The Deni Pokémon Wrap (28/3/17)

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Deniliquin is steady on 179 members and has had no new posts since November 24.

Fan Made Pokémon Games

Tired of the current Pokémon games? People are making their own Pokémon games for people to play.

Many consider the best fan made game to be Pokémon Ethereal Gates which is currently a demo and whilst it doesn’t appear the game has been worked on in a year though, a Tweet in late February indicates there is still life in the game.  

The video links below are reviews of several Pokémon Fan Games that may be worth searching for.

Pokémon Shuffle News

Past and present locals are still making progress on Pokémon Shuffle though it is getting harder to get somewhere.

As you know our two regular gamers Boony and Tiggy are racing each other on the mobile version of the game with Tiggy forging ahead of Boony who is up to Stage 195 whilst Tiggy has moved up one stage to Stage 230 and we will continue to follow the race as it progresses.

Stage 230 has the Fighting Pokémon Medicham as the challenge whilst Stage 195 has the Steel Pokémon Doublade.

Boony has caught back up to Tiggy on the Pokémon count with Tiggy with both having caught 200 Pokémon.

We will be back next fortnight with a new edition of The Deni Pokémon Wrap.


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