A review of 2017

December 31 2017

The year is winding down and at this time last year many were wishing 2017 would hurry up because so much bad happened around the world in 2016.

2017 has treated us well as we have written 248 pieces across the year, we had just over 13,500 website visits and over 9,600 visitors.

Let’s take a look at what stories grabbed your attention month by month.

January started off with a call for raffle prizes and that locals also noticed that the weather was going up and down as hot days were followed up by cold ones and quickly replaced by hot days again.

News of a fundraiser got the interest of locals in February, the fundraiser shown that when it comes to helping locals out Deniliquin does really care.

The return of Deniliquin History in Photos topped the readers charts for March, the return of the popular Facebook page saw the news of its return reach #8 on our most read about list for 2017.

A new design of shopping trolleys and the moving of a popular Deniliquin sports team topped the charts in April, these news items did not have the same impact as the report on the merging of Deniliquin’s schools in April 2016.

The question of what does Deniliquin want and research into a postcard from 1916 topped the charts in May, readers helped make sense of the message on the postcard that was never sent to a Connie at Carrigan Villa.

The hunt for the Lyceum Theatre/Lyceum Hall topped the charts in June as locals discovered that the building was dismantled, shortened and rebuilt as an engineering building in Deniliquin North.

Drone footage of the Court House and Waring Gardens was the story of choice in July as the YouTube videos gave a spectacular view of the two areas and was sharp enough to read the rude messages on the bridge.

Also interesting readers was the story on Walking Stick Mick and the search for the site of the Methodist Church, readers discovered a cinema almost ended up on Cressy Street in the late 1930’s.

Images of Deniliquin in the 1960’s dominated the August charts and so did a report on Deniliquin’s many hotels both past and present ones which made a long list and lots of time spent reading up on them, research that continues to this day.

September saw the ERC election take place and so it dominated readers attention, Norm Brennan waltzed into the Mayor’s office after dominating the polls, the voters of the ERC went with a mostly former Conargo Shire lineup with five ex Conargo Shire Councillors, two ex Deniliquin Council members and two from neither council being elected.

October saw readers take a trip back in time thanks to Google Earth leaving most of Deniliquin’s streets stuck in 2008, Google Earth currently has images of Deniliquin’s streets in either 2008, 2010 or 2017 shape.

November had readers learning how to use the ‘Return and Earn’ machine which turned out to be a success in December and a petition to keep the Peacocks at Waring Gardens was launched after the ERC started eyeing the removal of them due to expense of updating their facility.

Finally we come to December and this month saw readers take an interest in the book ‘From The Banks Of The Edward River’, the fireworks at Waring Gardens also got the attention of readers and fine photos were taken by Daniel Clark.

December also saw the demolition of the old Police station and the closing down of Burchfields.

Below is the Top 10 most read stories on DNS for the year 2017.

1. Exploring Deniliquin in 2008
2. Shopping revolution coming to Deni
3. Images of Deniliquin
4. Deniliquin from the Air
5. ERC Election Wrap
6. Deniliquin’s Hotel History
7. ‘Return and Earn’ – December 1 2017
8. It’s Back!!!!!!!!!
9. Hunting down the Lyceum Theatre
10. Election Complication

That was the story of 2017 in terms of what readers of Deniliquin News Service read the most about.

Thank you for reading, we will see you in 2018.


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