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Ute Muster 2017 Wrap

October 2 2017

The Ute Muster is done and dusted for the year and people seemed generally satisfied with what they experienced over the weekend.

No gumboots were needed this year as the rain that threatened to show up before the start of the event did not turn up which was good for Muster folk but bad for Farmers as September was a month with very little rain ensuring the area stayed well below average rainfall.

Over 15,000 people turned up for the event with 6,313 Utes counted and 1,941 people wore the blue singlet which was way down on the record of 3959.

Most reviews left on the Ute Muster Facebook page were five star ratings which is good for them, the page over the years have received a rating average of 4.6.

A great number of comments on the internet talked about the need for additional toilets with a focus on them being available further down the site and a tweaking of the wristband cash system.

Most people did not mind an hour or two wait to get into the site fully understanding that each vehicle had to be checked for prohibited items to ensure the safety of the people.

During the weekend, statuses were seen of people wishing they could go to the Muster, one writer even putting it on their bucket list.

Two officers were reported injured by shrapnel after a gas bottle was thrown into a fire and others were hit by eggs and other projectiles, drug detection was up from 8 to 38, two dozen people are off to court and the fire brigade were called out to extinguish fires.

Below is a rundown of the Police report, further details can be found here.

RBT’s went up from 326 to 2526
Time Outs went up from 105 to 128
Charges as mentioned earlier was two dozen up from 11
Ejections went down from 35 in 2016 to 12 this year.
63 person searches were conducted
39 vehicle searches were made
There were 14 Cannabis Cautions
800 random drug tests conducted on roads surrounding Deniliquin
Out of the 800 tests, 5 were positive
There were also four drink driving charges made.

In terms of big press, the Muster got it for sure with lots of reports on the Beer Bongs, Breasts requests, Some naked guy in a mud pit and more while some publications just dished out the stats and the stars and how pleased they were to perform at the event.

Among the news services reporting on the action (Good, bad and amusing reports) were news.com.au who posted their report in their WTF section of lifestyle, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post, Brisbane Times, Daily Mail and the Newcastle Herald.

themusic.com.au also reported on the Muster with the headline ‘Punters Attack Police At Deni Ute Muster’.

The Morning Show did a piece on the Ute Muster as well.

It will be interesting to see what will happen in the 2018 edition of the Muster, no doubt they’ll be wanting to avoid a repeat of drugs and injured officers and improve on the successes.

One week to go

There’s only one week to go until The Cruising Nationals is on again down at the RSL Club, Airport and Waring Gardens from March 31 to April 2.

The Cruising Nationals is an event that has it all from pre 1975 cars to drags, burnout competitions, night cruises, show and shine and more.

As with last year, the event kick off at the RSL Club on Friday night before the action moves to the Airport on Saturday and then the Waring Gardens on Saturday night and Sunday.

Those who are interested in participating will find both the scrutineering form and the entry form in the ‘Entry Form’ section of the website, website link is at the bottom of this story).

Entry Prices are also listed in the ‘Entry Form’ section for those who want to enter or be a spectator.

This years raffle is offering a 1968 Ford Mustang Convertible as its prize and it would be a fine addition to anyone’s car collection, raffle tickets are going at $5 apiece and the raffle benefits Intereach.

It is recommended that visitors who are looking for accommodation should book their rooms as quickly as possible as vacancies are filled in very quickly and we don’t want anyone to miss out (see the accommodation section of the website for options).

For more information check out The Cruising Nationals website or visit any of the social media locations below.

The Cruising Nationals FB Event Page
The Cruising Nationals FB Page