DHiP back to regular posting – Feb ’19

February 19 2019

Deniliquin History in Photos is back to posting regularly after a quiet stretch of time.

Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of Bon Scott’s death, Bon Scott was for several years the frontman for AC/DC as they muscled past Skyhooks and Sherbet to become #1 by the end of 1979 .

So what does the anniversary of death of Bon Scott got to do with Deniliquin?

AC/DC came to Deniliquin in May 1975, their visit was between their debut album ‘High Voltage’ and their second album ‘T.N.T’ (released in December 1975).

‘High Voltage’ got up to 14th position on the Kent Music Report (pre ARIA charts) by selling around 350,000 copies.

It must of been a fairly long night at Memorial Park, the show started at 8pm and the band Moby Dick was also playing that night, comments from locals indicate that the show was full of energy.

But back to the DHiP, we’ve seen stories or shared links about AC/DC, UFO’s, Sam Lloyd, Horace the Emu and more over the last couple of weeks and it is wonderful to see the page back in full swing.

Deniliquin History in Photos is our favourite Deniliquin page, it is always informative and it keeps people wondering about not only about history but how did things come to be and lastly they’ve helped us sharpen up the game ‘Deniliquin Quiz II‘.


Local Improvements – #4

February 18 2019

This edition of Local Improvements is a mixed bag, it is an improvement to the town but it had to take something away from the town.

The corner of Hardinge and Charlotte Street for many years was the location of the Edward Theatre.

By Google Earth’s measurements it was a 20m by 14m building not including the awning at the front.

The first image was taken in 2002 and it was pretty much surrounded by trees.

The next came in 2005, there is no change except the side has less trees on it.


Google Street View from 2010 shows that the Theatre has been demolished and nothing has been built on it.

The next satellite image came in 2013 and by that time the Medical Centre was built.

A funny quirk in Google Street View was that for many years you could travel down Hardinge Street and be in 2008 and see the Edward Theatre and when you turned right, you’d see the Medical Centre.

By 2018, things were getting busy at the Medical Centre, there’s cars in the car park unlike the image from 2013.

That wraps up this edition of Local Improvements and we hope to see you again soon.

Local Improvements – #3

February 10 2019

Today’s edition of ‘Local Improvements’ takes a look at the area from the old KFC outlet to corner of Wood and Napier Street.


There was still signs of railway life in 2005, you can see the big shed and the goods train station is still standing too.

The KFC bucket can be seen in the top left corner of the image, this image will no doubt sadden those who currently crave the Chicken and other items that KFC provides.

There are also three houses and one business next to KFC and the Purtills Depot still exists next to Deniliquin Plaza.


The Purtills Depot is now down to concrete, the rail shed is now gone and the goods station is now demolished through if you needed some bricks, they weren’t in short supply.

There are two houses and the business still beside what is now no longer KFC.


By 2015 there was no more rail turntable although the remains of the platforms are still around.

There are still two houses and the business still beside what is now Ray White Real Estate (complete with KFC logo’d glass).


By 2018 Deniliquin Plaza now has undercover parking, now people have a chance to shop in the summer without your car toasty by the time you get back to your car.

The remains of the passenger platform and the goods platform are now gone and so are the bricks, the rail line now ends just across the

There is now just the business visible instead of it and two houses from 2015.


The Big Community Muster – 25/2/19

On the 25th of February this year, RSM Australia are bringing their ‘The Big Community Muster – Rural Health Check-in’ to Deniliquin RSL Club.

The message from RSM Australia is the following;

Many of our community’s farmers are facing some of the driest conditions in Australia’s history.

To provide an opportunity for our farming community to share experiences and discuss ways to build on our inherent resilience, together RSM Australia and ANZ are running an information roadshow that aims to provide practical insights to support farmers in preparing for the future.

The Muster will feature Dennis Hoiberg from Lessons Learnt Consulting, Alister Bennett from the ANZ and Gerard O’Brien from RSM.

Deniliquin’s session starts at 11:30am on Monday February 25 and it runs for up to three hours but there will be a meal provided, if you are interested in attending, click here.

Storm hits Deniliquin

February 6 2019

It was a hot, quiet day in Deniliquin with temperatures sticking around 36 degrees at its peak.

As the afternoon went on, a weather pattern started to appear in the west and it started to move slowly across towards town, at first it seemed the pattern was hesitant to reach town before steadying its course towards town.

Also approaching town was a dust storm and there was a fire in the distance that received attention.

At 5:40pm it was 34.9 degrees with a wind speed of 13km/h and gusts at 19km/h and by 5:42pm it was 30.8 degrees with a wind speed of 30km/h and guests of 67km/h.

By the top of the hour, it was 22.1 degrees in town with a wind speed of 56km/h and wind gusts of 74km/h and rain was starting to be recorded at the airport.

As you can see by the photos taken by Deni Tree Service, several trees either lost branches or were completely uprooted, fences were knocked down and at least one house sustained damage.

Efforts to clean up damage started almost immediately after the high winds settled down to a more acceptable speed.

A lightning storm around 7pm resulted in a couple of lightning bolts landing in town with the lightning taking interest in striking the area around the corner of the Cobb Highway and Wandook Rd.

Power was lost on Barham Rd and near the corner of the Cobb Highway and Wandook Rd.

8:50pm delivered the good news that Deniliquin doubled its 2019 rainfall total in the one day and there is a good chance today’s rain has helped match or surpass the rainfall total of this time last year.

At this time of writing, it is 10:40pm and the daily rainfall total is up to 16.2mm, there are forecasts of additional rain on Thursday and Friday followed by a couple of days between 25 and 31 degrees.