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Elder’s YouTube Channel

Ever wanted to see what sheep and cattle Elders will be offering in future sales? Now you can by visiting their YouTube channel.

Visitors will see a series of short videos of sheep and cattle of all sizes, shapes and in the cows case colours.

So far there are no subscribers to the channel but those in the business may find it handy to subscribe to it in order to keep tabs on what is being offered when a good inspection is not possible due to either distance, time or weather.

We will check in later on to see what comes up on the channel.

102.5’s Father’s Day competition

Listeners of 102.5 as well as visitors to their FB page are learning about  a competition that will have a winner check themselves, another adult and two children in at Big4 Deniliquin for a stay that lasts from Friday September 1 to Sunday September 3.

All that is required is going online and answering the question ‘What would your Dad love to do most?’ as well as putting in your details like name, email, postcode and phone number.

Visit the competition page here and fill it in before 5pm Thursday August 17 and the winner will be drawn the next day.

Good luck readers.

ERC Election field packed with experience

More details are coming up on the candidates for the Edward River Council election held on September 9.

As noted over the last week, many of the candidates are from Deniliquin with several having experience with the late Deniliquin Council and one at Hay Shire.

The candidates below wrote down their experience in councils;

Peter Connell – 11 years Deniliquin Council
Andrew Howley – 3 years at Deniliquin Council
Robert Sobolewski – Deniliquin Council
Airlie Circuitt – Hay Shire
Sue Taylor – Former Mayor & Deputy Mayor (Deniliquin Council)

Candidates have a range of occupations including Dentistry, Real Estate, Farming, Automotive and Irrigation which are all bonuses for the local area.

At present the political winds of our nation seem to blow in the direction of change, the established types are challenged by inexperienced but full of ideas citizens, whether this wind will blow through the ERC remains to be seen.

To find out more about the candidates, visit the candidates section of the NSWEC website and select ‘Local Government Councillor Candidates by Area’ followed by Edward River to get all the details.

Coach House given Three Stars

August 7 2017

Best World Hotels has listed the Coach House as three star accommodation in their most recent video on Deniliquin’s Hotels/Motels.

The 1 minute 46 second video was made in June with the video showing a montage of photos whilst telling viewers in writing all about what the Coach House has to offer.

Everything that is written in the video ticker is also written in the video description which is good for those who can’t get all the information in the brief time it is displayed.

The downside of the video is that the photos don’t come out in sharp quality but overall the video is informative and should be helpful to any people looking up accommodation online.

Best World Hotels have also made videos on Rivina Motel, Centrepoint Motel, Country Club Motor Inn, Big4, Riverview Motel, Settlement Motor Inn and Deniliquin Motel over the last six months.

Sports Talk (5/8/17)

August 5 2017

The Rams were away against Moama whilst the Rovers were away to Tocumwal.

Results as usual are split into the categories Rams Football Results, Rovers Football Results, Rams Netball Results and Rovers Netball Results followed by our conclusion where we tally up the wins to see if the Rams and the Rovers win the day overall.

Pictures from the Deniliquin vs Tocumwal matches can be seen at Winding Creek Photograph & Art.

Rams Football Results (vs. Moama) 

Seniors lost 14.12 – 96 to 10.5 – 65
Reserves lost on forfeit
U/17’s lost 6.6 – 42 to 6.5 – 41
U/14’s lost 10.7 – 67 to 2.2 – 14

Rovers Football Results (vs. Tocumwal)

Seniors won 11.10 – 76 to 10.9 – 69
Reserves won 11.10 – 76 to 2.0 – 12
U/17’s won 12.10 – 82 to 5.7 – 37
U/14’s lost 10.7 – 67 to 1.4 – 10

Rams Netball Results (vs. Moama)

A Grade drawn 42 all
B Grade won 47 to 35
C Grade lost 44 to 24
C Reserve won 31 to 24
U/17’s won 25 to 24
U/15’s won 31 to 27
U/13’s won 25 to 24
U/12’s won 38 to 16

Rovers Netball Results (vs. Tocumwal)

A Grade lost 55 to 48
B Grade won 45 to 43
C Grade won 41 to 39
C Reserve won 29 to 21
U/17’s lost 34 to 18
U/15’s lost 39 to 20
U/13’s won 30 to 27


The Rams Football sides had a tough day, losing three matches and forfeiting a fourth.

The Rams Netball sides won the day overall with six wins from their eight matches.

The Rovers Football sides won the day with three wins from their four matches.

The Rovers Netball sides won the day overall by winning four of their seven matches.

We’ll be back next Saturday with all the Round 18 (Rovers) results.

Look out for Walking Stick Mick

July 27 2017

A man named ‘Walking Stick Mick‘ is currently in the middle of a journey, a journey of self discovery to battle his personal demons.

Walking Stick Mick left Camperdown on June 20 and is now at this time of writing in Echuca with the intention of meeting a swagman around Deniliquin who has been walking the local roads for the last 40 years.

If you see Mick walking along the roads to and from town, stop and ask if he needs a drink to keep him hydrated between towns as he continues on his journey of self discovery.

To be updated on his progress, please click on the link at the top to be taken to his group page where members can read about how things are going as news comes in.

We wish Mick a safe journey and may he find all the answers to defeat his demons.

Poll Time (26/7/17)

July 26 2017

After a two week break, Poll Time is back with new questions

Deniliquin’s favourite local sport is…..

What is Deniliquin’s favourite local sport? Is it true that Aussie Rules is #1 or is there another local sport that grabs the masses attention?

Was the Major Projects Program cash spread out right?

8.6 million dollars was spread out throughout the ERC with Deniliquin getting the bulk of the cash but was that cash given to the right places? click here for the full funding spread.

If Deniliquin could get a third radio station, you’d want to hear….

People are still very unhappy with 2QN and 102.5 but it is too soon to again gauge the displeasure of their playlists so what if there was a third radio station, what would you desire music wise to put you in the radio listening mood?

(Adding own answer allowed, be sensible)

Sports Talk in Spring/Summer should….

Right now we cover the Rams and the Rovers Football and Netball adventures, would readers want Sports Talk to continue with something on throughout Spring and Summer or think we should take a rest after covering the two sports until Autumn.

Polls close on Tuesday August 8 and revealed on Deni Speaks the same day.

Intereach’s new training program

July 18 2017

Locals who are interested in giving Youth Mental Health First Aid to those who need it will get the chance to learn how in August.

Intereach are running two training sessions that go for two days each, it is compulsory for participants to attend both days of their chosen session.

The two sessions are to teach people how to give initial help to youth who are experiencing mental health problems in a mental health crisis situation or to give help to those who are in the early stages of a mental illness.

The first session will be running on Wednesday August 9 and Thursday August 10 from 8:45am until 5pm on both days.

The second session will be running on Sunday August 6 and Sunday August 13 and runs from 8:45am until 5pm on both days.

Places in both sessions are limited and to ensure your place please RSVP Nicole before August 4 by either emailing her at or by texting 0455 381 197.

Readers are advised that this is structured training and is not a counselling course or support group.

Sports Talk (13/7/17)

July 13 2017

The Rams will be away to Finley and the Rovers will be hosting Strathmerton.

Below is how all the Rams and Rovers sides are travelling after 12 rounds for the Rams and 13 rounds for the Rovers according to all the online ladders.

Rams Football Season Results So Far

Seniors have 4 wins and 8 losses (8th on the ladder)
Reserves have 0 wins, 11 losses and a forfeit (12th on the ladder)
U/17’s have 10 wins and 2 losses (4th on the ladder)
U/14’s have 9 wins and 3 losses (3rd on the ladder)

Rovers Football Season Results So Far

Seniors have 5 wins and 6 losses (6th on the ladder)
Reserves have 8 wins and 3 losses (3rd on the ladder)
U/17’s have 8 wins and 3 losses (3rd on the ladder)
U/14’s have 9 wins and 2 losses (2nd on the ladder)

Rams Netball Season Results So Far

A Grade have 8 wins and 4 losses (5th on the ladder)
B Grade have 9 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws (4th on the ladder)
C Grade have 5 wins, 6 losses and a draw (8th on the ladder)
C Reserve have 8 wins and 2 losses (3rd on the ladder)
U/17’s have 6 wins and 4 losses and a draw (5th on the ladder)
U/15’s have 10 wins and 2 losses (2nd on the ladder)
U/13’s have 7 wins and 5 losses (6th on the ladder)
U/12’s have 9 wins and 2 losses (3rd on the ladder)

Rovers Netball Season So Far

A Grade have 9 wins and 2 losses (2nd on the ladder)
B Grade have 9 wins, 1 loss and a draw (1st on the ladder)
C Grade have 6 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws (3nd on the ladder)
C Reserve have 9 wins and 2 losses (2nd on the ladder)
U/17’s have 5 wins and 6 losses (5th on the ladder)
U/15’s have 7 wins and 3 losses (3rd on the ladder)
U/13’s have 5 wins and 6 losses (5th on the ladder)


Current weather projections have 12 degree temperatures in Deniliquin whilst Finley gets the same treatment and winds about 13km/h

We’ll be back on Saturday night with all the results from the days games.


Deni Speaks (11/7/17)

July 11 2017

For the last two weeks, we ran four polls on our website with questions on Business,  DNS, Politics and the MDBP.

Questions asked

Business in the local area is…..
How are you doing for you?
As we head towards elections, which party is looking good for your vote?
Has the MDBP done any good for locals?


Business in the local area is……

Sparse in a couple of places otherwise OK – 73%
On a downturn – 18%
Looking steady shops wise – 9%
Looking great, let the good times roll – 0%

How are you doing for you?

Great – 60%
OK – 20%
Bad – 10%
Time to Give Up – 10%

As we head towards elections, which party is looking good for your vote?

One Nation – 27%
ALP – 23%
Libs/Nats – 18%
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party – 9%
Independents – 9%
Other Parties (Sex Party etc.) – 9%
Donkey Vote – 5%

Has the MDBP done any good for locals?

No it has not- 78%
Giving it more time – 17%
Yes it has – 6%


The majority of voters say they think things are going OK for local business though no voters believe that things are looking great and 18% believe things are on a downturn which might concern some people.

The majority of voters think that DNS is doing great at the moment, this is very pleasing especially after opening ourselves up to potential heartbreak or disappointment though we do need to improve with 40% of voters thinking we’re doing OK, bad or want us to give up.

Our political poll has shown that people are happy to take a chance on One Nation whilst the ALP might have their foot in the door and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party might want to start whispering in the ears of locals as there is support out there.

Those in the minor parties might want to get to work right away as people do like those who are working for local interests around the clock compared to somebody who comes along when it is election time.

Unhappiness with the Murray Darling Basin Plan continues with a large majority believing it has not done a thing whilst most of the remaining voters are waiting to see if any improvement happens.

New poll questions will be available tomorrow, if anyone has sensible questions that want polled please let us know.