They’re going where?

A popular Deniliquin Football team is reportedly planning to pack up their things and leave town in 2019.

Sources around town indicate that the team is looking to go to the pristine pastures of Warragoon.

But where on Earth is Warragoon? Warragoon is 14km South West of Blighty and has a population of around 302 people and a lot more Cows and Sheep.

So why are they moving in 2019? It is because there is currently not much out there in Warragoon apart from some nice farms and a few shops and so the departing team will have to get to work making a nice, green and smooth Oval and some nice Netball Courts plus all the amenities needed for a club to exist and thrive at.

The team on the move is expected to keep their nickname though sources have said that there are suggestions for the team to be nicknamed the Mokangers, the Goons or the Uppers with all three nicknames based on the names of roads around the small area.

The club could also be called names like the Warragoon Sheep, the Warragoon Shearers or the Warragoon Cows and below are how the names may look like in the Rovers and Rams colours.


We wish the departing team all the success in the world and thank them for their decades of sporting memories.







Relax Rams and Rovers fans there is no need to panic because this is an April Fools Day edition from Deniliquin News Service and nobody is going anywhere, see you next year.


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