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Poll Time (31/5/18)

May 31 2018

We have new poll questions for readers to consider as we ask about our local State MP, Getting cars serviced in Echuca and whether or not a Dog Park is still thought about?

Questions Asked

How well is Austin Evans going as our State MP?
Getting your Holden serviced in Echuca is……
Does Deniliquin need a fenced, off leash dog park with activities and obstacles
Do you think the plan for the Federal Hotel will be done?


It has been a couple of months since the Austin Evans held off Helen Dalton to keep our state seat of Murray in Nationals hands, how well do you think he has done since making his way to Sydney to represent us?

It has been five months since Burchfields shut down forcing car owners to get their cars serviced in Echuca as Holden had no wish to keep operations going, how have car owners managed the trip over the border to get their cars serviced since then?

Dog Parks, this has been a long wished addition to the town and it was an election campaign issue when the local area picked local council, do readers still wish for the park to happen?

There are grand plans for the Federal Hotel with Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Food and Drink and the addition for a small cinema but some are skeptical that the plan will be completed, do you think it will?

Polls will remain open until Thursday June 14 and posted in Deni Speaks.


Poll Time (17/5/18)

May 17 2018

Poll Time is back and we have three questions that hopefully locals can answer so we can get an idea of where people stand on issues.

The questions are on Scott’s Park (aka informally as Rocket Park), Recycling and Live Exports.

Polls will remain open until next Thursday, if you have a question you want asked please let us know.

What do you think of the Scott’s Park – BMX track Concept Masterplan?

Over the last couple of weeks, locals have been looking at concept pictures of Scott’s Park (aka informally as Rocket Park) and they have been mostly well received.

Readers are asked if they like it, they think it is OK or they dislike it.

If you would like to look at the pictures again, click here.

Will Ipswich City Council’s attempt to end recycling kill off Deniliquin’s recycling hopes?

Ipswich City Council now known in Queensland as perhaps the most corrupt political body since the Joh Bjelke-Petersen days briefly ended recycling late last month citing China’s new rules and contamination.

They reversed their decision days later but the fact a big council even planned for the end of recycling could mean the end of Deniliquin’s hopes for kerbside recycling because if big councils don’t want it, why would little councils want it for?

Do you believe the attempt by ICC will end our local hopes?

Should Live Exports be phased out/banned?

Live Exports, we load up ships full of animals to take overseas for foreign countries to do what they want with them.

It brings in money but there are concerns that the practice is wrong and should be phased out or banned as soon as possible.

What do you think?

Poll Time (23/1/18)

January 23 2018

Here is our first edition of ‘Poll Time’ for 2018 and we’re starting off with just two questions as we have struggled to come up with questions to make our readers think and the year is still picking up speed.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been running a poll asking readers what their favourite story of 2017 was, the selections are from the Top 10 stories of last year and they cover a range of topics from April 1 pranks to visits to past history.

Our second question asks readers about the state of the local economy, we are specifically asking how well local business seems to be going not how they are treating you though we hope they are treating you fine and you are treating them fine in return.

The selections are ‘It is Thriving’, ‘It’s going Great’, ‘It is going Steady’, ‘It is on a Downturn’ and ‘Anyone got a paddle?’.

Results will be published on Monday February 4.


Poll Time (21/11/17)

November 21 2017

We have four questions for readers to consider as we head towards December and the last month of a very insightful year.


Is it too early for Christmas ads?
Do you find the Christmas ads annoying?
How do you rate the ERC so far?
Is Deniliquin experiencing a crime wave?

Christmas ads are in full swing everywhere you look and there is just over a month to go until the big day, is it too early for the public to be bombarded by ads?

That leads us to the next question on whether or not those ads are annoying, some ad cycles have the ‘Must be Santa’ ads by Target twice in the space of two or three minutes and that has gotten some people annoyed and there is probably a lot more ads driving people nuts during a time that drives people nuts (ad breaks).

The Councillors that make up the ERC are now settled into office, have they bolted out of the gates thanks to a fantastic start or do you believe that have found the going tough early on when it comes to ideas and policy? Pick between A, B, C, D and F.

Lastly, is Deniliquin experiencing a crime wave? It is something that is being talked about after you see the police reports on social media telling you about multiple thefts and the thumbs up/down groups discuss theft after theft and there is no set pattern or set tastes in thefts but is it a crime wave?

Polls are running until December 5.

Poll Time (12/9/17)

September 12 2017

We have just two polls running for this next fortnight and they are about TV and Radio.

These polls are reader suggested and they are pretty good ones because it may give people some indication on what radio stations are the dominant ones locally which could help businesses too in the quest to be heard during ad breaks.

The TV one will be interesting because it will see if voters have started to remember the existence of the other stations after decades of ABC, Seven, Nine, Ten and SBS only.

Questions asked

1. What radio station do you mostly listen to in the Deniliquin area?
2. What TV stations do you mostly watch?

Voters can vote on the right hand side of the page (computer) or down below (tablet, phone).