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2QN from afar

AM Radio can be wonderful, you can pick up stations hundreds of kilometres away which is nice if you want to see how your old town is doing news and shops wise.

YouTube user dxer22000 tuned in to 2QN from Numeralla which is 403km away from Deniliquin and just 70km from the NSW coast and got a pretty good signal.

The video sample has ads from the Deni Golf Club, C.O.P.S,  Ash Cycles and Deblu’s Adult Warehouse.

The best of the four ads is the Ash Cycles one as it is cleverly acted out though Deblu’s is notable for having lots of sound effects to keep the ad radio friendly.

2QN has been known to get picked up as far as the outskirts of Brisbane on a good night though one has to put their ear close to the speaker to pick out what is being said.

AM Radio, the format that keeps interesting people even if they don’t like their local station format.

Deni Speaks (27/6/17)

June 27 2017

For the last two weeks, we ran four polls on our website with questions on EB Games, Music, History and the Ute Muster.

Questions asked

What is your favourite decade of Music?
Have we lost too much of our local history?
Are you happy with the Ute Muster’s music bill?
Does Deniliquin need a EB Games like store?


What is your favourite decade of Music?

1990’s – 43%
1980’s – 33%
All – 19%
1970’s – 5%

Have we lost too much of our local history?

Yes – 73%
No – 27%

Are you happy with the Ute Muster’s music bill?

Waiting on surprise additions – 52%
No – 43%
Yes – 5%

Does Deniliquin need a EB Games like store?

Yes – 36%
No – 45%
Local stores need to bulk up their games supply – 18%


The music from the 1990’s received the bulk of the votes when it comes readers and it was a great decade that popularity swung between genres from Grunge to Pop, almost one in five voters like a wide spread of music.

Almost three out of every four voters believe that we have lost too much of our local history, it is true that we have lost a lot but the town is getting some of its history back day by day thanks to tireless research and private purchases.

Just over half of our voters believe that they’ll wait for surprise announcements from the Ute Muster before deciding if they like or dislike the 2017 line-up, almost everyone else is not happy with the music line-up with just 5% liking it.

Almost half of voters don’t want an EB Games like store in Deniliquin whilst just over a third do want one and almost a fifth of voters want local stores to bulk up their game supplies, this spread of votes could be handy to a shrewd businessman or businesswoman.

Pauline comes to town

May 3 2017

Pauline Hanson has visited Deniliquin as part of a tour through NSW and Victoria in a bid to understand what locals need when it comes to the MDBP and learn about the proposed air freight hub and more.

The tour is a chance for the Senator and her party to show that One Nation has more policy and ideas other than the well known one of keeping Muslims and the religion of Islam out of Australia.

Senator Hanson and fellow party members are part of the crossbench that determines whether bills made by the Turnbull Government are either passed or knocked back giving them major leverage in political decisions as the Government needs co-operation from the crossbench in major issues like the Budget.

News of Pauline’s stay in Deniliquin has been mixed with locals either interested, totally disinterested or not really happy that she is among the people due to her personal thoughts and policies.

Time will tell whether the tour has been of any political value to the local area or not.

Ghost Story Busted

We all love a good tale and so last week there was a story about a ghost walking alongside Barham Road.

The story was that a man was travelling from Deniliquin on his way to Victoria when he spotted the woman walking alongside Barham Road and he wrote of his terror of seeing such a sight and included a picture.

The story quickly got attention and made the social media rounds as it was quite a compelling (or humorous) tale and such a ghostly sight would cause most people a fright on a quiet road at night.

Fortunately or unfortunately the story was debunked after a couple of days as it is one of those stories that gets told across the internet with only the names of the places changed.

The tale was fun while it lasted but there is no doubt it will come up again in the near future ready for a new audience to appreciate and eventually laugh about.


DNS tries out ‘That Pizza’

As written about earlier today, That Pizza is now open for business and so DNS taken the opportunity tonight to go out, buy and then eat one of the Pizzas from the menu.

Our man of many talents Daniel Clark stepped up to the plate to test out how well they can make a BBQ Meatlovers Pizza.

It wasn’t long before the verdict was in, the BBQ Meatlovers Pizza from That Pizza was judged to taste ‘F**king Amazing’.


The only critique that we can offer is that the box was flimsy and the Pizza was missing the Pizza Saver (the white table you see on a Pizza) and so some of the topping ended up on the top of box but overall the experience was everything our Pizza guru hoped for.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, DNS tried and enjoyed the pizza from That Pizza and if you want to buy and try some too, visit their website to take a look at their menu then give them a call on 5881 8480 or go on down to 396 Cressy Street to place your order.

May you the reader encounter an enjoyable experience when you order a Pizza in the future.