL Goulburn Murray is offering clubs the opportunity to become part of a new league.

A number of fans see AFL Victoria’s demands as overreach by the AFL and they support local leagues fighting for their rights to do things their way as it has been for decades if not over a century.

Edward River placed on Red Level Alert

March 6 2018

Blue-Green Algae has returned to the Edward River with a Red level alert being issued by WaterNSW.

It is advised that the Edward should not be used for potable water supply (without prior treatment) as well as stock watering and for recreational uses (swimming, water skiing etc).

According to WaterNSW, the red level alert is issued once the following happens;

“A red level alert is in place when >50,000 cells of Microcystis aeruginosa are present or a biovolume of all toxin producing cyanobacteria exceeds 4mm3/L

A red alert level is also triggered if the total of all blue-green algae (toxic and non-toxic) exceeds 10 mm3/L or scums are present for long periods”

According to the map, the Edward River has a cyanobacteria count of 10.74 mm3/L, we will continue to check the map regularly for updates.

Deniliquin making a recycling impact

March 5 2018

Yesterday was ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, it is a day that sneaks up on people as it seems that reports of the day get shorter and shorter by the year around the country.

Hundreds of items of rubbish were collected by volunteers, ensuring that the town is tidier than it was before and many thanks should go out to all those volunteers who went out on their Sunday to bring in the rubbish.

There is a change happening in town, people are thinking more about where their rubbish goes and are now working to put it in the right places.

Think about this, if the one ‘Return and Earn’ machine was filled every day in December 15,500 bottles were recycled by the town.

Now there are three machines and if those machines are filled each day that means 46,500 bottles would be recycled in the month of March and any month that has 30 days, 45,000.

December – 15,500
January – 15,500
February – 14,000 (may be higher due to expansion mid month)
March – 46,500
April – 45,000
May – 46,500
June – 45,000
July – 46,500
August – 46,500
September – 45,000
October – 46,500
November – 45,000

15,500 x 2 = 31,000
14,000 x 1 – 14,000
45,000 x 4 = 180,000
46,500 x 5 = 227,500

After twelve full months, Deniliquin has the potential to have recycled 457,500 bottles and at 10 cents a bottle that is a total around $45,750 back in the pockets of locals to spend any way they choose.

457,500 less bottles and cans in landfill and in the Edward River or our parks or Waring Gardens and more.

That is something to be proud of.

Deni Show – March 2 to 4 2018

March 1 2018

It is almost time for the Deni Show and there are a couple of things to think about

First up is admission prices

Entry for Adults is $15 for a day and $20 if they want to go on both days.

Children between 5 and 16 years old can get in for $2 each day.

Children who are under 5 years old are free.

The Family package is $30 for both days and is great for 2 adults & 2 children.

The Fireworks Special which is so you can get in to primarily watch the fireworks up close begins from 6pm on the Saturday is $5, fireworks go off at 9pm.

Laser Tag starts from 11am on Saturday, this will no doubt be a popular attraction.

South West Music will be having bands playing for the people at 5pm on Friday and Saturday.

Deni Drums & Dust will be hosting games from 1pm on Saturday and there are plenty of age groups 7yrs & under, 8 to 10 years old, 11 to 13 years old, 14 to 17 years old and
18 years & over.

Dogs will be in action from 2pm on Saturday, entry is a gold coin donation and entries can be made on the day, call into the Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic or their Facebook page.

There are three events for Dogs to enter from 2pm there will be ‘Best Dressed Dog’ followed by ‘Flat Chat Dog Race’ over 25m’ at 2:30pm and last is the ‘Dog Jump’ competition at 3:30pm, rules can be found here

There will be Poultry (that is living Poultry) on show as well as Dairy Cattle and Beef Cattle.

Horses will be going through their paces on the weekend, there are dozens of competitions, details on entry and cost of stables as well as rules can be found here.

Registration for the games hosted by Deni Drums & Dust takes place on the day at the Arena (near the entry to Willoughby’s Beach).

At 5pm on Saturday there will be a European Carp Throwing Competition, some may take pleasure in seeing a pest of the waterways being tossed around.

Schools have been making Clowns and have also been growing giant Pumpkins, which school will make and grow the best? stay tuned.

Fireworks will be going off at 9pm on Saturday March 3, as you can imagine pets will be scared by the sound of the fireworks going off so please keep your pets secure indoors and with company and if possible do not have them on a leash as there have been reports over the years of animals accidentally hanging themselves in their haste to get away.

There is plenty more that will be happening from Friday and that includes Shearing, Sheep & Wool, Rides, Tiny Tots, Ambassadors and more.

Further details can be found on the Deni Show Facebook Page and their website.

Postcards continue to sell

February 28 2018

It has been awhile since we’ve been able to acquire any postcards but this week we have brought two of them to share with everyone.

Postcard prices seem to be hanging around the $26 dollar mark with postcards from the early 20th century bringing in much higher prices especially of buildings that no longer exist.

These postcards mention Deniliquin on the back with a date of August 8 1955 but looking at the Town Hall picture, the pictures themselves may be from 1938 as the centre posters are promoting a film called ‘Boys Town‘ and that was a film of that year starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.

The words are not visible in the scanned version but when looking at the real postcard they are visible.

‘Boys Town’ is a film that is considered a classic, it won Spencer Tracy an Oscar for his portrayal of Father Flanagan, ensured Mickey Rooney’s star status and they made a sequel in 1941 titled ‘Men of Boys Town’

Hopefully a magnifying glass will reveal what the other boards say as it is always interesting to see what was going on in town at a certain point of time and there is a chance of a good estimate of the date by attempting to find 1938 or 1939 papers to locate screening times of ‘Boys Town’.

The second image is of the Memorial Gates, the list of those who died or served in combat during the second world war were not up in this picture and there is still a gate on the right side.

Readers will also notice that on the right hand side is a fence before Waring Gardens, this was before the now low brick fence that we are accustomed to seeing and there is also a different array of trees in the background.

One thing that has gotten our attention is that the two cards respectively say V.5 and V.10 making us wonder what V.1 to V.4 and V.6 to V.9 are and anything beyond it as none of the other cards shown to readers have that.


Deni Speaks (27/2/18)

February 27 2018

Over the last few weeks we’ve asked questions on the Cemetery, Peacocks and Radio.

The Peacocks have been a popular issue locally recently and the state of the Cemetery has gained interest and radio is also important for locals as people search for the perfect radio station.

Questions Asked

1. Should the ERC immediately get Deniliquin Cemetery cleaned?
2. Do you agree with the decision to remove the Peacocks from Waring Gardens?
3. Have 102.5 and 1521 2QN improved with new owners?


Should the ERC immediately get Deniliquin Cemetery cleaned?

Yes – 96%
No – 4%

Do you agree with the decision to remove the Peacocks from Waring Gardens?

No – 87%
Yes – 13%

Have 102.5 and 1521 2QN improved with new owners?

No they both haven’t improved – 70.97%
Yes 1521 2QN has and 102.5 hasn’t – 12.9%
Yes they have both improved – 11.29%
Yes 102.5 has and 1521 2QN hasn’t – 4.84%


Deniliquin cares about its Cemetery with just over 600 people so far signing a petition calling on the ERC to do something about the state of the cemetery and the 96% to 4% poll backs the petition up.

The pending removal of the Peacocks was not well received by locals and was perhaps the ERC’s first ever major mistake but there is hope for a compromise that can keep the Peacocks in Deniliquin yet give the Peacocks the space for them to move as a lack of space has concerned other locals, there is no shortage of ideas some of which we’ve written down but it all comes to cost, political savvy and agreement.

In the final hours of the voting, the ‘No’ vote was at a peak of 90% before the ‘Yes’ vote clawed back 3% to end on 13%.

1521 2QN and 102.5 have been kicked around recently but many had high hopes that the new owners would turn things around, unfortunately it appears things haven’t turned around.

1521 2QN listeners don’t have to be reminded at the end of each song that it is ‘the new 1521 2QN’ or and listeners to both stations don’t want to hear the same songs played in the same patterns day after day and there is too much focus on Melbourne radio shows.

Perhaps one plus side to everything is that the local ads can be good ones, Big River’s ad is considered catchy although rival agents may not like the line that the competition is ‘slim if any’.

If you have any sensible questions you want asked, let us know and we’ll post it for you.



‘Dash to Deniliquin’ wrap

February 23 2018

Tomorrow will be one week since 110 passengers arrived in Deniliquin by Train to go eat at the Long Table Cafe in Warragoon.

707 Operations has two series of pictures and they can be viewed here and here.

The Lone Railrider has pictures and film of the trip with a short section of the video (shown below) featuring the train and its stay in Deniliquin.

The Deniliquin section starts from about the 9 minute 27 second mark and lasts until the  11 minute and 20 second mark of the video.

Historical train trips get lots of interest with this particular train being filmed by rail enthusiasts along the route, perhaps the interest historic train travel brings may entice the ERC to try bring more rail business to town and figure out how to roll out the red carpet at the current not very glamorous rail stop.

Stamp Out Local Bullying – March 6

February 21 2018

Intereach will be hosting an Action Group Meeting conducted by the Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group (website here) on March 6 to discuss how to stamp out local bullying.

We now live in a world where humanity is closer to each other than ever before thanks to the internet and the array of websites and apps that keep people connected but such closeness can also bring out the worst in humanity.

It seems like only yesterday that it was still possible for a student who was bullied at school could go on home at the end of the day and be free of what taken place in the classroom and grounds but now with social media everyone is in reach and can be hassled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What became a battle to hang on for six hours a day for five days a week has turned into a battle 24/7 because even if the bullied are not online the long reach of the internet can be used to spread rumors and stories around and they can last forever.

It is not just at schools that experience bullying, businesses now have the added pressure of been scrutinized online with errors in service now pointed out online in groups or other locations and it can lead to a mob mentality when a simple word to a manager could of rectified the problems and spare conflict and distress.

Work colleagues can also push each other around in the workplace and then online as well, creating bitterness, discontent and mental distress and it has lots of effects from business to personal lives.

There are solutions out there and hopefully the meeting on March 6 helps people discuss bullying, the effects it has on people and then consider and act on new plans and strategies.

So please consider going and being part of a discussion that can make our local area a better place when it comes to interacting with each other.

Pinball at 285

February 21 2018

Cafe 285 has a new attraction in shop and it is one that will take people back in time.

It is a Pinball Machine and it is of the popular movie and cartoon franchise ‘Ghostbusters’ and it is a solidly built machine made to be enjoyed many times over.

This addition to the Cafe should attract a new wave of customers as many would love to try their luck on such a machine and buy some food or drink along the way.

It costs $2 per game and that game consists of three attempts which can last quite a while if you get a game rolling.

People are currently wondering when was the last time a Deniliquin shop had a Pinball machine inside the store, thoughts are currently on the Regent Theatre as they did have arcade amusements in the foyer until it closed early this century.

May locals win their battle to keep the ball in the field of play and not endure the disheartening sight of the ball going between the flippers ending their game.