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Sports Talk (1/6/19)

June 1 2019

It was just the Rams in Football and Netball action today as they traveled to Moama to take on the Magpies.

Below are the results separated into the categories of Rams Football and Rams Netball.

For those for follow the Soccer, the Wanderers won last Sunday against Hanwood 5-1 and their next listed opponent is Yoogali.

Deniliquin Drovers tied with Wagga City in their Rugby Union match, the final score was 12-12.

Rams Football Results

Seniors won 7.15 – 57 to 7.8 – 50
Reserves won 7.6 – 46 to 6.7 – 43
ThirdsĀ  won 5.2 – 32 to 3.5 – 23
Fourths won 4.9 – 33 to 3.3 – 21

Rams Netball Results

A Grade lost 49 to 27
B Grade lost 46 to 35
C Grade won 57 to 37
C Res won 53 to 32
17 and Under won 39 to 28
15 and Under won 51 to 17
13 and Under won 28 to 20
11 and Under won 22 to 7


The Rams Football sides achieved a clean sweep with all four sides winning, it was hard work as all four sides won by under 10 points.

Rams Netballers won six out of the eight matches played today.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.


Demolition continues

May 31 2019

The former Riverview Motel continues to fade into oblivion as Murray Constructions P/L continues on with their work.

Below are comparisons between the Motel standing in 2008 and the current state of demolition in 2019.


In this now and then, below in 2019 you see no buildings behind the fence but in the 2008 image below you do.


A little bit further up is the area presented in the two pictures below.


Above the garden is gone, check out the Kevin Mack sign on the fence, he came second in polling for the seat of Farrer in the 2019 Federal Election.

Below is the Motel in all it’s glory, it is always nice to look back on Google Earth to see how things were.

Pic 2.png

Napier Street works well underway

May 27 2019

Work on Napier Street is well underway and opinions are mixed on this action.

Some wish that the money spent on Napier Street was spent on something else, some wish that the rural street remains looking like a rural street and not some fancy suburban estate and some think the work is absolutely needed in these challenging times.

The ERC has been busy in Deniliquin with a number of projects started or completed in the last twelve months and it will be interesting to see if the hard work translates into votes in 2020.


As you can see the two above pictures are from the the Cressy Street side of the works, the fences are up and the road is largely dug up.


The above two images are taken from the Edwards Street side of the work and you can see more detail of the road and workers hard at work.

Businesses are still open as the footpaths aren’t blocked off so nobody needs to worry about the prospect of not being able to visit banks and other businesses.

We’ll keep readers updated on how the work is progressing over time.

Sports Talk (25/5/19)

May 25 2019

Both the Rams and the Rovers were in action today with the Rams playing Tungamah and the Rovers playing Waaia.

Below are the results separated into the categories of Rams Football, Rovers Football, Rams Netball and Rovers Netball.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 13.6 – 84 to 9.14 – 68
Reserves lost 13.7 – 85 to 6.5 – 41
ThirdsĀ  won 7.12 – 54 to 1.1 – 7
Fourths won 27.16 – 178 to 0.0 – 0

Rovers Football Results

Seniors lost 15.14 – 104 to 14.9 – 93
Reserves won 8.8 – 56 to 6.4 – 40
Thirds won 12.9 – 81 to 5.1 – 31
Fourths won 16.20 – 116 to 0.0 – 0

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 60 to 25
B Grade won 67 to 14
C Grade won 89 to 14
C Res won 55 to 16
17 and Under won 47 to 40
15 and Under won 62 to 23
13 and Under won 34 to 5
11 and Under won 30 to 6

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 46 to 33
B Grade lost 41 to 21
C Grade lost 57 to 21
C Res lost 41 to 21
17 and Under lost 30 to 28
15 and Under lost 28 to 19
13 and Under won 34 to 8


The Rams Football had a mixed bag of results with two wins and two losses.

Rams Netballers achieved a clean sweep by winning all eight matches

The Rovers Footballers won three out of four matches.

The Rovers netballers had a tough day with Waaia winning five of the seven matches.

Don’t forget be at Rams Oval by 11:45am tomorrow (May 26) as the Front Bar film crew will be there to film Deniliquin’s now famous vet being given a lap of honour, there will also be a BBQ.

Also don’t forget at 1pm tomorrow is the Deniliquin Wanderers taking on Hanwood at Rotary Park, this is important as it is the Wanderers first home game since making their comeback as a standalone team.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.

Wanderers are back

May 19 2019

The moment was delayed by a week but today was the day that the Deniliquin Wanderers were back playing Football/Soccer as a standalone club again.

Unfortunately the day didn’t end with a Wanderers victory with Yoogali winning the match 4-1.

While the loss may be disappointing, there is no doubt that the Wanderers are looking forward to next week’s game against Hanwood Football Club which will be the Wanderer’s first home game of the season.

This upcoming game was to be the second home game of the season but as the May 12 match against Yoogali was postponed, this game is now the home opener.

So if you want to catch some sport action on a Sunday then please consider watching the Wanderers in action this Sunday.