Residents concerned about Rubbish

Deniliquin residents are concerned about the amount of rubbish that is found on the streets and lawns of Deniliquin, homes that surround the town’s Supermarkets are finding that people’s purchases are ending up on people’s front lawns or on their nature strips, some are suggesting that a bin is placed halfway down every street to try and stop the rubbish from ending up in people’s yards.

Rubbish spotted include Big M, Coke Cans, V Energy Drinks, Jim Beam Cans, various McDonald’s wrappers and more, most of these could be reused if the town had a recycling service which has been talked about for some time but no action has been taken.

Monday’s downpour has also highlighted the problem with some drains being blocked with rubbish and debris leaving water still on the sides of several streets.

The BMX track next to Rocket Park has also been noted for the amount of rubbish that litters the area despite a bin being placed in the grounds, in some cases rubbish is found surrounding the bin, the picture in this article was taken from the track looking towards the town pool after this photo was taken some of the rubbish that could be picked up by hand were picked up and put into the bin.



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