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Review of 2019

Another year ended at midnight last night and it is only fitting to write a report on the year that has gone by.

Mother Nature had been a little bit more kinder to us rain wise in 2019 compared to 2018 but she could of given us more rain as totals were still below the yearly average.

Still the town isn’t doing too badly on the water issue as there are no water restrictions unlike places that have run out or are on water restrictions in other areas of NSW and states like QLD.

It is a different story out on the farms as they are still not getting their fair share of water to keep the farms going and they are vital to the nation and its population, several residents joined the convoy to Canberra in December to protest the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

2019 was the year we said goodbye to the Riverview Motel and the North Tennis Courts as they joined the list of buildings or playing fields that are now gone from the landscape.

We’ve also said goodbye to the Island Sanctuary Footbridge on Cressy Street, this move is controversial as many visitors like to take that entrance instead of any of the other access points.

A portion of Napier Street got revamped and that included both road and footpaths and the rebuild divided locals as some love it and some wish the money was spent somewhere else instead of just a small section of a street.

The long covered up Helsby building window work was uncovered again when NAB departed the building revealing its beauty once more.

Red Rose Diner reopened next door to its old location and Cressy Pizza moved down the street after being in its former location for many years.

The Exchange Hotel and the Coach House both got new owners during the year as both businesses have now continued their long existence for another decade.

The Federal Hotel also got a new owner as the former hotel continued to receive damage from vandals who disrespect empty property and making restoration harder to complete.

It was a good year of sport for Deniliquin as the Rovers had a busy finals campaign, the Rams overall had a good season, the Drovers and Wanderers made Grand Finals in Rugby Union and Soccer and the Rhinos had a good 2019 on the cricket field as they strive for 2020 glory.

Trains have stopped coming regularly into town for several decades now but the Historical Society dusted off recovered parts of the long demolished station to give visitors a partial but informative look at how the station used to be.

2019 saw the town have its hottest December day since December 31st 2005 when it 46.5 degrees on December 20, the previous record was 44.8 degrees.

The town was served every second year of the year by the Naponda Farmers Market and the Lions Market at Waring Gardens with both having large attendances with Naponda on the second and the Lions Market on the fourth week of the month.

The Ute Muster came and went and it was a dry Ute Muster as no rain came down to make it a Woodstock like event though the crowds did not mind as there was plenty of fun and music for all.

Halloween was celebrated at Waring Gardens as well as participating shops and it also brought awareness to mental health as well, a win-win for everybody and it looks like this event will continue for some time to come.

Purtills sold their bus company to Dysons and went out with a bang, not with an explosion of buses but instead fireworks lit up Hardinge Street Oval.

Christmas was celebrated at Waring Gardens with the Christmas Party followed up by Carols by Candlelight, this event is getting popular by the year.

So that’s a small sample of the year that was 2019, what will 2020 bring? stay tuned.


Tennis on the way out

December 17 2019

Tennis is on its way out in Deniliquin as the North Tennis Courts and the Tennis Courts at the RSL Club are on the chopping block.

The ERC have plans for the North site which will serve the tourists to the town well but it is sad that they will be gone.

Tennis bye bye.png

The North courts unlike the ones at the RSL Club or Charlotte Street were not grass courts and gave tennis players choice of surface.

It was easy for North School students to go there to do sport in winter or spring, no bus required as they just needed to walk 430m from the bus stop and they would be at the building.


The RSL Club has six courts as well bringing the total from the two locations to twelve courts.

The word is that a car park will be built in the space, it could potentially double the availability of space that the the club and those around it would have available.

Other courts.png

So in the future, it will be down to the courts on Charlotte Street to keep people who want to do their forehands, backhands, smashes and serves playing around the clock.

Historical Society makes people guess and learn

November 11 2019

Time to time the Deniliquin & District Historical Society puts pictures online and asks people to guess what business it was and it is a lot of fun.

The one that got people thinking lately was one of a newsagency and it looked like there were few clues as the black & white usage makes it harder to identify little deals.

Most of the guesses were around the St George Bank and Sydney House area and at first glance, it looks right but it isn’t.

Marie Loy correctly guessed what it was and it makes a lot of sense when you look closely at the image.

The correct answer is that it is Deniliquin Florist.

The first clue was that to the left of the tree at window height is one of the balls you see on top of the three shops between the Florist and the Pastoral Times.

The second clue is the window border artwork, it is now obscured by the balcony rail that didn’t exist in the time the photo shown by the historical society but at artwork is still there in 2019.

The balcony side wall hides the style of the bricks at the corner of the building making it less obvious but take away that wall and it is clear as day.

So there we have it, a pre 1927 look at the building that is now Deniliquin Florist.

Movies shown at Lyceum Theatre

January 30 2020 (project started May 2019)

This page features a list of movies that were shown at the Lyceum Theatre, unfortunately the list will never be 100% complete due to the destruction of records but we will make the list as complete as possible by going through newspaper archives.

Linked titles will take you to YouTube to view entire movies, clips or trailers so you can have some of the experience at home.

A temporary license to hold open-air picture entertainments adjoining the Lyceum
Hall was granted by Council in February 1912.

The founder of Lyceum Pictures and the skating rink, Mr Samuel MacGavin died in March 1918.

Lyceum Theatre (aka Lyceum Hall, Lyceum Pictureland and Lyceum Pictures)


Sweet Nell of Old Drury


The Adventures Of A Gentlemen Burglar
The Cipher Message
Nero and Agrippina
Kathleen Mavourneen
The Bridge of Terror


The Convict’s Son
War and the Woman
Fighting Death
The Son of Adam
Let ‘er Buck
Kid Ryan’s Hands
With the Australian Forces in Egypt
The Lamb, The Wolf and the Woman
Trey o’ Hearts (1915) – Serial
The loss of the Birkenhead
Square Triangle
The Globe of Death
The Lancashire Lass
The Prisoner of the Owls’ Gang
The Madman’s Secret
Deeds that won Gallipoli
Romance of the Seas
Charlie in the Park
The Jockey of Death
The Master Key (1915) – Serial
Florence Nightingale (1915)

The Fortune Hunter (1916)
Golden Wedding (1916)
A New York Millionaire (1916)
The Mystery of Silistria (1916)
Vanity (1916)
Gretna Green (1916)
Copper (1916)
For Cash (1916)
The Black Box (1916) – Serial
As Ye Sow (1916)
The Lure of the West (1916)
The Flight of a Night Bird (1916)
Snowburner (1916)
Great Silence (1916)
The Pit (1916)
Vultures of London (1916)
Wildfire (1916)
The Pine’s Revenge (1916)
Britain Prepared (1916)
The Purple Iris (1916) – Serial
His Real Character (1916)
The Broken Coin (1916) – Serial
The Martyrdom of Nurse Cavell (1916)
Back to Life (1916)
His Substitute (1916)
Her Hidden Past (1916)
The Man from Argentine (1916)
The Blindness of Devotion (1916)
The Plunderer (1916)
A Wife’s Sacrifice (1916)
Ambition (1916)
The Big Push (1916)

The Yaqui (1917)
Romeo and Juliet (1917)
The Daughter of the Gods (1917)
Peg o’ the Ring (1917) – Serial
The Woman who took the wrong road (1917)
When Kings Meet (1917)
Why Britain went to War (1917)

Swimming the Bristol Channel (1918)
Who is No. 1? (1918) – Serial
The Spy (1918)


Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1919)


A Boy of Flanders
Man Who Fights Alone
The Love Bandit (1925)
The Understudy (1925)
Green As Grass (1925)
Nerve Tonic (1925)
Feet of Clay (1925)
The Heart Buster (1925)
Forbidden Paradise (1925)
The Story Without A Name (1925)
The Fool’s Awakening (1925)
Stay Single (1925)
Safety Last (1925)
Women Men Marry (1925)
Hot Water (1925)
English Gazette (1925)
Wanderer of the Wasteland (1925)
You Can’t Get Away With It (1925)
Getting Gerties Goat (1925)
Travel – Gazette (1925)
Frivolous Sal (1925)
Darwin was Right (1925)
Her Bull and Chain (1925)
Sinners in Heaven (1925)
Don’t Doubt Your Husband (1925)
The Dumb King (1925)
A Thief of Paradise (1925)
In Love with Love (1925)
Mysterious Stranger (1925)
Inez from Hollywood (1925)
Winner Take All (1925)
The City That Never Sleeps (1925)
One Night in Rome (1925)
A Fishy Tale (1925)
Radio Riot (1925)
The Hill Billy (1925)
The Man Who Came Back (1925)
Pie Eyed (1925)
Monsieur Beaucaire (1925)
The Diving Fools (1925)
As Man Desires (1925)
The Desert Outlaw (1925)
Dorothy Vernon (1925)
Haddon Hall (1925)
Shooting of Dan McGrew (1925)
Worldly Goods (1925)
Bright Lights  (1925)
King of the Wild Horses
The Broad Road
Wages of Virtue
Women who Give
Savage Love
Unseeing Eyes
My Husband’s Wives
Deep Sea Panic
Battling Bunyan
The Parasite
Flip Flops
Richard the Lion Hearted
Gerald Granston’s Lady
The Garden of Weeds
Court Plaster
The Ten Commandments 


Miss Bluebeard
Thy Name Is Woman
High Gear
Hold Your Breath
Bad Company
Soul Fire
King of the Turf
Corn Fed
The Thundering Herd
The Sleepwalker
Through the Dark
Curly Top
Girl Shy
Top of the World
Empty Hearts
Oh, what a Flirt
The Spoilers
Gold Heels
Circe, The Enchantress
Somewhere in Wrong
Havoc Havoc
Sky Jumper
In A China Shop
New Lives For Old
Men and Women
Name the Man
Little Robinson Crusoe
The Truthful Liar
The Shock Punch
Salome of the Tenements
Making of O’Malley
The Fool
Quo Vadis
Code of the West
Sackcloth & Scarlet
Welcome Home
North of Nome
Paths to Paradise
The Little French Girl
Madame Sans Gene
The Rainbow Trail
Old Home Week
Wild Horse Mesa
Champion of Lost Causes
The Pace That Thrills
The Painted Lady
Eve’s Secret
Claude Duval
Sally of the Sawdust
Star Dust Trail
Lost — A Wife
The Woman who Obeyed
The Spaniard
I’ Pagliacci
The Gold Rush
Brothers under the Skin
Beautiful City
The Lucky Horse Shoe
A Woman of Paris
The Splendid Road
The Trouble With Wives
The Sky Raider
The Scarlet Saint
The Trail Raider
Peter Vernon’s Silence
When the Door Opened
Prince Royal — The Marvel Dog
The Seven Keys to Baldpate
Brown Sugar
The Street of Forgotten Men
Oh! You Tony
New Brooms
The Shiny Adventure
Lovers in Quarantine
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Love and Sacrifice
The Everlasting Whisper
The Dark Angel
The Sting of the Lash
The New Commandment
Tony Runs Wild
Wild Justice
Memory Lane
Irish Luck
The Faithful Heart
Lord Tim
Merton of the Movies
The Pony Express
The Best Bad Man
The Iron
Air Mail
The Lady
Blows and Dynamite


Hell’s 400
Ransom’s Folly
A Lost Lady
Riders of Mystery
Ella Cinders
High Steppers
If Marriage Fails
Happy Ending
Wandering Fires
Say It Again
The Girl Who Wouldn’t Work
The Shamrock Handicap
The Sporting Lover
His Majesty Bunker Bean
The Greater Glory
Early to Wed
Born to the West
Beau Geste
A Man Four Square
Beggar’s on Horseback
Fascinating Youth
The Duchess of Buffalo
Honesty the Best Policy
Love’s Whirlpool
Blue Streak
Tin Gods
Queen O’ Diamonds
The Great Deception
More Pay, Less Work
Sea Horses
The Bat
Syncopating Sue
The Canadian
The Traffic Cop
Manhattan Madness
So’s Your Old Man
The Dixie Merchant
The Blonde Saint
Stranded in Paris
The Mysterious Stranger
Desert Gold
Forever After
Sir Lumberjack
White Black Sheep
Night Patrol
Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em
The Isle of Hope
Just Another Blonde
Madam Behave
We’re in the Navy now
You Never Know Women
Midnight Lovers
Flashing Spurs
M’Selle Modiste
The Lily
Paradise for Two
The Perfect Sap
The Futurity Winner
The Mysterious Rider
The Great Gatsby
Whispering Smith
The Son of the Sheik
Let it Rain
McFadden’s Flats
When Love Comes
God Gave Me 20 Cents
The Notorious Lady
The Lightning Rider
Cradle Snatchers
Stage Madness
Orchids and Ermine
The Telephone Girl
Winning of Barbara Worth
All Aboard
Without Mercy
Too many Crooks
The Timid Terror
The Cat’s Pajamas
The Show-Off
Forbidden Cargo
The Unknown Cavalier


Three Hours
One Increasing Purpose
Afraid to Love
The College Boob
The Girl of Paris


The Last Gentleman
Toll of the Road
White Death
Country Beyond
Sweet Surrender
The Clairvoyant
She Shall Have Music
Dýe Ken John Peel
Tough Guy

Water crisis

November 2 2019

Australians who tuned into 60 Minutes last Sunday night got a good look at what was happening concerning the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

They saw areas of the Murray full, they saw forests flooded with water and then they saw farms with not enough water to keep crops alive and without enough water there is no income and no jobs and whole towns face devastation as various industries are impacted by departing farmers etc.

Everyone knows that we need forests to be at their best as they need to provide oxygen for this planet of ours as well as other resources and everyone knows that the world needs food and that includes both humans and animals around the world.

There has got to be some form of compromise where the environment can be looked after, the rivers be at a sustainable height and the farmers get their fair share of water in their canals, dams and crops.

Country areas have never trusted the Australian Labor Party, it has always been the Liberals and Nationals but now that is beginning to change.

Recent years have seen the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party winning seats in places that the Nationals had an almost impenetrable grip on for example Orange and Murray in NSW.

Country seats decided the 1999 Victorian Election and they also decided the 2010 Federal Election when Independent MPs both sided with the ALP over the Coalition.

The LNP have had chances over the last decade to make a few small changes to balance everything out as the drought goes on but the longer the inaction goes for and the longer the drought goes on for, the smaller the chances of the Liberals and Nationals winning or retaining seats remains.

It is political suicide to continue to ignore the situation, lives are at stake and we’re not talking about livelihoods but real human lives because the drought is killing people as despair overwhelms even the nicest and the toughest of farmers and their families.

4.6mm of rain has fallen today (November 2 2019) on Deniliquin as of 6:45pm but it is not enough, more is needed but the forecast models don’t give much hope of it coming this coming Summer.

As said before, a few small changes can balance everything out and get people going but the Government needs to have the courage to make those changes and right now it doesn’t look like that they’ve got it.