Deni Speaks (19/12/17)

December 19 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been running our routine polls here on the website to see how locals feel about local issues.

We asked readers for thoughts on Christmas, The ERC and Crime, we like to thank everyone for their participation this year as it has provided us great insight and lots of discussion.


1. Do you find the Christmas ads are annoying?
2. How do you rate the ERC so far?
3. Is Deniliquin experiencing a Crime Wave?


55% of voters believe that Christmas ads are not annoying compared to the 45% that think they are annoying.

30% of voters have given the ERC a grading of D so far, 25% gave the council an F grade followed by 20% each of A and C and B was far behind on 5%.

74% of voters believe that Deniliquin is currently experiencing a crime wave despite the new flashy Police Station opening, 26% believe there is no problem.


The results of the Christmas ads are a little surprising considering viewers around the country were bombarded with Target, Big W and Jeweler Store ads with Target really annoying people with ‘Must Be Santa’ playing every 10 minutes particularly on Pay TV.

Those who voted on the Council question seem to think the Council is struggling in the early going.

The fate of the Peacock Enclosure may make the waters rougher unless they come up with a great plan to compensate for the loss of the well known attraction or pony up the cash to modernize the enclosure to suit all standards.

Crime is worrying locals, there has been a constant stream of reports concerning thefts, vandalism and car damage on social media groups and locals are starting to lose patience as thieves are eager to steal anything, anywhere and drivers are hitting other vehicles and are driving off leaving car owners with repair bills.

That concludes our report on the voting, thank you for reading the Deni Speaks series throughout 2017.


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