Poll Time (21/11/17)

November 21 2017

We have four questions for readers to consider as we head towards December and the last month of a very insightful year.


Is it too early for Christmas ads?
Do you find the Christmas ads annoying?
How do you rate the ERC so far?
Is Deniliquin experiencing a crime wave?

Christmas ads are in full swing everywhere you look and there is just over a month to go until the big day, is it too early for the public to be bombarded by ads?

That leads us to the next question on whether or not those ads are annoying, some ad cycles have the ‘Must be Santa’ ads by Target twice in the space of two or three minutes and that has gotten some people annoyed and there is probably a lot more ads driving people nuts during a time that drives people nuts (ad breaks).

The Councillors that make up the ERC are now settled into office, have they bolted out of the gates thanks to a fantastic start or do you believe that have found the going tough early on when it comes to ideas and policy? Pick between A, B, C, D and F.

Lastly, is Deniliquin experiencing a crime wave? It is something that is being talked about after you see the police reports on social media telling you about multiple thefts and the thumbs up/down groups discuss theft after theft and there is no set pattern or set tastes in thefts but is it a crime wave?

Polls are running until December 5.


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