Rubbish still a problem outside Coles

Several months ago we reported on the amount of rubbish that is seen outside of Coles and in the surrounding streets and today little has changed.

It still does not make sense to the Deniliquin News Service why people cannot carry their rubbish until they arrive home to put the rubbish in their bin, are shoppers at Coles, Green Pepper and The Reject Shop really that lazy?.

Could a bin or two placed on the nature strip outside Coles and down the Coles side of Henry Street change things for the better for residents, shop owners and tourists?.

High concentrations of Rubbish are found between Coles and the corner of Henry and Macaulay Street and perhaps with a bin it could really change things for the better and enhance Deniliquin’s reputation as a nice town.

DNS will continue to monitor and report on the rubbish levels in future blog entries.


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