There’s a what parade?

Deniliquin has many streets, lanes and parades but most only need to know a select few by name to get to where you’re going for example you need to know places like Hardinge, Harfleur, Henry, Wood, Sloane, Victoria, Davidson, Cressy, George and Napier Street.

Of course there are street names that amuse kids and those who like a laugh though those streets were innocently named after mostly local historical figures and not to make people laugh.

Some locals may not know that Deniliquin actually has a place called Pee Parade, no joke readers because on the map clear as day is Pee Parade, if you don’t believe us just put in Pee Parade Deniliquin in Google.

Why would somebody call a place Pee Parade? Maybe they got a sense of humour, maybe they just like Pee Wee Herman whatever the reason it exists and appears to be the only Pee Parade in the world.


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