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Rubbish still a problem outside Coles

Several months ago we reported on the amount of rubbish that is seen outside of Coles and in the surrounding streets and today little has changed.

It still does not make sense to the Deniliquin News Service why people cannot carry their rubbish until they arrive home to put the rubbish in their bin, are shoppers at Coles, Green Pepper and The Reject Shop really that lazy?.

Could a bin or two placed on the nature strip outside Coles and down the Coles side of Henry Street change things for the better for residents, shop owners and tourists?.

High concentrations of Rubbish are found between Coles and the corner of Henry and Macaulay Street and perhaps with a bin it could really change things for the better and enhance Deniliquin’s reputation as a nice town.

DNS will continue to monitor and report on the rubbish levels in future blog entries.


Former Railway Station site still a mess

The site of the former Railway station is still considered a mess with bricks still from the station still scattered around the concrete and brick foundations and surrounding area, there is also a build up of rubbish surrounding the station site.

Residents believe that the site is unappealing to both local and tourist eyes and should be cleaned up promptly for surely such a situation does not require considerable resources to correct.

Some residents still hope that trains would return to Deniliquin for the current arrangement of a bus leaving for Echuca just after 7am and pickup from Echuca near 10pm is currently unacceptable, Deniliquin Council has eyes on the airport being made suitable for small airlines but it is felt by many that the train option would be more appealing and be more beneficial long term.

Residents concerned about Rubbish

Deniliquin residents are concerned about the amount of rubbish that is found on the streets and lawns of Deniliquin, homes that surround the town’s Supermarkets are finding that people’s purchases are ending up on people’s front lawns or on their nature strips, some are suggesting that a bin is placed halfway down every street to try and stop the rubbish from ending up in people’s yards.

Rubbish spotted include Big M, Coke Cans, V Energy Drinks, Jim Beam Cans, various McDonald’s wrappers and more, most of these could be reused if the town had a recycling service which has been talked about for some time but no action has been taken.

Monday’s downpour has also highlighted the problem with some drains being blocked with rubbish and debris leaving water still on the sides of several streets.

The BMX track next to Rocket Park has also been noted for the amount of rubbish that litters the area despite a bin being placed in the grounds, in some cases rubbish is found surrounding the bin, the picture in this article was taken from the track looking towards the town pool after this photo was taken some of the rubbish that could be picked up by hand were picked up and put into the bin.