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Could EPS video go viral?

August 23 2017

Edward School may become very famous in the coming days if a video of their staff turning Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ into a song that fits nicely into book week gets picked up the masses.

The song is called ‘Read All Day’ and as you can imagine the song is pretty self explanatory.

The video has it all, teachers and staff miming, reading, skipping, dancing and acting and its actually nicely done and the song recording ain’t that bad too as it is done with quality.

If this video does go viral it is not a bad thing because reading is important and if it makes people think about reading and think about the purpose of Book Week then it is a win.

So do what the song says, read all day and then do it every day.

Be alert for Magpies

August 17 2017

It is that time of year again when those who love the outdoors have to look up and/or keep their ears open as Magpies are starting to swoop on people around the country.

There were 65 recorded attacks across Australia this time last year and this year alone there have been 206 recorded attacks resulting in 39 injuries.

If you are attacked at all by a Magpie, make sure you sign up to and report the attack at

The website has a map showing past attacks across Australia as well as incident reports and even tells users what attacks resulted in injuries or non injuries.

Be safe out there readers.

Ghost of the Trotting Cob

August 15 2017

Readers may recall a time earlier this year that a ghost story was making the rounds in the thumbs up/thumbs down group.

It was quickly revealed to be a widely spun story with names and places changed to suit locals but there is actually a ghost story that happened early on in the local areas history.

It apparently started way back in around 1860, there was reports of a headless horse ridden by a headless horseman in the north of Deniliquin, this was called ‘The Ghost of the Trotting Cob’

It was said that the colt was black but the legs and body were whitewashed whilst the rider was wearing light coloured clothing but had blackened his face and neck and the two were scaring mobs of travelling cattle.

This story was written down in 1933 but it appears the sightings stopped at the time they started as they said 70 years had passed, perhaps it was just a yarn or there was a prankster around causing trouble in the night or perhaps for those who believe a true event.

There’s only 76 days to go until Halloween, perhaps the Trotting Cob will get restless and scare some cattle (or some people).

Local gamers stream game play live

August 15 2017

If you want to see a local gamer doing their thing then consider giving ‘Belcat’ a like or a view.

People who follow Belcat’s Gaming page on Facebook are always kept in the loop on when he’ll be streaming games and when he acquires new gaming hardware to improve the spectacle.

People can also go on Twitter to follow progress but all the action is on Twitch as every couple of nights, viewers can watch all the latest plays of games.

Tonight’s game of choice was Kingdom Hearts 2.5, an excellent choice considering this afternoon and this evening has been rained out.

On this particular night we see that there have been 682 views of the live stream which is a pretty good haul.

The quality of the stream is pretty good with everything easy to see and hear to the point its like watching a movie but then something comes up that reminds you it is a game that you are seeing.

We’ll keep reporting on Belcat’s gaming as news comes to hand.

Win a Brush Cutter competition

August 14 2017

Father’s Day is coming and that means be on the lookout for great competitions around town to win your dad something nice.

Deniliquin Auto Electrical is offering as a prize an Echo GT22G Brush CutterĀ to one lucky person who likes and shares their page.

The Echo GT22G comes in at a light 4.1kg, it has a 2 stroke engine, has output of 0.67kw, engine displacement of 21.2cc, the brush cutter has a rubber grip to cut down vibrations and a tap and go trimmer head ensuring convenient and easy use.

The winner is announced on September 2 so there is plenty of time to be in the running, all you need to do is just click on the image below to be taken to the page and then like the page followed by sharing the page on your profile and as you may of seen in the comments on the below post most people then comment ‘Done’ to show they have fulfilled conditions.

On a side note the business is just 75 likes away from reaching 500 likes which would be an excellent milestone for any business to reach.

Good luck to all entrants.

Cafe leasehold for sale

August 12 2017

Cafe Bakery 285
is being listed as a ‘Potential Packed Investment’ according to

A 2 minute 22 second video has been made this week telling potential buyers of the leasehold option as well as the potential to take the freehold option of the Cafe that is considered highly profitable and well established.

The ad also says Cafe Bakery 285 is also known for serving the best coffee in town and brings in $480,000 to $500,000 a year and has seating for 50 customers plus a comfortable lounge area.

The ad voice-over gives lots of details such as the above ones and the fact over 10kg of coffee is used per week and the ad even gives ideas for a drive through service at the back as well as other expansion options.

The ad also mentions Cafe Bakery 285’s popularity as a meeting place for clubs and also mentions their catering options.

It is a very nice sales pitch video that oddly hasn’t registered any viewers (that probably will change now) though some may wonder why the start of the video does not mention the name of the business or show the shop front first before starting the photographic tour from the kitchen.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the end and wherever any of the suggestions will come true in the future.

Support Channel4Change

August 11 2017

Over the last month, DNS has reported on the latest programs and actions designed to increase awareness of Mental Health issues.

Earlier this week, Noisy Street Design uploaded onto YouTube a new video titled ‘Channel 4 Change’.

It is a video that goes for 4mins and 42 seconds and the video explains the creation and aims of ‘Channel 4 Change’.

Channel 4 Change was established to raise much-needed funds to develop and implement youth mental health initiatives in Deniliquin, aims that we completely believe in supporting in any way we can.

Channel 4 Change founder Brenda Norman is aiming to swim the English Channel in 2018 to promote the importance of mental health, the English Channel is perhaps one of the toughest swimming challenges on the planet.

The video has been put together really well as everything is explained in great detail backed by excellent quality video and beautiful shots of the area from the river to a 360 look around town from the air.

If you are interested in donating or finding out more, please visitĀ


Deniliquin in song

Uploaded onto YouTube this week is a song released in 2015 by Dragon Tier called ‘Driving to Deniliquin’.

The sound appears to have been uploaded once before but this week it was uploaded again together with an instrumental track.

There doesn’t seem to be any lyrics available but we will continue to look around and see if there is any about.

If you want to just listen to the instrumental version you can do so on the video below

The song is also available on Spotify for those who use that streaming service, it will be interesting to see if this song gets a run going on YouTube or not.

Coaster sale on eBay

August 10 2017

In recent weeks on eBay, sellers have been putting up coasters of Deniliquin businesses and offering bargains such as 60% off for 3+ sales or buy one and get one free.

Below are some of the coasters that were brought, most offerings are from different sections of the RSL Club but some were of places like Central IGA, Black Cat Cafe, Deniliquin Bowling Club and more.

As of August 10 2017, there is still a good selection of coasters available for purchase, to find them just go to and search Deniliquin, do not purchase the photos for $7.50 as you can find them and download them on Trove.


Deniliquin Municipal Band on YouTube

August 9 2017

Did you know that the Deniliquin Municipal Band have their own YouTube channel.

The channel currently has 9 subscribers and 23 videos available for locals and the generally curious to check out.

Some of the tunes the band play are the following;

To Know Him
Queen of Erin
Hello Dolly

The videos vary in length from just over two minutes to videos that go for seven and a half minutes.

All videos are of good quality ensuring that viewers get the best possible experience from the videos.

We’ll be checking on the channel in the near future for any new releases.