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Deni Speaks (19/12/17)

December 19 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been running our routine polls here on the website to see how locals feel about local issues.

We asked readers for thoughts on Christmas, The ERC and Crime, we like to thank everyone for their participation this year as it has provided us great insight and lots of discussion.


1. Do you find the Christmas ads are annoying?
2. How do you rate the ERC so far?
3. Is Deniliquin experiencing a Crime Wave?


55% of voters believe that Christmas ads are not annoying compared to the 45% that think they are annoying.

30% of voters have given the ERC a grading of D so far, 25% gave the council an F grade followed by 20% each of A and C and B was far behind on 5%.

74% of voters believe that Deniliquin is currently experiencing a crime wave despite the new flashy Police Station opening, 26% believe there is no problem.


The results of the Christmas ads are a little surprising considering viewers around the country were bombarded with Target, Big W and Jeweler Store ads with Target really annoying people with ‘Must Be Santa’ playing every 10 minutes particularly on Pay TV.

Those who voted on the Council question seem to think the Council is struggling in the early going.

The fate of the Peacock Enclosure may make the waters rougher unless they come up with a great plan to compensate for the loss of the well known attraction or pony up the cash to modernize the enclosure to suit all standards.

Crime is worrying locals, there has been a constant stream of reports concerning thefts, vandalism and car damage on social media groups and locals are starting to lose patience as thieves are eager to steal anything, anywhere and drivers are hitting other vehicles and are driving off leaving car owners with repair bills.

That concludes our report on the voting, thank you for reading the Deni Speaks series throughout 2017.


Deni Speaks (1/11/17)

November 1 2017

Four questions were asked over a two week period and we have all the results for you as well as our conclusions.

Questions asked

1. Do you support working bees?
2. Should the Community Centre be resurrected?
3. Will the close Murray By-Election result benefit Deniliquin?
4. Should Coles Deniliquin have online ordering?


Do you support working bees?

Yes – 72.22%
No –  27.78%

Should the Community Centre be resurrected?

Yes – 59.09%
No – 40.91%

Will the close Murray By-Election result benefit Deniliquin?

No, they just focus on the city areas – 81.82%
Yes, they’ll give the area more – 18.18%

Should Coles Deniliquin have online ordering?

Yes – 84.31%
No – 15.69%


Organizations in Deniliquin can feel assured that they will find support when they require a working bee to maintain some part of town.

People love the former Community Centre, its interiors are well remembered, its facade is part of classic architecture and many feel it should either be resurrected as a standalone community centre, a part of Intereach or opened as something entirely different to keep the building alive.

Locals believe that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will not throw more resources into the Murray area after the Nationals narrowly held on to the seat in the recent Murray By-Election after decades of holding the seat comfortably.

This feeling if true could mean a voter backlash in the area in the next State and Federal elections as voters have been feeling neglected in recent years.

A large majority of voters believe that Online Ordering should be an option at Coles Deniliquin despite fears the option could cost locals jobs and lessen interaction between customers and employees.

We’ll be back with a new edition of Deni Speaks soon.

Deni Speaks (10/10/17)

October 10 2017

We’ve had a lot of votes come in for our four poll questions and below are the questions and then the results followed by conclusions.

Questions Asked

What do you want to see more or less on 102.5 The Edge?
What do you want to see more or less of on 2QN?
Will the Air Freight Hub become reality?
Will the Ethanol Plant ever become reality?


What do you want to see more or less on 102.5 The Edge?

Less Repeats (No Repeat Workday and have a much bigger playlist) – 35.98%
More Classic Rock (Rock from the 60’s to 90’s) – 19.58%
Become a Rock Variety station as it once was – 19.58%
Play more modern Rock Music (Rock from the 2000’s to Now) – 14.81%
More Variety from the 80’s to Now – 5.29%
Play more Top 40 pop music – 3.17%
Stay the same how it is now – 1.06%
Be less of a Northern Victoria station – 0.53%
Become a feel good station – 0%

What do you want to see more or less of on 2QN?

Play a wide variety of Classic Hits from the 60’s to 80’s and play the odd adult friendly song from the 90’s to Today – 53.03%
More Talkback – 10.61%
Play more new music – 10.61%
Less Talkback – 8.33%
Have a smooth type music format – 7.58%
Stay the same how it is now – 6.82%
Play more older music – 3.02%

Will the Air Freight Hub become reality?

No, a different project will take priority – 46%
Yes, council really believes in it – 28%
No, it makes zero commercial sense – 26%

Will the Ethanol Plant ever become reality?

No but they’ll probably talk about it forever – 50.52%
Yes – 24.74%
No, they’ll scrap it – 24.74%


Less repeats topped the wishlist for 102.5, it is known that repeats are done to keep royalty costs down but a wider playlist will bring back listeners and listeners to the ads that businesses pay to be on there.

2QN listeners want the classics from the 1960’s to the 1980’s with a little surprise from more recent times thrown in, this would keep 102.5 and 2QN from being the same and allow for choice.

Confidence is not high for the Air Freight Hub, many think the airport will get something different in the end but there is the thought Council’s insistence will see things through even if people question the need for cargo planes to scream in and that Melbourne is a short distance of time away by air.

As for the Ethanol Plant, the majority of voters think that it won’t happen but they will talk about it forever just like the third Bill & Ted movie we’ve been waiting almost 30 years for, other often talked about but never happening examples in the world are the movies Akira and Austin Powers 4 and the computer game Commander Keen: The Universe Is Toast!


Deni Speaks (26/9/17)

September 26 2017

We were asked to put up polls on Television and Radio to see what the local tastes for on both mediums.

The questions we put forth for our readers to answer were the following

What TV stations do you mostly watch?
What radio station do you mostly listen to in the Deniliquin area? 

Below are the answers, as some totals were close the percentages were not rounded up or down in order to have a full account of percentages.

What TV stations do you mostly watch?

Seven/Prime – 11.03%
Nine/Southern Cross – 11.03%
Ten/WIN – 10.32%
ABC – 9.96%
SBS – 7.47%
Pay TV Channels – 6.76%
7 Mate – 6.41%

9 HD – 4.98%
9 Life – 4.63%
7 TWO – 4.27% 
GO! – 3.56%
Streamed Channels – 3.2%
7 Flix – 2.85
Eleven – 2.85%
ABC News – 2.85%
One – 2.49%
Other – 1.42%
ABC 2 – 0.36%

What radio station do you mostly listen to in the Deniliquin area?

95.3 Triple M – 22.89%
ABC – 16.42%  
Triple J – 16.42%
Internet Radio – 14.93%
2QN – 9.95%
Hit 96.9 – 6.47%
Kix – 6.47%
102.5 The Edge – 4.98%
Vision Christian Radio 87.6 FM – 1.47% 



‘The Traditional Channels’ led comfortably from the front in the Television poll whilst 7 Mate was the best of the expansion channels.

The radio poll has shown that locals prefer to listen to the stations outside of Deniliquin with Triple M leading with just over one fifth of the vote.

2QN and 102.5 The Edge combined for 14.93 percent, a total that is below equal second place’s ABC and Triple J’s individual total of 16.42% and equal with Internet Radio’s 14.93%.

The stations new owners will no doubt feel a little down about the lack of wide support for the two stations and should seek out the opinions of locals in order to make the stations popular again.

Lastly hello to the people at Mediaspy who are sitting in on these poll results once more as media is their forte.

We’ll be back in two weeks with the results from new polls.

Deni Speaks (5/9/17)

September 5 2017

For the last two weeks, we ran four polls on our website with questions on Speeding, Ute Muster, ERC Election and Rates.

Is School Zone speeding becoming a problem?
Are rates still considered too high?
Are you getting more excited about the Ute Muster?
What would you like to see happen from the ERC elections?


Is School Zone speeding becoming a problem?

No – 55%
Yes – 45%

Are rates still considered too high?

Yes they are still too high – 85%
No, they are just right – 15%
No, the rates are pretty generous – 0%

Are you getting more excited about the Ute Muster?

No – 91%
Yes – 9%

What would you like to see happen from the ERC elections?

Kerbside recycling become reality – 18%
Keep Australia Day on January 26 – 18%
Rates frozen or lowered – 16%
Rates be more value for money – 14%
Roadworks to be first priority – 11%
Deal to install more cameras at Deniliquin Plaza – 7%
Push for better transport options (rail, bus, train) – 7%
Less dog barking in early morning hours – 4%
Make business employees park in employee areas – 4%
Better interaction between towns – 2%
Move Australia Day from January 26 – 0%


10% isn’t a big margin on the question of speeding, it will be interesting to see on social media if there is more reports of speeding for the rest of the school year.

Rates are still considered too high and one reason this is believed is because money given to Council is not considered well spent, the ERC’s first council will be under some pressure to deliver.

People don’t seem to be getting more excited about the Ute Muster, either it is unpopular or people just have fun on the weekend itself just like a routine music festival or Friday-Saturday night parties.

Recycling and keeping Australia Day on the 26th were the main points people want to see from the election, the ERC said there are looking at the feasibility of recycling and so the pressure is on to make it happen.

Any moving of Australia Day events from January 26 would be considered political suicide whilst rates taken up positions three and four and roadworks slotted in to 5th.