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Locals unhappy with Senator

June 23 2017.

Locals are unhappy with Senator Hanson’s comments that Autistic children should be taken out of classrooms.

Deniliquin like every other city and town has people who are in the autism spectrum and so these comments hit home and have hurt deeply and sparking concern of what could happen if Senator Hanson or her party get to play a role in education policy.

Every child on this planet of ours has a right to get the best possible education, they also have the right to be among children their own age, nobody wants to be placed higher or lower than others in the pursuit of the best quality of life.

It will be interesting to see if the thoughts by Senator Hanson will affect her party’s chances in upcoming State and Federal elections as popularity for her party is currently high with the possibility of changing the outcomes for incumbent and aspiring politicians.

Sports Talk (10/6/17)

June 10 2017

The Rams hosted Echuca United whilst the Rovers were away against Picola United.

Results as usual are split into the categories Rams Football Results, Rovers Football Results, Rams Netball Results and Rovers Netball Results followed by our conclusion where we tally up the wins to see if the Rams and the Rovers win the day overall.

Rams Football Results (vs. Echuca United)

Seniors lost 10.14 – 74 to 6.7 – 43
Reserves lost 29.14 – 188 to 0.1 – 1
U/17’s won 5.3 – 33 to 4.7 – 31
U/14’s lost 5.4 – 34 to 4.9 – 33

Rovers Football Results (vs. Picola United)

Seniors lost 10.17 – 77 to 7.3 – 45
Reserves lost 10.8 – 68 to 2.1 – 13
U/17’s lost 7.10 – 52 to 7.4 – 46
U/14’s won 12.12 – 84 to 3.1 – 19

Rams Netball Results (vs. Echuca United)

A Grade lost 51 to 30
B Grade won 39 to 33
C Grade tied 40 all
C Reserve lost 39 to 30
U/17’s lost 32 to 22
U/15’s lost 36 to 28
U/13’s lost 46 to 18
U/12’s lost 25 to 18

Rovers Netball Results (vs. Picola United)

A Grade won 52 to 34
B Grade won 50 to 44
C Grade lost 54 to 37
C Reserve won 45 to 19
U/17’s lost 34 to 26
U/15’s lost 29 to 15
U/13’s lost 23 to 12


The Rams Football sides were beaten on the day three games to one.

The Rams Netball sides had a tough day after losing six, winning one and drawing another.

The Rovers Football sides were beaten overall three games to one.

The Rovers Netball sides were beaten overall four games to three.

We’ll be back next Thursday with a roundup on how all the Rams and Rovers sides are going leading up to Round 10.

Sports Talk (29/4/17)

April 29 2017

The Rams hit the road today to play Congupna whilst the Rovers hosted Mathoura down at Memorial Park.

Results as usual are split into the categories Rams Football Results, Rovers Football Results, Rams Netball Results and Rovers Netball Results followed by our conclusion where we tally up the wins to see if the Rams and the Rovers win the day overall.

Rams Football Results (vs. Congupna)

Seniors lost 17.12 – 114 to 10.5 – 65
Reserves lost 9.10 – 64 to 5.3 – 33
U/17’s won 11.9 – 75 to 6.5 – 41
U/14’s won 26.13 – 169 to 1.1 – 7

Rovers Football Results (vs. Mathoura)

Seniors won 17.7 – 109 to 10.10 – 70
Reserves lost 7.3 – 45 to 3.6 – 24
U/17’s won 13.10 – 88 to 2.6 – 18
U/14’s won 21.15 – 141 to 1.0 – 6

Rams Netball Results (vs. Congupna)

A Grade won 47 to 33
B Grade won 43 to 41
C Grade lost 37 to 27
C Reserve won 44 to 15
U/17’s lost 38 to 33
U/15’s won 55 to 12
U/13’s won 32 to 4

Rovers Netball Results (vs. Mathoura)

A Grade won 81 to 19
B Grade drawn 43 apiece
C Grade won 36 to 32
C Reserve won 29 to 24
U/17’s lost 27 to 22
U/15’s won 29 to 19
U/13’s lost 16 to 12


The Rams Football sides returned home with a draw as both teams won two games apiece.

The Rovers Football sides won the day by winning three out of their four matches and Winding Creek Photography & Art taken plenty of pictures of the action including some pushing & shoving.

The Rams Netball sides won the day by winning five of their seven matches.

The Rovers Netball sides won the day with four wins out of the seven matches played.

We’ll be back next Saturday night with all the results from Round 5 when the Rams take on Moama and the Rovers take on Strathmerton.

Exploring Deniliquin in 2008

Some people say Deniliquin does not change and that you can go away for a while and come back and everything is the same.

The other week we wrote about Google Earth being behind the times and it occurred to us that we should expand our report and go through the streets and see what existed in 2008 and doesn’t now.

The below pictures are all taken off Google Earth.


If you needed some furniture, Deni Furniture Centre was the place to go.

KFC was still in the process of being dismantled.


R&J’s – A great place to go to when you needed entertainment like CD’s and more.


Retravision was a big company across Australia until the late 2000’s and was gone by 2012 as the group of companies either split off or financially  collapsed.


This building is a reminder of the death throes of the rail line as it no longer stands.


Subway’s first store in town and Pinky’s Pizza, luckily for Deni another Subway opened up and Pinky’s Pizza is now occupied by That Pizza.


Silly Willy’s before they moved out and Harvey Norman expanded to take its place.


Mitsubishi was still running opposite the RSL Club in 2008.


The former Shell petrol station before its demolition, only the empty sign reminded by 2010.

As you can see lots has changed since 2008 and the above is just a small sample of the shop changes, unfortunately the lack of high resolution images have hampered efforts to display great images for posterity.

ANZAC Day (25/4/17)

April 25 2017

ANZAC Day is one of perhaps two of the saddest days of each and every year, the other day that is considered saddest is Remembrance Day.

On those days we look at the long list of the dead and the long lists of those who came back from all the wars that Australia has been part of and we think about how terrible things were for the living and the dead in those conflicts around the world.

We think  about the horrors of trench warfare as thousands dutifully left their trenches to face machine gun and rifle fire with little chance of them returning back to their lines.

We think about the use of chemical weapons that killed many so quickly and physically tortured so many more for years or decades into the future.

We think about jungle warfare and how sides fought with ferocity and desperation to hold on to every inch of land.

We think about the many sea battles that have taken place and what people had to do to survive ship fires or being adrift at sea after their ship or submarine was sunk.

We think about the families of those who went to war as for every person who comes back there is somebody who does not and their death is felt by dozens with devastating impact for the rest of their lives and those who do return are affected as well and it goes down the line of family and friends.

We also think about the psychological battles those who fought in war had to fight inside and outside of war, the moral dilmilma of thoughts and feelings about defense of country, personal morality and religious beliefs (Thou shall not kill) and also the sight of people dying from those who are combatants to civilians must weigh heavily on their minds and we must always hope that all those who come back from combat or general service get the best level of care through those dark times.

Today we live in a world that is seemingly getting very itchy trigger fingers, we have religious believers thinking they’ve been told that their religion should be number one through the use of violence and there is no sharing the world with differing beliefs, we have world leaders who are posturing and acting tough and are willing to put peoples lives on the line to cement their way of thinking and there are those who seek to overthrow a government believing they are the right choice to lead their nation and plunge their country into Civil War.

We think of all the above and feel sadness that so many have died, been injured or affected in the fight to uphold our democratic beliefs through the many conflicts Australia has been part of and we are grateful that they made the choice to be the defenders of our nation despite all the above mentioned horrors and risks.

We wish there was a better way for our democracy to be upheld without the use of violence when some nation or ideology threatens our way of life but as virtually said above there is someone, somewhere that believes the exact opposite and wishes to bring our way of life down with violence and their aggression must be checked with violence.

Our message for this ANZAC Day is to remember the dead, remember those who were injured, remember those who went to fight, remember the families and friends of the living and the dead, remember the psychological strain that warfare brings to those in war and always hope that those who leave our shores in service to the nation come back to our shores alive, healthy and are not mentally scared by what they seen and what they had to do.

Sports Talk (15/4/17)

April 15 2017

The Rams took on Finley at home on Good Friday and the spotlight was on the Rovers as they travelled to Yarroweyah and spent Easter Saturday in competition there.

Our results section is split up into Rams Football, Rovers Football, Rams Netball and Rovers Netball results sections for ease of reading.

Rams Football Results (vs. Finley)

Seniors won 20.15 – 135 to 3.3 – 21
U/17’s won 6.8 – 44 to 4.8 – 32
U/14’s won 20.21 – 141 to 0.1 – 1

Rovers Football Results (vs. Yarroweyah)

Seniors won 22.9 – 141 to 6.5 – 41
Reserves won 29.10 – 184 to 1.0 – 6
U/17’s won 19.15 – 129 to 3.2 – 20
U/14’s won 19.9 – 123 to 0.2 – 2

Rams Netball Results (vs. Finley)

A Grade won 67 to 32
B Grade drew 45 apiece
C Grade won 39 to 23
C Reserve won 28 to 21
U/15’s won 39 to 18
U/13’s lost 36 to 17
U/12’s won 37 to 22

Rovers Netball Results (vs. Yarroweyah)

B Grade won 54 to 35
C Grade won 36 to 27
C Reserve won 30 to 15
U/17’s won 36 to 14
U/15’s won 41 to 7
U/13’s won 20 to 2


The Rams Football sides won the day by winning all of three matches that were played.

The Rovers Football sides won the day by winning all four of their matches.

The Rams Netball sides won five games, lost one and drew one to win the day.

The Rovers Netball won all five of their matches to win the day.

Overall a fantastic round of matches played by both the Rams and the Rovers.

We’ll be back next week with results from the Rams games.

Thoughts on last week

As many readers know, people throughout town are upset by what happened last week on the Murray River.

The death of anyone is always sad, the death of a child is horrifying because they only got a brief taste of the joys life can bring and it never makes sense why they get denied the chance while people like us have gotten to experience what we’ve experienced.

There is no greater horror than knowing that a life was deliberately taken away and it makes people angry and rightfully so, nobody has the right to play god and nobody has the right to be the devil.

Being a news blog, we really can’t say much because we don’t want to inadvertently ruin prosecution and we don’t want to take advantage of tragedy by trumpeting our thoughts that is why there is no promotion of these thoughts.

But we do say to readers that we must patiently wait for all facts to come out and they will as time goes by and we cannot risk muddying the waters with stories about the accused and then we must let the justice system do its job and hope for the right outcome to be delivered by those who decide fates of those who are accused of crimes every day.

Lessons will be learned and laws will be changed to try prevent what happened from happening again but there always be the thought the price of safety and security for children is already too high.

Be kind to each other and respect life, we only get it once and everyone should get the same chance of enjoying it, free from the chance of somebody taking it away by evil acts, pure selfishness or stupidity.

Fundraising Update

Regular readers of DNS would know that we’ve been doing reports on how the fundraising for the Byrne family has been going.

The latest is that 11 days ago, Win News done a story on what has been happening and things picked up rapidly for the GoFundMe Fundraiser as the total jumped some $1,435 in two days showing that people in the local area really care about what is happening to people and wishing that things would improve for them.

The fundraiser is now in its last 20% towards its goal of reaching $10,000 and it should get there with time, donations can be made at any time on this link.

The auction that was held between February 8 and 10 raised $560, the auctioned items were a hotel stay and Guns ‘N Roses tickets and from the show reviews the winner must of seen one great show even if it did start late.

The raffle that we reported on earlier this month as under development is now underway and tickets can be purchased at the below locations.

Deni Children’s Centre
John’s Hair Fashions
Deniliquin Dry Cleaners
Browns Rural Supplies
Mitre 10
Bakers Delight
Eric Sim Pharmacy
Deniliquin Autoglass
Deniliquin Florist
Kim’s family daycare

There are 10 draws and a wide range of prizes from Toy Boxes to Wind Chimes so there is potentially something for everyone and the raffle will be drawn on March 3, for more details please see the fundraiser page.

There is also a Cakes, Slices, Biscuits and more sale on Saturday February 25th at the Kiosk from 9am, if you would like to help out or find out more information please visit the event page.

That is the latest on the fundraising efforts and we’ll be back with a new report in a couple of weeks time.

NYE Party Mix

2017 is just hours away and so we are sitting here watching time tick away and we got to thinking why not end 2016 creatively by looking up songs with the word party in it.

Deniliquin loves to party and there is every chance at least one of these songs will be heard tonight as the hours go by and the fun goes on.

We got everything from the recent to the hits of the 90’s and even one from the 60’s so there is a bit of variety to choose from.

Miley Cyrus – Party In The U.S.A.
The Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Stop The Party
Luke Bryan – Crash My Party
Sam Hunt – House Party
Jason Aldean – My Kinda Party
Shawn Mendes – Life Of The Party (Lyric Video)
Vengaboys – We like to Party! (The Vengabus)
Jessie J – It’s My Party
Robbie Williams | Party Like A Russian – Official Video
Shania Twain – Party For Two ft. Billy Currington
S Club 7 – S Club Party (Official Music Video) – Rachel Stevens
Will Smith – Party Starter
S.O.A.P. – This Is How We Party
Five – Rock the Party
Lesley Gore – It’s My Party (1965)

If you really want to stretch things out you could go with bands with ‘Party’ in their title and we can think of two, The Party Boys and The Party.

The Party Boys were a band of rotating musicians and The Party were a group that spun off from the 1980’s – 1990’s version of The Mickey Mouse Club.

The Party Boys – He’s Gonna Step On You Again (Great Quality)
MMC – Season 4 – The Party – I wanna be your boyfriend

To really stretch things, we have to have this song from ABBA titled ‘Happy New Year’ and this writer had the misfortune one year to watch a music marathon on Aurora channel and the a snippet of the song played before ads and after ads and so by midnight ABBA were very unpopular.

Enjoy the music

The Deni Pokemon Wrap (27/12/16)

Pokémon Go Deniliquin

Pokémon Go Deniliquin is steady on 180 members but no new posts since November 24.

For those who want to see memes, stats and other news visit the Pokémon Go page that has over 2.9 million likes.

There have been updates to Pokemon Go but it appears the updates are causing more problems than solving them so local gamers still playing may encounter problems.

Pokémon Shuffle News

Past and present locals are still making progress on Pokémon Shuffle.

As you know our two regular gamers Boony and Tiggy are racing each other on the mobile version of the game but have stalled in recent weeks with Boony advancing to Stage 191 and Tiggy is currently stuck on Stage 207 and we will continue to follow the race as it progresses.

Boony still has a narrow lead on Tiggy when it comes to totals of Pokemon caught with Boony boasting a total of 197 Pokemon to Tiggy’s total of 195, Tiggy’s catch up is largely due to more hours pumped into the game to catch up.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Sorry for the continued delays in reporting on Pokemon Sun and Moon as other video games have taken our attention but we’ll get a report to you ASAP.

We’ll be back next week with a new edition of The Deni Pokemon Wrap.