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Deni Speaks (27/6/17)

Questions asked

What is your favourite decade of Music?
Have we lost too much of our local history?
Are you happy with the Ute Muster’s music bill?
Does Deniliquin need a EB Games like store?


What is your favourite decade of Music?

1990’s – 43%
1980’s – 33%
All – 19%
1970’s – 5%

Have we lost too much of our local history?

Yes – 73%
No – 27%

Are you happy with the Ute Muster’s music bill?

Waiting on surprise additions – 52%
No – 43%
Yes – 5%

Does Deniliquin need a EB Games like store?

Yes – 36%
No – 45%
Local stores need to bulk up their games supply – 18%


The music from the 1990’s received the bulk of the votes when it comes readers and it was a great decade that popularity swung between genres from Grunge to Pop, almost one in five voters like a wide spread of music.

Almost three out of every four voters believe that we have lost too much of our local history, it is true that we have lost a lot but the town is getting some of its history back day by day thanks to tireless research and private purchases.

Just over half of our voters believe that they’ll wait for surprise announcements from the Ute Muster before deciding if they like or dislike the 2017 line-up, almost everyone else is not happy with the music line-up with just 5% liking it.

Almost half of voters don’t want an EB Games like store in Deniliquin whilst just over a third do want one and almost a fifth of voters want local stores to bulk up their game supplies, this spread of votes could be handy to a shrewd businessman or businesswoman.

Locals unhappy with Senator

June 23 2017.

Locals are unhappy with Senator Hanson’s comments that Autistic children should be taken out of classrooms.

Deniliquin like every other city and town has people who are in the autism spectrum and so these comments hit home and have hurt deeply and sparking concern of what could happen if Senator Hanson or her party get to play a role in education policy.

Every child on this planet of ours has a right to get the best possible education, they also have the right to be among children their own age, nobody wants to be placed higher or lower than others in the pursuit of the best quality of life.

It will be interesting to see if the thoughts by Senator Hanson will affect her party’s chances in upcoming State and Federal elections as popularity for her party is currently high with the possibility of changing the outcomes for incumbent and aspiring politicians.

The Great Rip Off

June 20 2017

For several weeks we’ve been going through all the historical offerings on eBay wondering what to buy and what to pass on.

Several photographs were seen for sale and interest in them rose until both Deniliquin History in Photos and ourselves realized that the photos selling for $8 and $6.50 apiece (example below) had something wrong.


We discovered that the above as well as several other ones could be looked at for free and even downloaded or printed from the online version of the State Library.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence across the board as replica photos of events or celebrities are offered across thousands of pages and free applications like GIMP and Blender are sold on eBay for a couple of dollars when people could just download them for free.

So when looking online for historical items, make sure they are either the original item or that you are happy with a replica and check around to see if there is a free, legal version of the same item.

Fog settles in

June 19 2017

Fog season has officially arrived and locals are urged to take precautions to ensure no accidents happen on our roads.

Fog lights and low beam headlights should be on to ensure cars are visible to other cars and pedestrians who are out and about in the mornings and evenings.

Readers who visit the local thumbs up/thumbs down groups may have already noticed a rise in reports of drivers driving without the proper precautions and we hope that no readers end up in the Thumbs Down category as some posters can be very descriptive in what they see.

We wish safe travels to all our of our readers, their families and their friends.

Poll Time (14/6/17)

We have four new poll questions covering a range of topics, we apologise for the delay in polling as coming up with questions was harder than expected.

Our four questions are the following;

1. Does Deniliquin need an EB Games like store?
2. Have we lost too much of our local history?
3. Are you happy with the Ute Muster’s music bill?
4. What is your favourite decade of music?

We ask the question of an EB Games store as many local gamers are going to Echuca to get the latest games and local supplies are dwindling, we have said EB Games like store because somebody might create their own unique store and we’ve added an option to tell local businesses to bulk up their stock of games.

After watching what Deniliquin History in Photos has shown the people over the last year, we’ve become aware that so much history has gone from Deniliquin and much of what has been lost was rarely documented and we’re wondering if people agree.

The music bill for the Ute Muster was recently announced, some are happy with it, some are not happy with it, some will pay attention to other things at the Muster and some just shrug because they don’t go to the Muster so it doesn’t bother them.

The last question asks what is your favourite decade of music, is it the 1950’s where Rock n Roll music came alive, the 1960’s that had so much, the 1970’s where music tastes changed often, the 1980’s that gets rated better by the year, the good old 1990’s that swung from rock to grunge to pop, the pop covered decade that was the 2000’s or this current decade or perhaps you love them all.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for new poll questions, we’ll be back with new questions on June 28.

The Coronation Medals

In 1937, The then British Empire had a new King, King George VI.

As part of the celebrations, 1000 medals were distributed at Deniliquin as you can see in the newspaper clip from the Deniliquin Independent (former Deniliquin newspaper).

The Independent also reported that Mayor J.E McFaull also received a medal along with mayors from nearby shires.

Coronation medal.png


Recently a medal became available on eBay and is now back in local hands and it is from either one of the two events.

The medal is smaller than a twenty cent piece making it seemingly too small for a mayor yet it would seem too small for a kid.

It is entirely possible the kids medals were made specifically for the Deniliquin area making this one of them.

If anyone has the exact same medal, please let us know.

Regardless of where it is a mayor medal or children’s medal, It is still a great look at history especially when in that newspaper link you can see details of the movies that were playing at both the Regent Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre (click on highlighted link).


Muster Artists unveiled

News of who will be playing at the Ute Muster has been spreading around the country this past week.

Music favourites (in no particular order) like The McClymonts, Lee Kernaghan, Beccy Cole, James Blundell, Sara Stoner are currently on the bill plus many more artists as can be seen in the poster below.


Already there has been concerns that the performers are pretty much the same as past years and several believe prices are too high leading to the usual arguments about pricing, community support and other things.

Organisers did say in their announcement post they have heard the requests for the muster to get back to its roots and people will be partying on the plains like it is 1999 but we will have to see on September 29 and 30 what the final outcome will be, hopefully for everyone it is wins all round.

Sports Talk (8/6/17)

June 8 2017

The Rams are hosting Echuca United whilst the Rovers are away to play Picola United.

Below is how all the Rams and Rovers sides are travelling after 8 rounds according to all the online ladders.

Rams Football Season Results So Far

Seniors have 2 wins and 6 losses (9th on the ladder)
Reserves have 0 wins, 7 losses and a forfeit (11th on the ladder)
U/17’s have 6 wins and 2 losses (4th on the ladder)
U/14’s have 6 wins and 2 losses (4th on the ladder)

Rovers Football Season Results So Far

Seniors have 3 wins and 4 losses (6th on the ladder)
Reserves have 5 wins and 2 losses (3rd on the ladder)
U/17’s have 5 wins and 2 losses (3rd on the ladder)
U/14’s have 5 wins and 2 losses (3rd on the ladder)

Rams Netball Season Results So Far

A Grade have 6 wins and 2 losses (4th on the ladder)
B Grade have 7 wins and a draw (1st on the ladder)
C Grade have 4 wins and 4 losses (7th on the ladder)
C Reserve have 6 wins and 1 loss (3rd on the ladder)
U/17’s have 4 wins and 3 losses (4th on the ladder)
U/15’s have 8 wins and 0 losses (1st on the ladder)
U/13’s have 6 wins and 2 losses (4th on the ladder)
U/12’s have 7 wins and 0 losses (2nd on the ladder)

Rovers Netball Season So Far

A Grade have 6 wins and 1 loss (2nd on the ladder)
B Grade have 5 wins, 1 loss and a draw (2nd on the ladder)
C Grade have 4 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws (2nd on the ladder)
C Reserve have 4 wins and 1 loss (2nd on the ladder)
U/17’s have 2 wins and 4 losses (6th on the ladder)
U/15’s have 5 wins and 1 loss (3rd on the ladder)
U/13’s have 4 wins and 3 losses (4th on the ladder)


The Rams are currently expected to enjoy Sunny conditions with the weather currently projected to reach 17 Degrees and a moderate chance of Frost with winds of up to 8km/h.

The Rovers are currently expected to be playing in Sunny conditions with a projected 16 Degree forecast with winds expected to be around 16km/h late in the Seniors match.

We’ll be back on Saturday night with all the results

New deal from Deniliquin Florist

June 4 2017

Deniliquin Florist has announced a new deal for their customers.

Any orders placed for flowers to be sent to loved ones and friends at Orana and Navorina will not be charged delivery fees whilst the recipient of the flowers will also be receiving Cadbury chocolates for free.

This deal will no doubt be popular as flowers do brighten up a day and so does the eating of any amount of chocolate.

Deniliquin Florist is currently doing well as their Facebook page is approaching 1000 likes and we hope that they will reach the milestone in the not too distant future.

To get news on all the latest deals and more, please visit their Facebook page (link at top of story) or drop in at 214 Cressy Street between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday’s (closed on Sunday).

Pick 10 for funding chance

Edward River Council has 56 proposals for people in the Council area to consider being funded by the NSW Stronger Communities Fund.

Sadly all the proposals would cost around $20 million dollars to do and there is only 8.6 million dollars to play with so choices have to be made.

Residents have the opportunity to pick up to ten selections they think deserve to be funded.

One proposal that would be of interest to DNS readers is Proposal 52 which reads the following.

Project 52 – Council Pool – Multiply Uses and Increase Users
Pool Complex in Poictiers Street – Convert existing pool complex to indoor facility and add splash pool high quality facilities.
Estimated Cost: $2,000,000 (inc GST)

There are also proposals that concern roads and recycling, two issues that DNS readers feel very strongly about fixing and enacting.

But there is one potential drawback to everything, the most popular proposal is no guarantee of being funding as it comes down to the independently run Stronger Communities Fund Assessment Panel.

Don’t forget that Deniliquin now has to share funding with other towns as part of the Deniliquin Council and Conargo Shire merger so there is no certainty it will be a Deniliquin dominated outcome too.

To vote in the survey, please click here and if you want to read more about the proposals click here, voters have until 5pm on Friday June 9 to submit their answers.