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Grand Final Talk (23/9/17)

September 23 2017

Deniliquin and the Deniliquin Rams have something to celebrate today as the Rams 12 and Under Netball side (aka U/12’s) defeated Tongala in the Grand Final early this morning at Rumbalara.

The Rams were beaten by Tongala in Round 10 by 14 goals but their form in the lead up to the Grand Final shown they were ready for the big one.

The two sides had two different paths to the Grand Final, Tongala had entered the Grand Final with a 15-1 season and a seven goal Semi Final win over Echuca United.

The Rams had a 14-2 season and made the Grand Final the hard way by winning their Elimination, Semi and Preliminary Finals matches against Rumbalara, Nathalia and Echuca United.

In the end, The Rams triumphed 33 to 27 to become 2017 champions, a victory that was well deserved after their 14-2 season and winning three finals before winning the big one.

This is the last edition of Sports Talk/Finals Talk/Grand Final talk for 2017, thank you for reading all the sport updates throughout the season.


Finals Talk (16/9/17)

September 16 2017

The Rams played in Preliminary Finals action today with four Rams teams having a shot at making the Grand Final.

Below are the results

Rams Netball

A Grade lost 45 to 34 (vs Tongala)
Under 15’s lost 35 to 30 (vs Tongala)
Under 13’s lost 29 to 18 (vs Echuca United)
Under 12’s won 31 to 25 (vs Echuca United)


It was a tough day for the Rams losing three out of the four finals but the A Grade, Under 15’s and Under 13’s should be praised by fans and officials for having fine seasons having challenged some very high quality teams this year.

Congratulations to the Under 12’s for making the Grand Final, they will be playing Tongala next week.

We’ll be back with a look at how the Under 12’s got to the Grand Final on Thursday.

Finals Talk (14/9/17)

September 14 2017

It is Preliminary Final weekend coming up and the Rams have four Netball teams in with a shot of making the Grand Final of their competition.

We take a look at the most recent clash between finalists and how both sides got to the Preliminary Final.

A Grade vs Tongala

Tongala comfortably won their Round 10 clash 49 to 37 in their only clash of the season.

The Rams have had to fight their way to the Preliminary Final by defeating Numurkah 37 to 34 in the Elimination Final and defeating Echuca United 45 to 43 in the Semi Final.

U/15’s vs Tongala

Tongala narrowly won their Round 10 clash 34 to 31 so this match has the potential of being another close one.

Tongala defeated Mulwala 47 to 17 in their Elimination Final and held off Moama 48 to 47 in the Semi Final.

The Rams lost their Semi Final to Echuca 32 to 26 and a win on the weekend will see them face Echuca United again in the Grand Final.

U/13’s vs Echuca United

Echuca United comfortably won their Round 9 clash 46 to 18.

To get to this weekend, the Rams outlasted Finley 34 to 31 in the Elimination Final and then held off Moama 35 to 34.

Echuca United lost their Semi Final to Tongala 31 to 20 and will be hoping to face them again in the Grand Final.

U/12’s vs Echuca United

Echuca United won their Round 9 clash 25 to 18.

The Rams are playing their third final having won their Elimination Final against Rumbalara and Semi Final match against Nathalia by 22 and 13 goals.

Echuca United were defeated in their Semi Final against Tongala 26 to 19 and a win would see them face Tongala again.


All four teams were unsuccessful against their opponents in their one regular season clash but a tough Finals campaign may even up the odds in their bid to make the Grand Final.

We’ll be back on Saturday night with all the results.

Finals Talk (10/9/17)

September 10 2017

The Rams played in Semi Finals action over the weekend with hopes of advancing further into September.

Below are the results in the categories of Rams Football and Rams Netball.

Rams Football

Under 14’s lost 4.7 – 31 to 4.2 – 26 (vs Echuca United)

Rams Netball

A Grade won 45 to 43 (vs Echuca United)
B Grade lost 45 to 38 (vs Echuca United)
C Reserve lost 38 to 35 (vs Finley)
Under 17’s lost 40 to 38 (vs Echuca United)
Under 15’s lost 32 to 26 (vs Echuca United)
Under 13’s won 35 to 34 (vs Moama)
Under 12’s won 38 to 25 (vs Nathalia)



A tough weekend for the Rams with all losses no more than 7 goals in Netball and in Football the Under 14’s host by under a goal, all these results will hurt but players, fans and officials should be proud of the effort all Rams sides have put in this season.

Grand Final Talk (9/9/17)

September 9 2017

Grand Final Day arrived today with the Rovers up against three high quality teams who were standing in the way of Rovers success.

Rovers Football

The Rovers U/14’s (aka the Fourths) taken on undefeated Tocumwal in the Grand Final, unfortunately Tocumwal lived up to their undefeated status and won 14.5 – 89 to 4.3 – 27 to complete the perfect season.

K. Joss kicked two goals whilst B. Redden and A. Butcher both kicked a goal apiece in a loss that while it is sad they didn’t win, they gave it their best all season long and may success come to them as they go through the ranks.

Rovers Netball

A Grade taken on Tocumwal as the Rovers attempted to win the big one after a couple of Grand Final losses in a row.

Unfortunately it was not the A Graders day with Tocumwal winning 47 to 40, despite the loss, the Rovers kept Tocumwal honest in the match just like their three previous encounters and they should not be discouraged by their effort.

Earlier, C Reserve fell to Blighty in a heartbreaking loss with the score at the end of the game reading Blighty 29 to the Rovers 28.

It has to be remembered that the Rovers were defeated in the Semi Final by the same team to the tune of 17 goals and to get within two goals of glory whilst heartbreaking, the team can be proud in the knowledge that they gave everything and made sure Blighty had to earn their day of glory.


Unfortunately it was not the Rovers day but all three sides had great seasons and there is no shame in losing to quality opposition.

It was a good season overall for everyone down at Memorial Park with the majority of Rovers sides making the finals, it has been as it was last year an honour reporting on all the scores and ladder positions and we will be back next year with more from Memorial Park.

Finals Talk (7/9/17)

September 7 2017

It is Semi Finals time for the Rams and there is plenty of Rams sides in the hunt for a place in the Preliminary Final.

Rams Football

Under 14’s vs Echuca United (Sunday in Numurkah)

Rams Netball

A Grade vs Echuca United (Sunday in Numurkah, online source says Cobram)
B Grade vs Echuca United (Sunday in Numurkah)
C Reserve vs Finley (Sunday in Numurkah)
Under 17’s vs Moama (Sunday in Numurkah)
Under 15’s vs  Echuca United (Saturday in Barooga)
Under 13’s vs Moama (Sunday in Numurkah)
Under 12’s vs Nathalia (Sunday in Numurkah)

Grand Final Talk (7/9/17)

September 7 2017

The Rovers season comes to an end on the weekend with three teams in the Grand Final.

Rovers Netball

A Grade vs Tocumwal
C Reserve vs Blighty

A Grade has struggled against Tocumwal having lost their previous three encounters by 8, 7 and 12 goals in Rounds 8 and 17 as well as the Semi Final.

C Reserve are also against solid opposition in Blighty having lost their Round 1 clash by 9 goals, winning their Round 10 clash by 9 and losing their Semi Final by 17 goals.

Rovers Football

Under 14’s vs Tocumwal

Tocumwal won the Round 8 clash by 53 points, the Round 17 clash by 57 points and the Semi Final by 52 points.

Tocumwal has had the perfect season so far and the Rovers have had a good season dropping only four matches all season including the Semi Final.


All the above may not look really good but some will tell you it doesn’t mean a thing, there are things to consider like weather, health, nerves and levels of confidence.

Cooler or warmer conditions may help or hinder players, the recent cold and windy weather may have affected players, nerves can made a solid player make mistakes and the right balance of confidence can do wonders while too much or too little confidence can do the opposite.

So all the Rovers have to do is keep relaxed, listen to instructions, play their best, play for each other, keep calm and let things play out from there.

We’ll be back Saturday night with all the results.

Finals Talk (3/9/17)

September 3 2017

The Rams played the start of the finals campaign across the weekend whilst several Rovers sides played Preliminary Final matches in Berrigan on Saturday.

Rams Football

Under 17’s lost 10.8 – 68 to 6.4 – 40 (vs Congupna)
Under 14’s won 8.7 – 57 to 4.3 – 27 (vs Tongala)

Rams Netball

A Grade won 37 to 34 (vs Numurkah)
B Grade won 45 to 33 (vs Mulwala)
C Reserve won 50 to 28 (vs Mulwala)
Under 17’s won 29 to 27 (vs Cobram)
Under 13’s won 34 to 31 (vs Finley)
Under 12’s won 36 to 14 (vs Rumbalara)

Rovers Football

Reserves lost 9.4 – 58 to 5.5 – 35 (vs Strathmerton)
Under 17’s lost 14.9 – 93 to 9.6 – 60 (vs Picola United)
Under 14’s won 10.9 – 69 to 2.3 – 15 (vs Strathmerton)

Rovers Netball

A Grade won 65 to 44 (vs Blighty)
B Grade lost 40 to 67 (vs Strathmerton)
C Reserve won 32 to 15 (vs Mathoura)
Under 15’s lost 36 to 22 (vs Picola United)


The Rovers will have three teams in the Grand Final (one Football and two Netball sides) whilst the Rams will see several of their side continue on their Premiership hunt in their league.

Sports Talk (26/8/17)

August 26 2017

Today was the last round of the regular season for the Rams and they were played away in Cobram.

As usual the results are divided up between Rams Football and Rams Netball with a conclusion at the end.

Rams Football

Seniors won 19.9 – 123 to 7.8 – 50
Reserves forfeited to Cobram
Under 17’s lost 10.8 – 68 to 3.3 – 21
Under 14’s won 9.8 – 62 to 1.4 – 10

Rams Netball

A Grade won 45 to 37
B Grade won 43 to 34
C Grade won 27 to 26
C Reserve won 52 to 41
Under 17’s lost 36 to 24
Under 15’s won 47 to 11
Under 13’s won 42 to 13
Under 12’s won 31 to 1


Rams Footballers had a tough day at the office with one win, two losses and a forfeit.

Rams Netballers won the day overall with 7 wins from their 8 matches.

Readers looking for the Rovers results will get them upon the completion of the Under 17’s game against Tocumwal tomorrow in Finals Talk.

Sports Talk (25/8/17)

August 25 2017

We apologise for the lateness of Sports Talk but we hope this edition has been worth the wait.

This edition looks at what the Rams have to do in the final round of the season as places can still change with all Rams sides in a position to shuffle the finishing positions of themselves and the opposition.

Rams Football


The Seniors were ripped apart by ladder leader Numurkah last weekend but they will be eager to get out there and defeat Cobram because seventh place is at stake with both clubs holding a 7-10 record.


The Reserves have had a tough season, winning one game and being awards points from a forfeit in another, they cannot advance up the ladder due to Congupna being a game and almost 33% up on the Rams.

The Reserves could end up being matched on wins by Finley who have played ten less games if they play and shock fifth placed Mulawa on the weekend.

Under 17’s

The Under 17’s are finals bound and they can end up third if they beat Cobram and Finley loses to Mulawa who sits in eighth.

Whilst second spot is only a game ahead of the Rams, they are more than 65% ahead on percentage making taking second a tough ask.

Under 14’s

The Under 14’s are sitting in fourth spot whilst Cobram are 5th, a game and almost 200% behind the Rams.

Ahead of the Rams sits Echuca United who are playing undefeated Numurkah, in order for the Rams to climb to third they must win and rely on Numurkah defeating Echuca United.

Rams Netball

A Grade

A Grade are in fifth position and can move up to fourth if they win and Echuca United (4th) falls to Numurkah (2nd).

B Grade

B Grade are in fifth position and can move up to fourth if Mulawa (4th) loses to Finley (2nd) as there is a two competition point difference between 4th and 5th places.

C Grade

C Grade won’t make the finals but can secure eighth spot by defeating Cobram, if Cobram wins the Rams will drop to ninth due to Cobram having a percentage 2.5% higher than the Rams.

C Reserve

C Reserve are in third position and cannot drop down to fourth as Moama has the bye.

Under 17’s

Win or lose, the Under 17’s will finish the regular season in fifth place but they can deny Cobram the chance of taking third off Moama should Moama lose to Nathalia who are sitting tenth.

Under 15’s 

The Under 15’s are secured in second spot but Cobram will be hungry to keep their eighth place as three clubs can pass them if Cobram loses and they win big.

Under 13’s

The Under 13’s are fifth and can drop to sixth if they lose and Mulawa wins, if the Rams win and Mulawa wins the Rams have a slight chance of catching Finley in fourth if the Rams gain 9.5%.


This weekend is going to be a big weekend for the Rams are there is plenty still on the line for the club.

We’ll have the results for you tomorrow night in Sports Talk.