Poll Time (23/1/18)

January 23 2018

Here is our first edition of ‘Poll Time’ for 2018 and we’re starting off with just two questions as we have struggled to come up with questions to make our readers think and the year is still picking up speed.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been running a poll asking readers what their favourite story of 2017 was, the selections are from the Top 10┬ástories of last year and they cover a range of topics from April 1 pranks to visits to past history.

Our second question asks readers about the state of the local economy, we are specifically asking how well local business seems to be going not how they are treating you though we hope they are treating you fine and you are treating them fine in return.

The selections are ‘It is Thriving’, ‘It’s going Great’, ‘It is going Steady’, ‘It is on a Downturn’ and ‘Anyone got a paddle?’.

Results will be published on Monday February 4.



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