The Historical Journey – September 30 1961

February 8 2018

Deniliquin’s railway history has been disappearing over the last couple of weeks as the remains of the platforms and turntable have been demolished to make room for an eventual retirement village.

The loss of the railway was considered a major blow when daily travel stopped in the late 1970’s and the occasional passenger train arriving after then was considered interesting as seen in this 1989 video.

In what could be considered ironic, a booklet became available online around the time the platform and tracks were being pulled up.

This booklet was was made for a Melbourne to Deniliquin rail journey on Saturday September 30 1961 arranged by the Victorian division of the Australian Railway Historical Society.

It was called ‘Deniliquin by Daylight’ and left what was called Spencer Street Station (now known as Southern Cross) at 6:50am and arrived in town at 3:45pm despite a listed time of 2:10pm, we know of the time difference thanks to notations penciled in the booklet.

They left Deniliquin at 4:37pm and got back to Melbourne at 11:28pm making it a very long day.

While the booklet is short, it has interesting details such as how many trains the railway operated, the brick Deniliquin station was built in 1985, the fact the rail line between Echuca and Deniliquin has only five curves in the 45 mile journey and the NSW Government brought the line in 1923, gave it to Victorian Railways but the cost was paid for by the Victorians.

Below is all four pages at the best possible resolution so everyone can read it, can anyone spot the error on the front page?



Deni Speaks (6/2/18)

February 6 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have asked readers questions on the local economy and what their highlight was from DNS’s array of reports and stories.

How is the local economy going?

It is on a downturn – 40.91%
It is going steady – 31.82%
Anyone got a paddle? – 27.27%
It is thriving – 0%
It is going great – 0%

In terms of the economy is going good vs neutral and going bad, just over 68% of voters voted for the the economy is going bad options with 31.82% going neutral and 0% saying it is either going great or thriving.

Your favourite DNS story of 2017 is……..

Deniliquin’s Hotel History – 35%
Images of Deniliquin – 25%
‘Return and Earn’ – December 1 2017 – 10%
It’s Back!!!!!!! – 10%
Exploring Deniliquin in 2008 – 5%
Shopping revolution coming to Deni – 5%
Deniliquin from the air – 5%
Election Complication – 5%
ERC Election Wrap – 0%
Hunting down the Lyceum Theatre – 0%

Deniliquin’s Hotel History which is our biggest post in terms of word length is the favourite of readers with 35% of voters selecting it.

‘Images of Deniliquin’ which was a look back at historical images of landmarks that are now mostly gone received a quarter of the votes.


Confidence doesn’t seem high from the 22 answers we received and the recent stock market plunge will probably not boost confidence at all but it would be interesting to return to the question in May to see if more people answer and if things get better.

2017 was a good year for DNS, we learned that people loved knowing about events, reading a good joke on April 1 and looking through a history that is slowly fading away in terms of physical traces like the railway platforms that are now gone.

If you have a question you’d like answered and it is tasteful, let us know and we’ll put it up.

NBN Rollout/Quality of Service group established

February 3 2018

A group has been established on Facebook to discuss the NBN Rollout and the quality of service the NBN provides around town.

The group is called ‘Nbn Rollout/Quality Of Service In Deniliquin‘ and it was launched today.

Hopefully many users will join the group to share information on topics such as the best provider, service quality, installation times and more.

Don’t forget there is also the NBN Roll out Map that can tell users where there is service and when parts that don’t have it will have it, having NBN is compulsory to have and the change must be done no later than 18 months after the service is established around your home.

‘Return and Earn’ expands

February 2 2018

It has been just over two months since ‘Return and Earn’ was launched by the NSW Government across the state.

Deniliquin was part of the first wave of cities and towns to receive a ‘Return and Earn’ machine giving locals a chance to recycle and get ten cents back per item.

The success of the the machine outside Central IGA has led to the expansion of the program with two more machines coming to sit with the machine already there.

65 million items have been recycled in NSW since the program started, that’s $650 million dollars back in NSW residents pockets but most importantly that is 65 million items out of landfill, streets, rivers and more.

There are a couple of things to be reminded of when using the machines;

If you need the TOMRA app, you can get it by following the instructions here, the page also shows how to use the app with the machine.

Users of the machines are urged to please park and stay in the section marked with the yellow lines.

Be aware of the Trucks, Forklifts, Cars and People when going in to do your recycling.

Trucks have right of way in the loading area and also keep an eye out for the Forklifts, both types of vehicles have blind spots and you could end up standing in one if not careful.

If you see flags, come back another time as it means that the area is too busy to be used.

Mid morning is the best time to use the machine as this is the time the machine is emptied, one machine can hold up to 500 items.

If there is a problem with the machines, call the number listed on the machine, the staff of Central IGA cannot fix the machine as they aren’t qualified to do so.

Congratulations Deniliquin on making ‘Return and Earn’ a great success and proving that recycling is very important to locals.

Valentine’s Day pledge helps C.A.D

February 1 2018

Valentine’s Day is fourteen days away including today, it is considered by many to be a special day for it is a chance for people to express their love and affection for those closest to them.

For this Valentine’s Day, Deniliquin Florist is giving $5 from each order of flowers that will be sent out on the special day to Can Assist Deniliquin.

This act continues with the business continuing to be a firm supporter of Can Assist Deniliquin as contributions have been made in the past from Workshops giving 100% of proceeds to $1 for every sale of Candles.

We hope that all readers have a great Valentine’s Day no matter what they’re doing and may Can Assist Deniliquin receive a lot of well earned dollars to help those who need their help.

Will the Federal Hotel Cinema ever happen?

January 27 2018

Last year readers may of heard around town that there are plans to put a cinema in the Federal Hotel.

If you haven’t heard about it,  they want to put a 60 to 80 seat cinema inside the Hotel building but that’s not all they want restaurants put in there and even bed and breakfast accommodation

If you got $2,500 you can even invest in the plan, they are chasing $1.5 million, they already got $400,000 and investors have so far put in somewhere around $600,000, you can’t tell the exact figure because all you see is a bar and it is around 70% filled in.

They think they yield will go up 7% a year and the value of the building itself would jump up 15-20% when it is all done up which doesn’t sound too far-fetched after sticking all that stuff into the historic building that has seen it all.

Hopefully it does happen in the end or maybe somebody will take that cinema idea and build that 60-80 seat cinema elsewhere, we can only hope and wait and see.

Storm aftermath

January 27 2018

Thursday’s storm surprised locals especially after the Globe suffered total damage to its roof and its famous veranda.

Cressy Street was blocked off as the flying roof landed on the street, damaging several cars.

The street was cleared early on Australia Day and plans for the restoration of the Globe are underway with fencing already up to cut the area off so the experts can do their thing.

Deniliquin History in Photos was on the scene taking pictures and one shot does show the Hotel without its roof.

It is not the first time a storm has damaged the Hotel, A wild storm in 1948 damaged the Globe with the upstairs lounge soaked and the bar had several inches of water in it, the Primrose Cafe was also hit with the ceiling of the kitchen collapsing, a brief fire started and it also flooded.

The Primrose is now Deniliquin Florist and it escaped damage from the store with everything looking and running like it did at closing time Thursday afternoon.

Australia Day Playlist 2018

January 26 2018

Today is Australia Day and readers are taking in events like BBQ’s, Ceremonies, Protests, Drinking, Eating and doing nothing.

But there is no doubt that many readers will be listening to music at some stage of today, below is some music videos that you may enjoy.

So here are some tracks out of the millions made by Australians, it would of been bad to not include ‘Eagle Rock’ and ‘Friday On My Mind’ usually voted #1 and #2 (or in reverse) when it comes to the greatest tracks in Australian music.

Then you got the likes of John Farnham, Skyhooks, Icehouse then Goanna and Yothu Yindi and Silverchair and Taxiride plus add in some Pseudo Echo, 1927 and the Wiggles.

Of course we had to have Johnny O’Keefe at his best, live in the early 60’s singing ‘Shout’ with the energy that brought rock music to Australia in the 1950’s.

Most of the songs below made it onto ‘Australia’s Ultimate Songs’ that was aired by Channel Seven on January 1 2000, a great night that was where they oddly played the Top 10 first then went from to 100 to 11 probably so people didn’t have to wait until 6am to find out the outcome.

Enjoy your day readers.

Storm damages Globe

January 25 2018

Deniliquin was hit by a storm late this afternoon resulting damage to the roof of the Globe Hotel, A drone was reported downed by the winds, Trees have fallen, at least one trampoline was sent tumbling over and there is also fence damage to several properties.

The storm was spotted between Swan Hill and Deniliquin early that afternoon and it slowly made its way across Southern NSW before it was appearing to be turning away from town before it spread north and hit the town.

At 6:30pm it was 35.7 degrees and by 6:40pm it was 27.4 degrees as winds jumped from 11km/h to 61km/h during nine minutes of that time span with the wind gusts peaking at 80km/h at least at the airport.

The Globe Hotel took the most damage with part of its roof landing in the middle of the street in front of it, the veranda also taken heavy damage with sections of it now drooping close to the footpath.

Pictures and details have been posted in various groups reporting of damage including at least one tree, a trampoline, a section of fence and more.

storm dc.jpg

The above picture was taken by Daniel Clark shows a tree that has been uprooted by the storm.

0.8mm of rain fell at a time when the BoM reported an hour earlier that the chances of rain for the rest of the day was 20% and winds were expected to be 20km/h.

Coach House is back on the web

January 24 2018

The Coach House is back on the internet after some time offline.

Visitors to will see a nice picture of the Hotel/Motel followed by a video, some nice images of the Waring Gardens and surrounding areas, a list of available services and at the bottom the all important contact information.

Clicking on ‘Rooms and Rates’ will give you all the facts such as when you can check in from and when to check out by, list of facilities, general details and room service and dining options.

Hover the mouse over ‘Rooms and Rates’ to get options such as ‘Rooms’ and ‘Policies’ and going to ‘Menu’ shows you what is on offer during the month with one example being Salmon Mango Salad for $28.

Overall the website looks really good, it is nice and clear and users should have no trouble finding out what they need to find out.