The Evolution of Deniliquin

It has been said throughout time that Deniliquin is a place that never changes yet upon closer inspection, it has changed quite a lot.

Deniliquin History In Photos‘ and ‘Deniliquin & District Historical Society‘ on Facebook have both since their opening released hundreds of photos showing how much the town has changed throughout time and while change is considered good there is a thought that perhaps too much change has been made.

We’ve seen photos of the Town Hall being the Regent Theatre, We’ve seen photos of buildings being beside Town Hall where nice grass and trees now reside and so much more.

The amount of buildings lost over the decades is staggering and some like the former Community Centre sit empty and slowly being battered to death by the ravages of time and vandalism.

Perhaps the recent securing of the future of the Federal Hotel will begin a time where historical buildings will be kept secure with a firm grip by Council and the people of Deniliquin, Progress is good but history and great architecture should be preserved in great numbers and not left to texts and photographs.


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