The brief venue confusion

September 1 2017

There has been a little confusion over the last day when listed the Rovers Preliminary Finals matches were being played in Deniliquin whilst the Football was being played at Berrigan.

Eventually it was figured out it was Berrigan where all the action is going to take place tomorrow and not Deniliquin as listed on the link above.

Mistakes do happen and we’ve been caught out a few times when times have been listed wrong mostly game starting times when we were new to writing about Netball but when we go down the wrong path we quickly fix it.

We just hope the below video does not happen to any Rovers players (Rams too) tomorrow for nobody wants it to happen during finals.

How would the above sound locally, something like below;

“I think how lucky I am to be a Deniliquin Rovers (Rams) player and how fortunate I am to have a great sponsor like NAPA Auto Parts because NAPA understands quality and value and the importance of having a friendly, knowledgeable staff and at the times like this looking around the empty stands and listening to the silence of the bench that I realize………I’m at the wrong court!”.

It might actually make a great parody video someday.

Fun Facts: The guy in the video is Michael Waltrip, Michael’s brother Darrell voiced Darrell Cartrip in Cars 1 and 3, the Waltrip brothers won 88 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup wins (84 are Darrell’s), three Daytona 500’s (two are Michael’s), three NASCAR championships (all Darrell’s) and Darrell most likely had the weirdest celebration in NASCAR history.


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