Class of 2004 came home this month

Deniliquin High’s Class of 2004 returned home on November 8 to mark the tenth year since the end of their school lives, the day started with a school tour in which some of the year group attended, while the school may look remarkably similar to 2004 on the outside it was certainly different on the inside with several rooms being altered, new technology added and the inner gardens expanded upon.

A big turnout happened for the night event at The Exchange, for those who were under 18 in 2004 it was their chance to experience a celebration with their classmates while those who were unable to attend the 2004 graduation for various reasons were able to experience the celebration.

Those who attended were able to look at various yearbooks from 1999 to 2004 which proved a snapshot of how the year group changed in from year group composition to the changes in weight, height and hairstyles, attendees were also given the opportunity to pose with a foam made replica Instagram post.

The conversations were flowing all night and so were all kinds of drinks which no doubt pleased The Exchange and it probably made them wish the Class of 2004 returned home every night of the week but a big gathering is not expected until 2019 or 2024 although with Deniliquin being home to many gatherings can happen anytime and anywhere.

IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1221


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