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2QN from afar

AM Radio can be wonderful, you can pick up stations hundreds of kilometres away which is nice if you want to see how your old town is doing news and shops wise.

YouTube user dxer22000 tuned in to 2QN from Numeralla which is 403km away from Deniliquin and just 70km from the NSW coast and got a pretty good signal.

The video sample has ads from the Deni Golf Club, C.O.P.S, ¬†Ash Cycles and Deblu’s Adult Warehouse.

The best of the four ads is the Ash Cycles one as it is cleverly acted out though Deblu’s is notable for having lots of sound effects to keep the ad radio friendly.

2QN has been known to get picked up as far as the outskirts of Brisbane on a good night though one has to put their ear close to the speaker to pick out what is being said.

AM Radio, the format that keeps interesting people even if they don’t like their local station format.


The joys of Radio

Radio is important to Deniliquin and the town is fortunate to have two radio stations to mostly satisfy local listener needs.

102.5 on the FM band and 1521 on the AM band are the two stations of choice and have been serving the local population for decades.

102.5 is now known as The Edge but before that time it was also known as ‘Classic Rock 102.5’ and played great rock music and other genres before going away from the classics and into the more trendy market.

1521 on the other hand has mostly been talkback shows from the major cities with a little music sprinkled into the mix with the weekends being a feast of hit music from various decades.

On a good night 2QN can be picked up as far as suburbs just kilometres from Brisbane and perhaps even further, for those who miss Deniliquin it is comforting when picking up words like ‘George Street, Deniliquin’ through the static of AM radio.

Some may say a Triple J like station is needed to satisfy the youth of the area as well as promote the local music scene, there is no denying that Deniliquin has had success in finding music talent but haven’t found the means to get them somewhere without the talent going into city areas to try their hand in the big game.

It should also be said that it is still a great thrill for people to get their music on the airwaves compared to music being streamed or being in an online store.

While iPod’s and phones can provide a customized playlist, there is nothing better than a radio station that gives you the hits and information whilst you go about your daily business.