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‘Dash to Deniliquin’ wrap

February 23 2018

Tomorrow will be one week since 110 passengers arrived in Deniliquin by Train to go eat at the Long Table Cafe in Warragoon.

707 Operations has two series of pictures and they can be viewed here and here.

The Lone Railrider has pictures and film of the trip with a short section of the video (shown below) featuring the train and its stay in Deniliquin.

The Deniliquin section starts from about the 9 minute 27 second mark and lasts until the  11 minute and 20 second mark of the video.

Historical train trips get lots of interest with this particular train being filmed by rail enthusiasts along the route, perhaps the interest historic train travel brings may entice the ERC to try bring more rail business to town and figure out how to roll out the red carpet at the current not very glamorous rail stop.


Pinball at 285

February 21 2018

Cafe 285 has a new attraction in shop and it is one that will take people back in time.

It is a Pinball Machine and it is of the popular movie and cartoon franchise ‘Ghostbusters’ and it is a solidly built machine made to be enjoyed many times over.

This new addition to the Cafe should attract a new wave of customers as many would love to try their luck on such a machine and buy some food or drink along the way.

People are currently wondering when was the last time a Deniliquin shop had a Pinball machine inside the store, thoughts are currently on the Regent Theatre as they did have arcade amusements in the foyer until it closed early this century.

May locals win their battle to keep the ball in the field of play and not endure the disheartening sight of the ball going between the flippers ending their game.

The Best Customer Service Search

February 19 2018

The search is on in the Deniliquin thumbs up and thumbs down group for the Best Customer Service person in Deni in 2017.

The staff at Scoop n Brew are leading the pack at the moment by opening up a 99 vote lead on Brenda Sutton who narrowly is in front of Gayle Scoullar.

There is some confusion as some names have been submitted twice causing confusion in the search for who is where on the leaderboard.

Locals are spoiled for choice as there are so many good businesses around and while that does sound like a cliche it is really true as businesses do work really hard and polite to ensure that customers are satisfied.

Our tip is that we don’t have a tip as several businesses spring to mind and cannot be separated, its a good thing we’re just a blog and Facebook page so we can’t get nominated ourselves though if you could nominate a page, ‘Deniliquin History in Photos’ be a good choice.

Voting continues on until 7:30pm on the 22nd of February 2018 and can be done by clicking here.

Debate continues on

February 18 2018

Debate continues on the ERC’s decision to move the Peacocks from the Waring Gardens.

89% of those who have voted on our website so far disagree with the decision saying the Peacocks are part of the town, they do bring in tourists (Peacocks aren’t common in Australia) and they are great to look at.

On the other hand there are the arguments that the cost of keeping the Peacocks is too high, the animals are caged up and people just want to keep them for nostalgia purposes.

Some can counter that Council has no problems with spending because they did spend over $675,000 for a 5 year lease of their shiny, new and portable building when there were other buildings available to use without the major expense.

Yes the Peacocks are kept in an enclosure though some can say that they are given more freedom than animals that are put in cages like budgies, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.

Keeping hold of the past/Nostalgia happens all the time but is it nostalgia or happiness in seeing something you seen before time and time again?

One point raised was about the Peacocks being in the Gardens when Fireworks are going off at Christmas time and it was raised back in December.

When we wrote about the Christmas Party in the Waring Gardens we did write the following;
some locals did have concerns about the safety of nearby pets and animals including the Peacocks and other animals in the Gardens itself.”.

Having Fireworks in the Waring Gardens was probably not the world’s smartest idea, animals hate fireworks and the Peacocks can’t escape the sound of them going off for minutes at a time.

Then you have hundreds of people going through the gardens especially during market times and people wonder about the psychological aspects for the animals, are they happy? are they frightened?

So let’s say the Council carries out what they say they’ll do and move the Peacocks, where will they go?

What if the Peacocks were let go in the middle of the Island Sanctuary? They remain a tourist attraction like the Kangaroos and other animals but on the other hand people will have to be comfortable with the facts there are predators in the animal kingdom out there and we also have to hope that nobody has any evil ideas.

What about having a space about the size of the Community Garden with a high fence and having them there? They can enjoy the sunshine a lot more as it won’t be fully enclosed, they will have a lot more space, food could be prepared elsewhere and cleanup may be less of a hassle.

The next idea going around is having them on a farm or a place the specializes in Peacocks, this can also work but it does mean the locals cannot see them anytime they wish.

There is a solution out there that can be a win-win for everyone’s interests but people have to work together and think together to make it happen instead of discussion breaking down into ‘lefty, greenie, animal lover, you’re cruel to animals,  party pooper’ word exchanges.

Stay tuned readers.

Train arrives to fanfare

February 17 2018

Dozens of Deniliquin residents this afternoon went out to see a passenger train that had arrived as part of a ‘Dash to Deniliquin’ historical train tour.

There was some confusion leading into this afternoon, 707 Operations website had mentioned a plan to have the train arrive at 6:45pm but then they had on their schedule located on the same page an arrival time of 4pm which confused people.

The train looked fantastic with the lead engine in Victorian Railway (VR) colours, VR was what we now know as V/Line and VR was what serviced Deniliquin by rail into the 1970’s.

Two engines and ten carriages made up the train with the carriages made in different decades providing a pure historical journey.

Getting off behind Harvey Norman may not of been the most glamorous disembarking point in rail history but there is no doubt the crowd would of made up for it.

Lots of pictures were taken by both passengers and onlookers and 707 Operations has some available to look at on their page as well as The Lone Railrider who helps shed light on how they managed to get the VR engine to the other end of the train without a turntable.

It is still odd seeing that the end of the rail is just past Harvey Norman when it used to end around 190m further down the road (Google Earth measurement).

The former end of the line site used to have the remains of two rail platforms and a turntable but those are now gone and soon buildings will take their place.

The passengers on the train are at this time of writing in Warragoon at the Long Table Cafe, a cafe that has a reputation for guests receiving fine hospitality and quality dining.

By 6:50pm, the train will reverse and start going back towards the border, hopefully the next train will come soon as trains never fail to draw a crowd and local interest and wishes the trains restarted again.

The loss of the 190m of rail line no doubt makes restoration of rail travel difficult but a daring council together with a sympathic state or federal government can always make use of the many hundred of metres of line that is still in town.

The former platform towards the Railway Hotel measured out to be about 66 metres long (including small building) with the width of the platform coming to about 11 metres or 16 metres including building and a platform theoretically could be replicated along the 500m of track that leads to the Cobb Hwy.

Just imagine the possibility of getting off a train outside Harvey Norman and being whisked to the Cruising Nationals or the Ute Muster by Bus and then catch an afternoon ride home.

We can always dream but for today, rail was back.

The Peacocks will go

February 15 2018

It is the end of the line for the Peacocks when it comes to residing Waring Gardens.

Edward River Council voted in favor of re-homing the Peacocks with the vote being 6 for removal and 3 for staying.

The Peacocks who have resided in Waring Gardens for the last couple of decades have been a must see every time people walk over the footbridge or are about to use the bridge.

1,400 signatures were collected in favor of the Peacocks staying where they are with locals believing the cost required to bring the enclosure up to date in terms of safety and the cost of training people to care for them was worth the tens of thousands of dollars cost.

150 signatures were collected for the removal of the Peacocks and based on the number differential it was expected that People Power would win the day.

By 4pm the mood among locals was one of unhappiness because many believe that the people power has been ignored, that the town has lost a tourist destination and also feel the council would rather spend money on things considered useless.

People are already questioning where our rates which are already considered high are going, our roads are not in the best of shape, our gutters are crumbling, parks are found to have drugs left behind and icons are vanishing by the month.

It is hard to say whether this decision will impact the council when it comes to the next election as it is so far away but council must be reminded that the last Deniliquin Council team was almost wiped out wholesale in the election that decided the composition of the ERC and the same can happen to the current council.


Valentine’s Day Music

February 14 2018

Valentine’s Day is here again and around town Roses, Flowers and Chocolates are making their way from person to person in this day of affection.

For us Valentine’s Day is one of the four days that need some music, the other days are Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day.

There is millions of songs out there, songs like ‘Love Is All Around’ which was first made famous by the Troggs (they recorded ‘Wild Thing’) and then was a hit again for Wet Wet Wet.

Then you got songs by the likes of the Bee Gees, Taylor Swift, Elvis, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon and more, for every song picked there are many more in mind.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily has to be for couples, it could be the day a new relationship begins or it could be the day to express love or affection for people around you or it is a day etc.

Hopefully readers will find something in the videos below.

We end this playlist of love songs with a little bit of humor, the below song needs no introduction.

Happy Valentine’s Day readers.

TAFE campus is getting a new look

February 11 2018

The TAFE campus grounds are getting a makeover with several of its trees along the campus border with Brown Park being cut down to make room for new buildings.

Temperatures in the mid 30’s and periods of high winds did not slow down the cutting down of the trees on Saturday afternoon.

It is great to see that the campus is getting more resources though we will miss the trees that were cut down as they provided not only shade but a place for quiet reflection and on occasion quiet time with significant others.

We will continue to report the progress of the modifications to the TAFE grounds as they come to hand.


Work continues on The Globe

February 10 2018

Work continues on The Globe with the building now looking pretty bare without its veranda/balcony.

Readers will see below three images of the ongoing reconstruction effort and they were taken by our photography wizard Daniel Clark.

This repair work has given us a chance to take a look at the bottom floor as it has changed little over the last century.


It is a little hard to see in the scanned book picture but you can see the bottom of the hotel is virtually exactly the same with the only major changes being to the right hand side with the double doors and wider windows.

Those responsible for the dismantling of the damaged sections of the hotel have done a fine job in the short amount of time that has passed since the damage occurred two and a bit weeks ago.

It is always a relief knowing that nobody was seriously injured or killed when the town was hit by the storm that arrived quickly, packed a punch and departed the area within ten minutes.

We will continue to report on the reconstruction efforts as they come to hand.

Deni Speaks (6/2/18)

February 6 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have asked readers questions on the local economy and what their highlight was from DNS’s array of reports and stories.

How is the local economy going?

It is on a downturn – 40.91%
It is going steady – 31.82%
Anyone got a paddle? – 27.27%
It is thriving – 0%
It is going great – 0%

In terms of the economy is going good vs neutral and going bad, just over 68% of voters voted for the the economy is going bad options with 31.82% going neutral and 0% saying it is either going great or thriving.

Your favourite DNS story of 2017 is……..

Deniliquin’s Hotel History – 35%
Images of Deniliquin – 25%
‘Return and Earn’ – December 1 2017 – 10%
It’s Back!!!!!!! – 10%
Exploring Deniliquin in 2008 – 5%
Shopping revolution coming to Deni – 5%
Deniliquin from the air – 5%
Election Complication – 5%
ERC Election Wrap – 0%
Hunting down the Lyceum Theatre – 0%

Deniliquin’s Hotel History which is our biggest post in terms of word length is the favourite of readers with 35% of voters selecting it.

‘Images of Deniliquin’ which was a look back at historical images of landmarks that are now mostly gone received a quarter of the votes.


Confidence doesn’t seem high from the 22 answers we received and the recent stock market plunge will probably not boost confidence at all but it would be interesting to return to the question in May to see if more people answer and if things get better.

2017 was a good year for DNS, we learned that people loved knowing about events, reading a good joke on April 1 and looking through a history that is slowly fading away in terms of physical traces like the railway platforms that are now gone.

If you have a question you’d like answered and it is tasteful, let us know and we’ll put it up.