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Sports Talk (19/4/18)

April 19 2018

This weekend is round three in the PDFNL competition and round four in MFNL competition.

The Rovers are hosting Blighty with the winner in the Seniors football match taking home the Warner Tasker Cup, a cup that has been held by Blighty since 2016.

Rovers Fifths will be playing on Oval 3 at 11am.

The Rams are playing host to Barooga who are in the Top 5 when it comes to senior and reserves football.

Google Weather says it should be a mostly Sunny day in town with temperatures reaching 28 by 2pm, winds should be staying around 15km/h.

Below is how the Rams and the Rovers stand after three and two rounds respectively.

Rams Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 15th
Reserves – 13th
Thirds – 2nd
Fourths – 2nd

Rams Netball Ladder Positions

A Grade – 3rd
B Grade – 2nd
C Grade  – 7th
C Reserve – 2nd
17 and Under – 1st
15 and Under – 1st
13 and Under – 2nd

Rovers Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 4th
Reserves – 1st
Thirds – 6th
Fourths – 1st

Rovers Netball League Positions

A Grade – 2nd
B Grade – 8th
C Grade – 11th
C Reserve – 1st
Under 17’s – 9th
Under 15’s – 3rd
Under 13’s – 4th

We’ll be back on Saturday with the results from the Rovers vs Berrigan matches.


The lost signal

April 17 2018

Deniliquin has had an unlucky week with power and communication services.

Saturday’s weather brought on a power outage that while brief for the town lasted for several hours longer for surrounding towns.

On Monday there were reports of TV services being on the fritz though that may of been an isolated case.

Today there were reports of phone service issues and after checking Optus and Telstra’s online service checker, it at first appeared there was nothing wrong.

But if over a dozen people said the same thing then something must of really been up and so this time we checked Vodafone and they  provided the answer that was a problem.

Readers may remember a tower problem happened last year during an AFL Preliminary Final and a NRL Final when locals were unable to watch the games and resulted in us being text commentators for chunk of the games.

Hopefully the tower issue will be solved soon and phone customers will be able to communicate with others again soon.

New call for KFC to return to town

April 1 2018

A new petition has gone up calling on anybody to end Deniliquin’s enduring lack of KFC (no joke).

This year is the eighth year that KFC has not operated in town and locals are still relying on others going to Echuca and bringing back the stuff that contains 11 secret herbs and spices.

Of course it is not just the Chicken, there is their range of Burgers, Chips, Potato and Gravy and many more delights that make peoples stomachs rumble for KFC.

Some would argue that a lack of sales caused KFC’s departure in 2010 but it can be argued back that Deniliquin has changed with kids then are now teenagers and teenagers back then are now adults.

It will also create jobs though some do worry that a return of KFC may have a negative impact on the shops that are not franchises  though the counter to that is that McDonald’s and Subway have not annihilated businesses since their arrivals.

Will this petition succeed? maybe and maybe not but it is always worth a try to state that you want something to come to town as that is how progress begins.

Deniliquin’s New Plan

Napier Street is set to look a whole lot different in the future thanks to a long standing plan to revitalize part of the street and to bring more tourists into town.

The new plan envisions Napier Street’s modern buildings be demolished or their facades modified to resemble building styles from no later than 1960 to tap into the historical market.

This plan has come about after many months of meticulous assessment and then coming to the conclusion that most of Deniliquin’s pre 1960 buildings or replicas of them are still intact in the top section of street making it the perfect place to try get more dollars from tourists.

The old Dublin Hotel is expected live again for the first time since it was closed down in the early 1920’s, future patrons can visit the recreated hotel safe in the knowledge that they won’t get caught and fined for taking away a drink on a Sunday or being on premises after hours like many locals did back in the day.

The Federal Hotel won’t need too much done on the outside as most of it is still looking like it was in the late 1920’s when it got its current day look though the arch (between ‘Hotel’ and ‘Deniliquin’ is now nice and flat.

Deniliquin’s thirst for motoring will be somewhat quenched with the old Deniliquin Motor Company building once again being a hub for cars this time it will be for museum that will showcase some of the makes that used to be sold from that location, the building paint will also be scrubbed off to give it that original look.

The Commonwealth Bank will be approached with hopes their modern signs will be replaced with ones from their past to fit in with the theme and avoid any costly moves to another street.

The town’s large collection of historical photographs will help developers and planners come up with the right mix of building looks to ensure a spectacular look that will please both locals and tourists.

The replacing or modifications to building facades may limit the amount of demolition needed which will save money and the saved money is expected to go towards filling in pot holes and other abnormalities in our roads and footpaths.

It is still unknown whether the section of road that in the buildings area will be closed to give the section a limit on modern technology.


It is also yet to be seen if this idea will be enthusiastically received by the public as people are still pretty miffed about the costs of Christmas, the ERC’s $600,000 portable and leased office and the Visit Deni site whose large cost to make and promote gives tourists places to go that are long shut down.

The starting date for construction to start on this new tourist attraction is never as this is our April Fools Day effort for 2018, thank you very much for reading.

Waiting for rain

March 23 2018

Conflicting weather reports have been frustrating locals as the town waits for much needed rain to fall.

The weather services have frustrated locals over the years, it has rained when there is supposed to be little chance of it and then it doesn’t rain when there is a big chance of it and we’ve been made to look foolish when we report rainfall is on the cards and nothing falls.

Earlier this week there was hopes that there be up to 10mm of rain on Sunday, then it dropped to a maximum of 5mm then 1mm and then back up to 4mm and now sits at 3mm.

We need the rain, at this time last year we received 65.4mm of rain and so far this year we’ve received 19.2mm and most of that came in a single day.

It has not even rained 0.2mm on any day this month as of 11:45am on Friday March 23 and if it continues for the next week it will be the driest March since 0.2mm in 2003.

In 2010 Deniliquin received 139.6mm of rain which stands as the record according to Weatherzone, we would certainly love that 139.6mm.

74% of the Murray is on Drought Watch, 17.5% are OK, 7.9% is recovering and 0.4% is on drought onset.

Deniliquin is part of the 74% that are on ‘Drought Watch’, more details can be found at the Department of Primary Industries’ ‘Combined Drought Indicator‘.

Aside from the rain, people want better weather indicators for locals want to plan for the best and prepare for the worst when it comes to rainfall.

Let us hope that it rains this weekend and more often down the track.

National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) – March 16

March 16 2018

Today is the 8th annual National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) and the message has been spoken loud and clear that Bullying and Violence are unacceptable.

Bullying, we’ve written so much about it and while it may be seen as a tiresome subject to some it is one that pops up again and again because it happens again and again.

For us (writers and thinkers of DNS), the word ‘Bullying’ first came to our attention 20 years ago at North School when a phrase was repeatedly said which was ‘Bullies have a problem’ and those words made people realize that something was happening in the world and that the world wasn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

20 years ago, a student could get bullied from 9am to 3pm, go home, enjoy life and then go back to school, it was tough but people had a chance to get through the day because a student could relax by playing outside or play a video game and have a chance to forget what taken place hours earlier.

These days kids get bullied from 9am to 3pm, they go home and thanks to modern technology they get can bullied from afar via text messages, pictures, videos and memes until bed time and there isn’t really anybody can do about it unless going through legal channels.

Sure a person can turn off all their devices but why should they be deprived of their right to be entertained or to be in contact with those they love? The best advice is to block the people who make it bad and enjoy the people who make things good.

But bullying doesn’t only take place in schools as it also happens in the workplace and bullying in the workplace can have a just as devastating impact compared to what happens in a school.

We all need to be kinder, more thoughtful people, we spend so much time telling people that they are ‘stupid’, ‘dumb’, ‘idiotic’, ‘slow’ and so many other terms and we do it loudly with a flair of superiority because we want to be right and be better than somebody else.

We tell people that they are either too skinny or too fat and have voices that are too high pitched or are too deep.

We criticize how people walk, how they run, how they jump and how they sit and we put expectations on people to be in our own image.

The quest for others to like ourselves can damage a person’s self esteem, make them question their self worth and their faith in humanity.

This damage and internal questioning of themselves can lead to anxiety and/or depression and sometimes the bullying can lead to tragic consequences.

We tell people that they can’t do this and can’t do that when it comes to future careers because they are either male or female or transgender and they don’t fit in the mould people have set for that career.

We wake up every morning and see politicians call each other everything in the book and we see the online comments have a roaring trade that consists of people being called ‘left wing loony’ and so many other descriptions despite many people not knowing what makes somebody fit into any wing, cockpit, tail, fuselage etc of politics.

We see people like President Donald Trump be called everything under the sun because he calls people everything under the sun and this could go back and forth until 2020 or 2024 or the day one side decides that instead of going after the man, we go after his policies or President Trump thinks instead of calling people things like ‘Lying Ted’ he’ll sell his vision of what he wants the United States of America to be to the people.

We are too quick to ‘slam’ the generation that came after us, we compare how one generation lived as youths to the current one and say ‘our generation did this, this and this’ easily and we even call them names like ‘snowflakes’.

But if we swapped generations around you might find that the solutions that worked in the past may be useless in the future and you might even live life exactly the same way as the people you criticize.

When we break up with people we go around and tell people everything that was wrong with the other person and those stories can be exaggerated or they never happened and each side fires back at the other bringing both sides down, making both feeling horrible and downcast perhaps even ruined.

When we or someone we know is being bullied, we must always remember that there are people out there who are willing to listen and are willing to act on what is happening, we must always remember that we are cared about and loved and we are an important piece of peoples lives and vice versa and we need each other.

It is also important to remember words can be used to hurt someone but those words can lose their power if they are ignored by the person coping the abuse, this scene from ‘Road House’ sums it up nicely, virtually the message of the scene is that an insult is made to ‘elicit a prescribed response’.

Another quote that may be of some inspiration is from Winston Churchill at a time Germany was crushing army after army in World War 2, he challenged Adolf Hitler by saying ‘do your worst and we’ll do our best’.

To make that statement fit into what we are saying, it means you can make fun of the way a person walks, runs and jumps as well as talk but they are going to keep walking, they will keep running, they will keep jumping around and they will keep talking and there is nothing you can do about it to stop me.

Of course it must be said that people do insult their friends in jest, you will see it when people compare their batting skills or their karaoke skills and we’re not suggesting to end ribbing between friends as everyone knows there is a line between what is acceptable between friends and what is not.

We may not all get along with each other on this planet of ours but we can always strive to be respectful to each other and keep our thoughts to ourselves or tell people how things are with thoughtfulness, kindness and awareness that what we tell people can be hurtful especially if they are false, exaggerated or untrue.

It is time to end the cycle of people dying because of our words and our actions by teaching people to be nicer and teach people that those who insult us are not worth our time and that their words are meaningless and we’re going to keep on living the best we can.

If you need any help, there are plenty of options including calling the following
Lifeline on 13 11 14
Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800
Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511
National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line on 1800 737 732 Men’s Line Australia on 1300 789 978

Information can also be found on the Deniliquin Mental Health Awareness Group website.

PDFNL and AFL Victoria split

March 7 2018

The PDFNL and AFL Victoria has gone their separate ways after failing to come to an agreement on terms.

AFL Victoria has been fighting with up to seven leagues as they are demanding that each league falls under AFL jurisdiction.

The PDFNL would of been overseen by AFL Goulburn Murray but the PDFNL fears that agreeing to the terms given to them means that AFL Victoria may be able to do what they like, the league would have its hands tied, the affiliation is too open ended and there were issues over financial transparency and privacy.

Leagues can also not make changes to their constitution, bylaws or rules without consent from the commission.

The PDFNL is confident that it can stand alone as it does have insurance and they have found a group to keep stats and other important factors rolling.

It is unknown at this time what clubs will do as it is reported that AFL Goulburn Murray is offering clubs the opportunity to become part of a new league.

A number of fans see AFL Victoria’s demands as overreach by the AFL and they support local leagues fighting for their rights to do things their way as it has been for decades if not over a century.

Deniliquin making a recycling impact

March 5 2018

Yesterday was ‘Clean Up Australia Day’, it is a day that sneaks up on people as it seems that reports of the day get shorter and shorter by the year around the country.

Hundreds of items of rubbish were collected by volunteers, ensuring that the town is tidier than it was before and many thanks should go out to all those volunteers who went out on their Sunday to bring in the rubbish.

There is a change happening in town, people are thinking more about where their rubbish goes and are now working to put it in the right places.

Think about this, if the one ‘Return and Earn’ machine was filled every day in December 15,500 bottles were recycled by the town.

Now there are three machines and if those machines are filled each day that means 46,500 bottles would be recycled in the month of March and any month that has 30 days, 45,000.

December – 15,500
January – 15,500
February – 14,000 (may be higher due to expansion mid month)
March – 46,500
April – 45,000
May – 46,500
June – 45,000
July – 46,500
August – 46,500
September – 45,000
October – 46,500
November – 45,000

15,500 x 2 = 31,000
14,000 x 1 – 14,000
45,000 x 4 = 180,000
46,500 x 5 = 227,500

After twelve full months, Deniliquin has the potential to have recycled 457,500 bottles and at 10 cents a bottle that is a total around $45,750 back in the pockets of locals to spend any way they choose.

457,500 less bottles and cans in landfill and in the Edward River or our parks or Waring Gardens and more.

That is something to be proud of.

Deni Speaks (27/2/18)

February 27 2018

Over the last few weeks we’ve asked questions on the Cemetery, Peacocks and Radio.

The Peacocks have been a popular issue locally recently and the state of the Cemetery has gained interest and radio is also important for locals as people search for the perfect radio station.

Questions Asked

1. Should the ERC immediately get Deniliquin Cemetery cleaned?
2. Do you agree with the decision to remove the Peacocks from Waring Gardens?
3. Have 102.5 and 1521 2QN improved with new owners?


Should the ERC immediately get Deniliquin Cemetery cleaned?

Yes – 96%
No – 4%

Do you agree with the decision to remove the Peacocks from Waring Gardens?

No – 87%
Yes – 13%

Have 102.5 and 1521 2QN improved with new owners?

No they both haven’t improved – 70.97%
Yes 1521 2QN has and 102.5 hasn’t – 12.9%
Yes they have both improved – 11.29%
Yes 102.5 has and 1521 2QN hasn’t – 4.84%


Deniliquin cares about its Cemetery with just over 600 people so far signing a petition calling on the ERC to do something about the state of the cemetery and the 96% to 4% poll backs the petition up.

The pending removal of the Peacocks was not well received by locals and was perhaps the ERC’s first ever major mistake but there is hope for a compromise that can keep the Peacocks in Deniliquin yet give the Peacocks the space for them to move as a lack of space has concerned other locals, there is no shortage of ideas some of which we’ve written down but it all comes to cost, political savvy and agreement.

In the final hours of the voting, the ‘No’ vote was at a peak of 90% before the ‘Yes’ vote clawed back 3% to end on 13%.

1521 2QN and 102.5 have been kicked around recently but many had high hopes that the new owners would turn things around, unfortunately it appears things haven’t turned around.

1521 2QN listeners don’t have to be reminded at the end of each song that it is ‘the new 1521 2QN’ or and listeners to both stations don’t want to hear the same songs played in the same patterns day after day and there is too much focus on Melbourne radio shows.

Perhaps one plus side to everything is that the local ads can be good ones, Big River’s ad is considered catchy although rival agents may not like the line that the competition is ‘slim if any’.

If you have any sensible questions you want asked, let us know and we’ll post it for you.



‘Dash to Deniliquin’ wrap

February 23 2018

Tomorrow will be one week since 110 passengers arrived in Deniliquin by Train to go eat at the Long Table Cafe in Warragoon.

707 Operations has two series of pictures and they can be viewed here and here.

The Lone Railrider has pictures and film of the trip with a short section of the video (shown below) featuring the train and its stay in Deniliquin.

The Deniliquin section starts from about the 9 minute 27 second mark and lasts until the  11 minute and 20 second mark of the video.

Historical train trips get lots of interest with this particular train being filmed by rail enthusiasts along the route, perhaps the interest historic train travel brings may entice the ERC to try bring more rail business to town and figure out how to roll out the red carpet at the current not very glamorous rail stop.