80’s teens to reunite again (2018)

November 14 2018

Last year saw those who were teens in the 1980’s descend on Echuca to party like it was 1989 and on December 1 they’re going to do it again.

300 people said yes to attending last year and Deniliquin residents who popped in regularly (that be quite a few) to Echuca in their teen years are once again invited to attend.

The plan is to meet at The Yank (American Hotel) and go to the Top Deck Bar (access from Heygarth Street) at 7pm to receive name tag and wrist band.

Free Entry is for anyone who is 41 and over and Happy Hour is between 7pm and 8pm with selected drinks at $80’s prices with $2 beer, wine and bubbles plus $5 slushies.

Classic 70’s and 80’s tunes will be played so be prepared for the best and the worst of the 80’s, those synthesiser heavy tracks, music from bands like Def Leppard and of course you got to throw in some Rick Astley.

Further information can be obtained by going to ‘Echuca 80’s Teens‘, Suzy Farley the organizer is quite friendly and is always helpful to those who ask questions.



DCG wants members and scraps (Nov ’18)

November 12 2018

The Deniliquin Community Garden in Whitelock Street (behind the Swim Centre) are looking for new members.

But that’s not all they are looking for as they also need scraps for their worm farm.

They need veggie, fruit, coffee, tea and eggshell scraps so they can make things happen.

To become a member you will need to visit the ERC offices and they will give you all the details on how to become a Community Garden member.

If you would like to visit the garden sometime, message them on Facebook and they will organise a time with you to meet at the garden.

If you happen to be driving or walking past and someone is there you can just pop in and say hello as well.

We wish DCG all the success in the world in getting members, scraps and successful growth of all they grow.

Deniliquin’s busy three days (Nov 8 to 11)

November 11 2018

Deniliquin had a busy couple of days with events like the opening of the Splash Park, Free Pool entry, Ski School starting up, Naponda Farmers Market and the Little Athletics Carnival.

As you will see down below, The ERC shown off the new splash park last Thursday and the Swim Centre had the Grand Opening on Friday with Rotary helped put on a show for those in attendance with free sausage sizzle, drinks, icy poles and more.

The ERC helped out by sponsoring three days of open entry to the Swim Centre, it was a great idea to help get the Swim Centre going and judging by reaction on social media it was.

Deniliquin Boat Club kicked off Ski Season on Friday night by starting Ski School up again.

Ski School is on every Friday afternoon, you can book yourself a spot by using the Deniliquin Boat Club app (designed by local business Imperative Apps), there is three levels of experience and it costs $3 per ski, further details are available by just clicking the above image.

Naponda had their Farmers Market and the weather put on a good show allowing as many people as possible to go down and buy some goodies.

Deniliquin Little Athletics had their carnival at Rams Oval (Hardinge Street Oval) and it brought in young athletics from near and far which was great to see (click on link for pictures).

The next carnival is in Cohuna, it welcomes U6 to U16 athletes and those interested must enter by midnight on December 2 and there is no doubt some from Deniliquin will go and have a great day.

There will be a couple more interesting weekends coming up in town so stay tuned for those events and have a great time when they arrive.

Deniliquin gets Google Earth update

November 4 2018

Google Earth has updated its satellite image of Deniliquin.

The image of the town was taken in October 2018 and it has been over a year since the last time it was updated.

Viewers will now see no more railway platform remains and no more giant green space in the TAFE Campus but they will see the new TAFE building, the footpaths at Brown Park and other parks, Coles having shaded parking, the new Police Station and much more.


Unfortunately Google Street View is still largely stuck in 2008 so you will still see now gone places like Go-Lo, Pinky’s Pizza, RetraVision, Dick Smith Electronics and also places like Big River Real Estate in a different street than where it is now.

Hopefully soon Google Earth will come visit town again and they update the rest of the streets like they did with just Hardinge Street in 2017.

October 31 – November 1 2018

November 1 2018

Today and yesterday have been perhaps two of the most important days the town has had this year.

Deniliquin marked Halloween like never before, Waring Gardens was a hive of activity and forty shops were doing a different kind of business, deciding whether to trick or treat customers.

But behind the dressing up, behind the masks, the smiles, the trick or treats, the sound of lollies going from hand to bags or buckets was an important message, mental health.

Life is getting harder across the board, technology that does so much for us every day is also causing social and psychological problems, weather patterns are inconsistent leaving farmers unsure about if the weather will reward them or punish them, food and fuel prices are going up, the economy is sluggish and there are many other problems faced every day.

It is a lot to take in and hopefully yesterday’s activities at Waring Gardens helped people learn more about mental health because one day they may need what they learned, it could save their life, it may save somebody else’s life.

Today was also an important day, it was the day over 40 locals, young and old stood in 37 degree weather to tell Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud that our area needs some of the water that is held by the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Deniliquin is proud of those who were out there today, there were many more who wished they could of joined them but they had to work or look after family members but those at Town Hall were never far from their thoughts.

What connects Halloween and today is mental health, as the low rainfall total for 2018 continues on, pressure is building up on our local farmers, on our businesses and residents.

There is a lot of stress and anxiety going around, look after each other by keeping your eyes and ears open, listen to what people around you say and look for any sign of something they don’t say.

Keep campaigning for what you believe is right, the right for our farms to grow food and look after stock with water to spare for food, water and stock are three important ingredients of life.