Latest ERC Election news

September 1 2017

We are just over a week away from the Edward River Council election and things are starting to get busy.

Making the rounds of local social media is a post from Norm Brennan’s page that he has announced that four ex Conargo Shire Councillors in Mac Wallace, Nick Metcalfe, Peter McCrabb and himself have banded together to deliver a united message to voters.

The message is that Conargo Shire was debt free for 20 years, had high community satisfaction, all four men are sound financial managers, they shown the required balance between infrastructure and growth and more.

Meanwhile on ‘Peta Betts VOTE 1 Edward River Council‘ page, the page has been well updated with Peta’s achievements and she has told people what her agenda and platform are.

On the ‘Vote 1 Rob Sobolewski‘, Rob has talked up having a Dog Park for Deniliquin as well as mentioning well equipped Family & Sports Facilities, Recycling, Arts & Culture and the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Pete Robinson‘s page has a bunch of videos in which he states his views on many issues including removing the power lines from the War Memorial to Town Hall, working on Napier Street, unblock the views of the Edward River and more.

Andrew Howley‘s page doesn’t have much but he was on the previous Deniliquin Council that improved the financial balance by 3.3 million dollars in just three years.

Pat Fogarty has posted on DNS to state the following;

“With a few years a local government experience and a well developed business logistics, I’m confident I will deliver upon the communities expectations.
Top priorities for me are to explore diverse opportunities for both our urban and rural environments, join with the community to develop our Community Plans to enable a strategic pathway forward, review our assets and determine a priority listing for future development, ensure our fiscal position remains strong, investigate recycling options, and support the staff team with the final step of the merger process”.

Hopefully the above will help in some way towards making a decision on September 9 and we will continue to report on the latest as it comes to hand.


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