Classic cars make Deniliquin motor along

Deniliquin is known to all as the town with the Ute Muster but it should be noted that the townspeople have a large amount of classic cars.

From Corvette Stingray’s to the Plymouth Plaza there are lots of great cars to see if you look closely at the cars that pass you by in the streets or the ones in that sit in people’s driveways.

Imagine if a classic car convention happened in town? The amount of cars available at short notice would make any car enthusiast sit up and take notice, This writer is not a big fan of Deniliquin’s obsession for events for they seemingly override the need for services and entertainment for all ages but this is one event that could bring benefits long into the future.

It is true there are many small car events going on in town during the year but Deniliquin would have to have an event that is reasonably large and is run by locals preferably ones that know the subject matter and know what they are doing, If the event is successful money would be held onto for the next event and anything left over should be used to help the community out making it an event that gives long after the last year motors away from the event.


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