Have the birds of Deniliquin been poisoned?

Today is the beginning of two days of the Deni Show but just a few hundred metres away a serious environmental event is taking place as birds are falling from the sky dying from what is believed to be poison.

Dozens of dying birds have been reported to been picked up by the Ranger around Deniliquin in what can only be a man made disaster as the weather has been perfect for bird survival and with the area having multiple lakes and healthy grass and trees starvation cannot be the cause.

The death of so many birds has saddened those who witnessed the birds on the ground unable to fly and slowly dying and there is a building up of anger as the poisoning of birds while seen by some as a nice population control method is seen by others as a cruel and needless method to animals that are harmless.

Total number of bird deaths is unknown at this time but it is likely that many of the birds seen in the photographs attached to this blog entry are among the dead, tonight the skies of Deniliquin as the sun is setting will be less spectacular as it is always a great sight to see hundreds of birds go across the sky before the arrival of night and now the sky will be less populated.

10429327_10205935458936023_5016154186306326711_n 10987306_10205935458856021_4520411355746387801_o


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