Local Improvements – #2

January 31 2019

Welcome to our second edition of Local Improvements.

Today we are taking a look at Brown Park and the changes it has undergone over the last couple of years.


The above picture from Google Earth shows Brown Park in 2013, as you can see there is plenty of water, grass and trees and no doubt rubbish at the bottom of the lagoon as well.


In 2015, work got underway to remake the park, DNS got a good view of the work that was going on as our home away from home for three days a week was K Block at Deniliquin TAFE.


As the water was drained away, cans were exposed and even one of those Opera House yabbie nets was pulled out of the water, the picture above is one example of the rubbish in the water.


The third picture is from last year (2018), there is now a footpath on one side, the water is now right around the island as well.

Thank you for reading this edition of ‘Local Improvements’ and we hope to see you next time as we take a look at the area that used to be the railway platforms.


Local Improvements – #1

January 26 2019

Sometimes it seems that Deniliquin doesn’t change much but thanks to programs like Google Earth, you can see that Deniliquin has changed.

Today we’re going to look on the banks of the Edward River.

The above picture was taken on December 15 2005, there is no river walk along the river, no ute turned into artwork and it is pretty bare on the corner.

The odd thing about Google Earth is that the 2005 image and January 26 2012 image option are exactly the same on the south side of town but the image is different in the north.

The next image is from the 22nd of February 2012 and on the right hand side you can see part of the river walk all ready to go, the Ute is now seen but you see nothing further along the riverbank.

By October 20 2013, you can see the walkway run for at least 211m along the river and unlike the previous two images, the car park that is behind the Deniliquin Baptist Church hardly has a car in it.

We hope you have enjoyed this look into some of the improvements Deniliquin has had through this decade.

Poll Time (15/1/19)

January 15 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Poll Time for 2019.

We have four questions for readers to think about, you might want to answer all four or maybe just one or two of them.

The first question is ‘Do you like the changed Subway menu?’ and we ask this because it has been a couple of months since Subway (the company not the local shop) changed the menu at its many locations depriving us of the fillings we crave.

The second question is ‘Are you worried that what is happening to fish in Menindee will happen in Deniliquin?‘ and this one is asked because in Menindee there are thousands of dead fish in the water as a result of what is believed to be river mismanagement and high temperatures.

The third question is ‘What rating do you give the ERC?‘, this question has been up for awhile but we are hoping to get enough votes to form a good conclusion on what locals are thinking about our local council.

The fourth and final question is ‘What grade would you give for local roads?‘, this question has been up for awhile but the answers are so far very helpful, including ones on our Facebook page¬†and so we hope for some more votes and road suggestions so the ERC can act upon the information gathered.

Polls close on January 29 and computer users can answer on the right hand side of the page, the bottom for mobile users or you can click on each of the four links above to cast your vote.

Pretty Pine Rec Grounds For Hire

January 13 2019

The Pretty Pine Rec Grounds is available for hire for those who need a place to play host for a future event.

Think of the possibilities that the Rec Grounds could offer and you could find out in just a phone call.


It could be a great place for a corporate meeting, the right place for say a 21st birthday party, the space could be perfect for a car club or perhaps a social club and don’t forget the potential to be the scene of great moments like a wedding or a reunion and there is also the possibility of kids fun days and much more.

If you would like to know more then please contact Daniel Liphuyzen on 0429 869 437.

The Back to Deniliquin 1948 collection

January 2 2019

During December 31, we posted a couple of ads from the 1948 Back to Deniliquin programme.

Because we didn’t want to drive everyone nuts with Facebook posts all day and night and leave us in the process, we only posted a couple of the ads that were in the book.

As the book was in bad condition, we had to use an iPad’s scanner to photograph the ads and get that scanned look.

We hope that this collection gives readers an insight into local businesses in 1948 as well as bring memories to those who got to see many of the businesses run for decades.