Inspiration found on running track

Deniliquin Little Athletics recently sent some of it’s participants to the regionals in Lake Illawarra and the team by all reports were all excellent representatives of the club and town.

Jaycob Clarke was running the 800 metre race in the U/14 category and the field was very strong in terms of pace but this did not deter him even as the rest of the field got further away from him as the race progressed.

But the story does not end there for after the rest of the field finished their race, they turned around and joined Jaycob as he completed the rest of the eight hundred metres.

These moments were captured on video and has now been shared with the rest of the world, there is plenty a viewer can take from the footage, there’s the sportsmanship and kindness of Jaycob’s fellow runners, there’s the fact those runners clubs and parents gave them great values and then there’s Jaycob who shown that no matter what the result is going to be just keep going to the end.

Participating in a regional is an honour but this regional is no doubt now considered a life changer and one that is etched into history for all the right reasons and more.


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