A new School era set for 2017

Deniliquin’s public Primary School’s will be merging as escalating costs to run the three schools have forced no alternative but for the schools to join forces and be one school from 2017 onwards.

The new school will be called Deniliquin Public School and will incorporate the colours of all the schools leading some who were in the know to nickname the new school ‘The Rainbows’ due to the mix of colours of Green, Red, Blue, White and Yellow.

Deniliquin’s current public school principals are all vying for the new job with each principal having solid resumes that would make them an ideal choice for leading Deniliquin’s public schooling into a new era.

It has been jokingly suggested that the principals of North and South School play a game of heads or tails with the winner of the contest taking on Edward School’s principal for the right to be suggested to the Department of Education as the inaugural principal.

South School has been chosen as the merger site but the merger has not been smooth sailing with North School providing the heaviest resistance to the merger in the closed doors meetings that has put the schools on the path towards the upcoming new and historic era.

Edward School believed it’s school would be the choice location due to it’s abundance of space but were forced to concede after it was shown South School’s site would be better from a School Bus route perspective.

Edward School however got a consolation prize as it’s motto ‘Truth Above All’ is the motto of choice for DPS, a move that brought cheers to those campaigning for Edward School to have a large say in proceedings.

It is still yet to be decided if any buildings from Edward and North School will be transported over to South School, If none of the buildings can be safely transported it is likely that DPS will get Government funding to build what is needed in order to fit everyone in for the 2017 school year.

Prank haha.png
The new school song is expected to be an altered form of North School’s school song with North insisting ‘Cha Cha Cha’ is kept at the end of the song with the accompanying bum shaking to remain as optional as it is considered a nice end to something so formal as a school song.

School bus routes should not be affected but times may be altered to make sure that everyone who needs to be taken by bus can get to school and continue their education at DPS.

It will be a sad time in December as all three schools close for the last time, there has been decades of great students and teachers as well as intense rivalries that sometimes escalated into verbal and on occasion physical fights between schools but soon after the majority of all who graduated from the fine establishments all ended up at Deni High and be classmates the very next year.

Meanwhile Deniliquin Christian School and St Michael’s are staying on their own and will not merge into a multi religion private school with both of the schools believing that it is God’s plan for the other schools to merge and their schools to remain intact.

Relax readers, it’s April 1 and the Schools are going to be fine.



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