DNS records 10,000th hit

This afternoon, DNS recorded it’s 10,000th hit on it’s website and that is a figure that was never dreamed about.

Why? Because in late 2014 we had 30 hits, 2015 received 60 and 2016 would of been a win if 120 was reached because we would of doubled the total of the previous year.

No single person is responsible for DNS getting to this milestone of 10,000, it takes several people just to get things rolling every single day, we are a news blog but we take ourselves seriously apart from April 1 of course and that what we pulled off on April 1 this year was a good one.

So to celebrate 10,000 hits, below is some of DNS’s favourite stories from the 178 (including this one) that has been published over time.

Inspiration found on Running Track

This story started off our 2016 surge, It was believed only a few would read it and it would fade away but it got peoples curiosity and suddenly people wanted to know what DNS was and it was absolutely bewildering.

The best thing about this story was that it brought awareness to Little Athletics and also shows how good Humanity is when something wonderful happens.

Flashback to the Art Expo

This story wasn’t really seen but it was nice to recount what happened last year, the Certificate 1 Access to Work and Training class really worked hard and it is good somebody recorded events so it doesn’t end up in oblivion.

Class of 2004 came home this month

DNS started with this story, the DHS Class of 2004 reunited on one hot November afternoon and it was an amazing time for pretty much everyone at both DHS and The Exchange and so it is good thoughts were written down about it for ten year reunions only happen once.

A New School Era Set for 2017

This story is probably our best one because we had to research the heck out of everything to make sure everything added up because you don’t want to write garbage and well everything added up in the end.

Noodle store a hit

This story was a ‘Will anyone read this?’ kind of stories, the opening of a Noodle store doesn’t seem like a big deal but it turns out it was a very big deal because people still read it every month probably because the story has the phone number to Papa’s Rich Noodle.

Those five stories are our favourites though many more could make the list for one reason or another like the stories on demands for a Cinema, our updates on the Blue-Green Algae situation, What resources Deniliquin needs, the better than average rainfall and more.

177 stories were written to get to 10,000 hits, the site has identified there has been 7,085 visitors and April 4th was the best ever day that DNS had with 807 views in a single day.


Thank you to everyone who has visited, thank you to everyone who has commented, thank you to everyone who make sure that stories make sense because without you all DNS wouldn’t be able to be any good for the people who read what is said every day.

Now the journey to reaching six figures has begun, will we make it there someday? Stay tuned.


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