Shopping revolution coming to Deni

There are two things that are wrong with Shopping Trolley’s, the first is that they are at times hard to steer and the second is that people dump them everywhere when they take them out of the shopping centres and their car parks.

A couple of the nations largest Supermarket chains have teamed up with local engineering firms to come up with a new trolley and it is called the ES-1.

The ES-1 has been made like no other trolley has been made before as they are equipped with a transponder, sensors, a new wheel and steering design and batteries that will give shoppers an interesting experience.

The new wheel design is one that promises to eliminate the annoying problem of the trolleys deciding to go wherever they want causing shoppers to struggle keeping control of them.

Users can now push their trolleys along and move a small adjustable joystick at the centre of the handle bar to turn their trolley as far left or right as they need to before straightening back up for the next aisle.

A transponder is used to make sure that Trolleys are able to be found quickly and easily as the high flow of shoppers requires a steady amount of trolleys at places like Deniliquin Plaza.

Readers may wonder where these new trolleys will be stored since they can no longer fit in each other and into a conventional trolley bay, the empty shop between The Reject Shop and Bakers Delight is being looked at being converted into a high tech trolley centre and will be properly staffed to ensure quality and security.

There is one item of controversy in the design of the ES-1, The ES-1 delivers a two punch system of the wheels being restricted in movement and the ES-1 battery electrifies the trolley (not including child section) that makes users very uneasy about wheeling the ES-1 any further than where management wants the trolleys to be in.

The above is achieved by lining the boundaries of places like Deniliquin Plaza with sensors and when an ES-1 is detected to have passed the boundary, a signal is sent and the security measures are taken, this action is like the wheel locking trolley measure at Waterford Plaza in Waterford West, QLD.

These trolleys are expensive to make and costs will be passed on the consumer to keep them operational but if these new trolleys are a success then there is no doubt supermarkets across Australia will be lining up to add this electrifying new type of trolley to their Supermarkets.

Thank you for reading this April Fools Day edition, see you next year.


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