Thefts worry residents

Thieves are starting to cause concern for Deniliquin residents as locals have been reporting thefts of items.

Houses have been broken into, a BMX bike was taken from the High School, A Caravan has been stolen and so too has a Dirt Bike and residents are starting to get really angry at what is happening around them.

Residents both young and old are affected by the thefts and it is wrong that people have to be put through pain and misery because somebody thinks it is better to steal something to own than buy something to own.

It is sad to think that Deniliquin residents will soon have to become really protective of their possessions as thieves seem to have no problems with taking anything that is not bolted down.

DNS hopes that all of our readers do not have anything stolen from them in the future, please make sure all possessions are secured as best as possible to ensure they are never taken away.

We hope that all these thefts stop, the thieves face justice and we hope that the stolen items be returned to those who truly own them.



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