North’s Song remembered

North School Song (M Young).

We love to be at Deni North the edge of the outback plains.
White cockatoos above the lagoons, even when it rains.
We love to be at Deni North , under the southern stars.
Best kids around from country and town, they come from near and far.


North School! We are having lots of fun.North School! We are playing games.
North School! We are working side by side
Truth and justice is our aim.


We love to be at Deni North, home of the blue and gold.
So join in the fun, come on everyone
Deni North the blue and gold.
Deni North the blue and gold.

-Cha! Cha! Cha!

When this writer first went to DNPS in the mid 90’s, the first memory was having to learn this song and the second one was that the song involved people using pom poms which was something new (even the site has a clipart image of girl with pom poms)

The song is pretty uplifting, some may say corny but all school songs are meant to display affection for the place you learn so much from in a short period of time of your life particularly if you live many decades.

‘North School’ was/is usually punctuated with a raised fist for both North and School whilst D.N.P.S is good exercise as hands were on Knees for D, Hips for N, Shoulders for P and in the air for S.

The last ‘Deni North the Blue and Gold’ is slower than the first time it’s said, there is more emphasis so it’s more ‘Deni North-the-Blue-and-Gold’

Some people were sneaky to sing their own lyrics with most of the changes stating the opposite to what the song is saying but that is part of the school experience as kids love to change words and find second meanings and all the rest before people have to be careful in what they say.

Cha! Cha! Cha! is probably the best part not (just) because it is the end of the song but because you get to move your bum a little and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Overall the song is one that sticks in the head for a decade or two and in some minds it’s a song that has a life of it’s own as people remember their method of singing it and probably remember much more of their younger lives.



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