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Deniliquin’s old Video Stores

Pinky’s Video

Pinky’s Video was at 214 Cressy Street and the number was 5881 3555.

Video Ezy

Video Ezy was unique as it occupied the floor space of the Regent Theatre, when a movie was on the video shelves would be covered up so they were distracting to the audience watching from above.


Movieland was at Deniliquin Plaza right where Scoop n Brew is now.


Locals used to get their videos over at Purtills on Hardinge Street before Wired moved into the building that used to be a Thrifty Link store.

As technology progressed, video hire came to an end but Wired has continued on by selling a range of goods.

Langman’s Video Vault

Was located at 345 Cressy Street with the phone number 5881 3888.

Movie Mania

Was located in Wellington Place which is in front of the old Tattersall’s Hotel Stable building.

Public Video

Was in Cressy Street and was located in the premises of Deni Electronics, when it was in operation you could rent a player and movies.

Football Results (26/4/21)

April 26 2021

It was a mixed bag of results for both the Rams and the Rovers in the MFL and PDFNL, the teams had a combined total of three wins from eight games.

One team that is surprising in the PDFNL is Yarrowayah, a team that used to be belted fairly regularly has been dishing out beltings so far this year.

Rams Results vs. Cobram

Seniors lost 10.6 – 66 to 5.10 – 40
Reserves won 19.6 – 120 to 2.7 – 19
Thirds lost 7.12 – 54 to 3.3 – 21
Fourths lost 9.15 – 69 to 1.3 – 9

Rovers Results vs. Berrigan

Seniors lost 15.15 – 105 to 5.8 – 38
Reserves lost 7.6 – 48 to 6.4 – 40
Thirds won 30.25 – 205 to 1.0 – 6
Fourths won 16.14 – 110 to 0.0 – 0

Football Results (19/4/21)

April 19 2021

Rovers and Rams Football Results up to April 17 2021

Rovers vs Katunga


Seniors lost 16.14 – 110 to 6.4 – 40
Reserves lost 7.7 – 49 to 3.2 – 20
Thirds won 12.7 – 79 to 5.2 – 32
Fourths won 7.12 – 54 to 5.2 – 32

Rovers vs Yarroweyah

Seniors lost 15.15-105 to 6.11-47
Reserves won 8.13-61 to 2.5-17
Thirds won 23.17-155 to 1.3 – 9
Fourths won 5.10-40 to 1.1 – 7

Rams vs Finley

Seniors won 16.10 – 106 to 8.5 – 53
Reserves won 19.17-131 to 4.3-27
Thirds won 6.14-50 to 5.6 – 36
Fourths lost 14.6-90 to 5.4-34

Rams Results vs Rumbalara

Seniors lost 6.10-46 to 3.5-23
Reserves won 9.8-62 to 8.4-52
Thirds won 12.8-80 to 2.6-18
Fourths lost 7.8-50 to 2.1-13

Rams vs Echuca United

Seniors won 15.12-102 to 4.3-27
Reserves won 25.9-159 to 4.0 – 24
Thirds lost 9.13-67 to 5.4-34
Fourths lost 9.8-62 to 6.9-45

The North Tennis Courts

September 24 2020

Up until very recently, those viewing Deniliquin on Google Earth would of seen the North Tennis Courts from the image taken in 2018 as Google takes a while to present new images of places (street view is even slower).

Now a new 2020 image has been taken of the town and the courts are gone as they are now just remaining in history books and old Google Earth images from 2002 to 2018.

Those who used the courts battled for the facility to survive for a number of years but progress dictated that the space is going to be something new and exciting for the town, at least we certainly hope that is the case.

North School used to use the courts and Edward River Oval for sport and carnivals and now with the courts gone and the oval soon to follow suit, something unique will disappear as DNPS had the two all to themselves for several decades.

Hopefully the game of tennis does not die off in Deniliquin as there are still plenty of grass courts left, it is a fun game once you get the hang of it though it is best played in winter or spring as summer play is mighty uncomfortable.

Sports Talk (12/9/20)

September 12 2020

Due to the virus, Rovers Seniors and Reserves teams in Football and Rovers A Grade, B Grade, C Grade and C Reserves are unable to play in competition this year.

But kids are able to and today was Grand Final Day for the four Rovers sides to make it to the big day.


Fourths lost 12.5 – 77 to 2.2 – 14 (vs Berrigan)


Under 17’s lost 55 to 28 (vs Berrigan)
Under 15’s won 25 to 14 (vs Blighty)
Under 13’s won 27 to 17 (vs Berrigan)


Congratulations to the Under 13’s and the Under 15’s sides for being premiers and commiserations to the Under 17’s as well the Fourths in Football, all four sides had fantastic seasons in a time where there is so much uncertainty in the way we live and they should all be proud of representing Deniliquin so well this year.

We’ll be back soon with a new edition of Sports Talk.