Deni Speaks (26/9/17)

September 26 2017

We were asked to put up polls on Television and Radio to see what the local tastes for on both mediums.

The questions we put forth for our readers to answer were the following

What TV stations do you mostly watch?
What radio station do you mostly listen to in the Deniliquin area? 

Below are the answers, as some totals were close the percentages were not rounded up or down in order to have a full account of percentages.

What TV stations do you mostly watch?

Seven/Prime – 11.03%
Nine/Southern Cross – 11.03%
Ten/WIN – 10.32%
ABC – 9.96%
SBS – 7.47%
Pay TV Channels – 6.76%
7 Mate – 6.41%

9 HD – 4.98%
9 Life – 4.63%
7 TWO – 4.27% 
GO! – 3.56%
Streamed Channels – 3.2%
7 Flix – 2.85
Eleven – 2.85%
ABC News – 2.85%
One – 2.49%
Other – 1.42%
ABC 2 – 0.36%

What radio station do you mostly listen to in the Deniliquin area?

95.3 Triple M – 22.89%
ABC – 16.42%  
Triple J – 16.42%
Internet Radio – 14.93%
2QN – 9.95%
Hit 96.9 – 6.47%
Kix – 6.47%
102.5 The Edge – 4.98%
Vision Christian Radio 87.6 FM – 1.47% 



‘The Traditional Channels’ led comfortably from the front in the Television poll whilst 7 Mate was the best of the expansion channels.

The radio poll has shown that locals prefer to listen to the stations outside of Deniliquin with Triple M leading with just over one fifth of the vote.

2QN and 102.5 The Edge combined for 14.93 percent, a total that is below equal second place’s ABC and Triple J’s individual total of 16.42% and equal with Internet Radio’s 14.93%.

The stations new owners will no doubt feel a little down about the lack of wide support for the two stations and should seek out the opinions of locals in order to make the stations popular again.

Lastly hello to the people at Mediaspy who are sitting in on these poll results once more as media is their forte.

We’ll be back in two weeks with the results from new polls.


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