Deni Speaks (3/4/17)

In this edition of Deni Speaks, we asked readers three questions on our website and we can now discuss the outcome of the voting.

Questions asked

1.  Is Rubbish Dumping becoming more widespread?
2. Are Drugs becoming a problem locally?
3. Are you happy with location Radio Station playlists?


79% of voters believe that rubbish dumping is becoming widespread, this question was asked after people reported rubbish along the banks of the Edward River in amounts that were concerning.

99% of voters believe that drugs are becoming a problem locally, this question was asked after reports that needles were being found on the ground outside Deniliquin Plaza and the fact the drug problem was becoming a common conversation topic.

89% of voters have said that they are not happy with local radio station playlists, this was asked after frequent complaints about radio playlists and so it was decided to see if it was widely thought of or not.


Rubbish dumping is a problem in every town and city and whilst it can never be stopped, it can be limited through prevention, clean up of rubbish and the enforcement of laws.

Drugs are a problem and we as a society must find a solution, it should be noted that any solution decided on by lawmakers will probably be met with controversy.

With the majority of people unhappy with radio playlists perhaps it is time for The Edge and 2QN to go out into the streets with clipboard in hand and find out exactly what listeners want to hear after all the more listeners there are equals the more sponsors stations will get.

Thank you for voting and reading Deni Speaks, we will be back with a new edition soon.

EDIT 16/4/17: Hello readers from, we hope you found the radio results interesting.


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