Poll Time (31/5/18)

May 31 2018

We have new poll questions for readers to consider as we ask about our local State MP, Getting cars serviced in Echuca and whether or not a Dog Park is still thought about?

Questions Asked

How well is Austin Evans going as our State MP?
Getting your Holden serviced in Echuca is……
Does Deniliquin need a fenced, off leash dog park with activities and obstacles
Do you think the plan for the Federal Hotel will be done?


It has been a couple of months since the Austin Evans held off Helen Dalton to keep our state seat of Murray in Nationals hands, how well do you think he has done since making his way to Sydney to represent us?

It has been five months since Burchfields shut down forcing car owners to get their cars serviced in Echuca as Holden had no wish to keep operations going, how have car owners managed the trip over the border to get their cars serviced since then?

Dog Parks, this has been a long wished addition to the town and it was an election campaign issue when the local area picked local council, do readers still wish for the park to happen?

There are grand plans for the Federal Hotel with Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, Food and Drink and the addition for a small cinema but some are skeptical that the plan will be completed, do you think it will?

Polls will remain open until Thursday June 14 and posted in Deni Speaks.


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