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1980’s Deni RSL Coasters

July 8 2018

Those who like to collect Coasters can grab 17 Deniliquin RSL coasters for $12 (including P&H).

The 17 appear to be from throughout the 1980’s and we purchased one of the sets to scan ten of them so you can see them in detail.

The best ones to us are the Christmas ones though the Bicentennial one was pretty nicely designed.

As mentioned earlier, these and others can be grabbed for $12 all up but keep your eyes out as you could see them without a buy it now price and may win an auction at $6 including P&H.

We hope that you enjoy what you see below.



Sports Talk (23/6/18)

June 23 2018

Both the Rams and the Rovers were in action today with the Rams playing Shepparton East and the Rovers playing Mathoura at home.

In Rugby Union action, the Deniliquin Drovers played Griffith today at Rotary Park and were narrowly defeated 24 to 22.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 10.7 – 67 to 4.10 – 34
Reserves lost 11.11 – 77 to 6.6 – 42
Thirds won 22.17 – 149 to 2.1 – 13
Fourths won 17.19 – 121 to 0.2 – 2

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 20.23 – 143 to 6.6 – 42
Reserves won 23.16 – 154 to 0.0 – 0
Thirds DNP as Mathoura has no Thirds
Fourths won 30.9 – 189 to 0.1 – 1

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 62 to 23
B Grade won 58 to 43
C Grade won 45 to 40
C Res won 53 to 38
17 and Under won 53 to 19
15 and Under won 62 to 17
13 and Under won 10 to 0
11 and Under had the bye

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 59 to 28
B Grade won 42 to 41
C Grade lost 50 to 38
C Res won 38 to 31
17 and Under won 48 to 37
15 and Under won 47 to 31
13 and Under lost 22 to 9


The Rams Footballers shared the honours with Shepparton East with two wins apiece for the day.

Rams Netballers won all seven of their matches that were played today.

The Rovers footballers won the day by winning all three of their matches.

The Rovers netballers won the day by winning five out of the seven matches played.

Rams A Grade team topped scored with 62 goals whilst the Rovers Fourths kicked 30.9 in their massive win.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.

Vinnies NSW Community Sleepout – June 21

June 19 2018

A major fundraising effort is underway for the Vinnies NSW Community Sleepout.

Around 22 locals and businesses will be sleeping in Cressy Street on a predicted 2 degree night to raise the awareness for homelessness particularly in rural areas.

So far $7,864 has been raised online leaving $2,136 to before reaching their target of $10,000.

This fundraising effort again demonstrates Deniliquin’s willingness to donate their time and money to causes that will do good for the people around them.

The sleepout is considered an eye opening experience and the experience heightens the urgency to end homelessness that grips our area in these uncertain times of low rainfall and economic instability.

To donate to the fundraiser please click on this link.

Sports Talk (16/8/18)

June 16 2018

It was just the Rams in action today with the Rams playing host to Numurkah.

Meanwhile in Rugby Union action, the Deniliquin Drovers were back in action after a two week break and they played Wagga Ag at Rotary Park, the final result was a 91-0 win to the Drovers.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 20.14 – 134 to 3.7 – 25
Reserves won 5.6 – 36 to 4.3 – 27
Thirds won 6.7 – 43 to 3.2 – 20
Fourths lost 8.12 – 60 to 1.1 – 7

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 57 to 29
B Grade won 37 to 14
C Grade won 36 to 34
C Res won 45 to 23
17 and Under won 35 to 27
15 and Under won 59 to 16
13 and Under won 36 to 10
11 and Under won 21 to 4



The Rams Footballers had a mixed day but it was great news for the Rams Reserves as they scored a long awaited victory.

Rams Netballers rebounded from last week in the best way possible by winning all eight matches played today.

The Rams 15 and Under side top scored with 59 goals in their netball game whilst in football the Rams Thirds topped scored after kicking 6.7 – 43 in their win.

If you’ve got a sports competition going and you want to add it to Sports Talk please inbox us on FB by 4pm every Saturday.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.

Noisy Street Design – June 2018

June 5 2018

Noisy Street Design have released several videos on YouTube in the last couple of months.

Overall they have made 42 videos and these videos cover a wide range of areas from music videos to promotional videos.

Viewers will see music videos by Gomer and The Girl, Anna Bowie, Ruby Saltbush, Zara Lindeman and Chris Bodey as well as Zara singing with Shane McGrath.

Viewers will see videos for Murray Irrigation, Speak Up for Water (2018), IntereachChannel 4 Change, Country Wedding and Event Hire, Cosy Camping, Deni Uke Muster and more.

To see the full range of videos, please click here.

All the videos are extremely well made with great use of camera technology and sharp video quality that doesn’t miss out on all the finer details which is very important for businesses who want to look their best.

They also make websites and examples of their work include Channel 4 Change, Hair Desir, Moira Station, Local Dental Clinics and more.

They also make books, flyers, business cards and more, all these are quite handy for local businesses and events.

So if you need something done that is graphic like a Book, A website like their very own, posters or flyers for an event or a video like the examples that linked above then visit Noisy Street Design at 208 Cressy Street right next to the Florist.

Deni Speaks (31/5/18)

May 31 2018

Over the last couple of weeks, we have asked readers their opinions on a couple of questions on Live Exports, Scott’s Park and Recycling.

Below are the results of the three polls.

Should Live Exports be phased out/banned?

Yes – 81%
No – 19%

What do you think of the Scott’s Park  – BMX Park Concept Masterplan?

Like It  – 54%
Dislike It – 31%
It’s OK – 15%

Will Ipswich City Council’s attempt to end recycling kill off Deniliquin’s recycling hopes?

No – 53%
Yes – 47%


The support of banning or phasing out Live Exports is in agreement with Sussan Ley who believes the practice should be stopped and will side with the ALP on the issue.

The concept masterplan for Scott’s Park has been met favorably by those who answered the poll, locals hope the rubbish and drug problems that has plagued one or both locations do not stay in the remodeling process.

Voters still have faith in kerbside recycling despite major councils trying to pull out of the initiative due to China changing their rules on accepting such material.

Don’t forget the Return and Earn machines are available to recycle your cans but don’t leave them there if the machines are full, if you have cans you can also go to the Apex shed between 10am and 12pm on June 2.

We’ll be back in two weeks with a new edition of ‘Deni Speaks’.


Sports Talk (5/5/18)

May 5 2018

Deniliquin’s two teams were at home this week with the Rams hosting Tongala and the Rovers hosting Katamatite.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 11.9 – 75 to 9.7 – 61
Reserves lost 18.12-120 to 0.0 – 0
Thirds won 7.6-48 to 5.1-31
Fourths won 13.9-87 to 3.0-18

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 54 to 50
B Grade won 47 to 45
C Grade lost 55 to 32
C Reserve lost 38 to 35
Under 17’s lost 36 to 28
Under 15’s won 42 to 33
Under 13’s won 40 to 31
Under 11’s won 30 to 0

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 18.13 – 121 to 9.10 – 64
Reserves won 19.14 – 128 to 1.3 – 9
Thirds won 11.7 – 73 to 4.6 – 30
Fourths won 29.14 – 186 to 0.0 – 0

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade won 44 to 21
B Grade won 52 to 13
C Grade (No Game)
C Reserve won 52 to 13
Under 17’s won 38 to 31
Under 15’s won 40 to 16
Under 13’s won 22 to 14


It was a mixed day for the Rams footballers, the Seniors and the Reserves suffered losses but the Thirds and the Fourths scored wins to keep up their seasons rolling along nicely.

The Seniors despite their loss had their best performance of the season so far and they did outscore Tongala in the second half.

The Rams netballers won the day overall by winning five of the eight games that were played.

The Rovers footballers achieved yet another clean sweep with solid wins across the board.

The Rovers netballers had another solid day on the court and won the day overall by winning all six matches.

The A Grade Rams again achieved the highest netball score of 54 goals in their game whilst in football the Rovers Fourths once again kicked the highest score of the day with a massive 29.14 – 186 score.

Both the Rovers B Grade and C Res results were exactly the same with both games recording a score of 52 to 13.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of Sports Talk.

Theatre Company continues on

April 23 2018

Deni Theatre Company is a week away from getting into Term 2.

Musical Theatre restarts on Monday April 30 with the class starting at 6pm for a one hour session7pm

Drama class resumes on Tuesday May 1 with the class starting at 5:30pm and lasting for one hour whilst Senior Drama goes between 6:45pm and 7:30pm.

The Dance Troupe has their session from 2:30pm to 4pm on Sundays.

Students are advised to arrive no later than 5 minutes before the start of the sessions so everyone gets a full session in, students are also reminded to make sure to bring their water bottles.

The dance team have their first competitive dance on May 6, we hope they do well and have a great time doing it.

Fees are $25 for insurance and an additional $50 per term and that $50 is per family.

Further details can be found by checking out their newsletter which has additional details for everyone to check out.

They are also doing some fundraising with the aim being to raise $2000 so they can keep costs students have to pay low, put on a production at the end of the year and purchase resources for the classes.

So if you want to like to donate to the fundraiser, you can do so by checking out their MyCause page.

We will continue to report on the Theatre company as news comes to hand.

Sports Talk (21/4/18)

April 21 2018

Today saw the Rams take on Barooga at Hardinge Street whilst the Rovers taken on Blighty at Memorial Park.

Rams Football Results

Seniors lost 18.22 – 130 to 1.1 – 7
Reserves lost 21.18 – 144 to 1.0 – 6
Thirds won 6.6-42 to 6.4-40
Fourths won 18.16-124 to 0.2-2

Rams Netball Results

A Grade won 51 to 45
B Grade won 55 to 37
C Grade won 43 to 22
C Reserve won 39 to 38
Under 17’s won 39 to 28
Under 15’s won 66 to 20
Under 13’s won 32 to 17
Under 11’s lost 18 to 6

Rovers Football Results

Seniors won 11.12 – 78 to 7.13 – 55
Reserves won 7.10 – 52 to 6.4 – 40
Thirds won 21.14 – 140 to 4.2 – 26
Fourths won 33.20 – 218 to 0.0 – 0

Rovers Netball Results

A Grade lost 54 to 36
B Grade won 61 to 26
C Grade lost 33 to 23
C Reserve won 43 to 17
Under 17’s lost 33 to 29
Under 15’s won 36 to 30
Under 13’s lost 28 to 23


It was a mixed day for the Rams footballers, the Seniors and the Reserves suffered massive losses but the Thirds and the Fourths dished out heavy defeats to their opponents to square up the day at two wins apiece.

The Rams netballers almost had the perfect day with seven wins from eight matches and they will be very happy with that outcome.

The Rovers footballers had the perfect day after achieving a clean sweep and bringing home the Warner Tasker Cup after the seniors won the game by 23 points.

The Rovers netballers were defeated overall by a margin of 4 games to 3 with all four losses having margins of no less than ten goals.

The Under 15’s Rams achieved the highest score of 66 goals in netball whilst in football the Rovers Fourths kicked the highest score of the day with a massive 33.20 – 218 score.

We’ll be back on Thursday with a new edition of Sports Talk featuring ladder positions, weather forecasts and more.

Sports Talk (12/4/18)

April 12 2018

This weekend is round two in the PDFNL competition and round three in MFNL competition.

The Rovers are travelling to Berrigan while the Rams get to put their feet up as they’ve got the bye.

Google Weather says there is a 93% chance of wind and rain on Saturday, any rain is expected between 2pm and 5pm and winds could be as high as 43km/h with the winds staying in the 30’s and 40’s from around 11am until 5pm.

Below is how the Rams and the Rovers stand after 2 and 1 rounds respectively.

Rams Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 14th
Reserves – 14th
Thirds – 3rd
Fourths – 3rd

Rams Netball Ladder Positions

A Grade – 3rd
B Grade – 3rd
C Grade  – 4th
C Reserve – 2nd
17 and Under – 1st
15 and Under – 2nd
13 and Under – 3rd

Rovers Football Ladder Positions

Seniors – 6th
Reserves – 1st
Thirds – 9th
Fourths – 1st

Rovers Netball League Positions

A Grade – 4th
B Grade – 4th
C Grade – 8th
C Reserve – 3rd
Under 17’s – 9th
Under 15’s – 4th
Under 13’s – 5th

We’ll be back on Saturday with the results from the Rovers vs Berrigan matches.