Peacock Enclosure debate continues on

December 15 2017

Debate on the fate of the Waring Gardens Aviary continues as everyone weighs up the pros and cons of keeping the long standing and much loved enclosure and their animals in the Waring Gardens.

Many locals are keen on keeping the enclosure and the animals and want the upgrades to take place, 753 people have so far signed a petition that calls on the Peacocks to stay.

Many others say the Peacocks stay should come to an end with several citing costs as a factor which includes $30,000 for a satisfactory enclosure, $10,000 for staff and food per year, $8580 for enrolling two people into a course to get the right certification and there is extras for educational material plus zoo working.

Part of the $30,000 goes into an industrial kitchen and freezer to make sure the animals get the very best which may seem extravagant but rules are rules.

Locals have to think about some of the following and more;

– Are the Peacocks worth the minimum $50,000?
– Do the Peacocks have any economic value to the town?
– Can the Peacocks Enclosure be moved to anywhere else in the Gardens?
– Can they be re-homed permanently anywhere else in Deniliquin?
– Is there something else worth spending the $10,000+ a year on?
– Does the town really want to lose another icon?

For the next 28 days there is a section on ‘Our Say‘ dedicated to the Waring Gardens Avery question and it lays out all the pros and cons and there is a section where you can login using your Facebook or Google details and submit a question if you have any.

Log in

The above picture is what you’ll find when clicking ‘Login’ on the top right corner of the Our Say website.

More information can be found on the ERC press release as well.

For and against feedback is welcomed by the ERC and it can be done in four ways.

The first is by emailing the General Manager at and in the subject line put in ‘Waring Gardens Aviary’.

The second is to post your feedback in a letter to

The General Manager – Waring Gardens Aviary
PO Box 270
Deniliquin NSW  2710

The third is to submit your feedback to the ERC Customer Service Centre at 180 Cressy Street.

The last option is to email the Councillors directly and to do so, you just click here which takes you to ‘Our Councillors’ and beside the photo of each Councillor is their details and pretty much below each photo is their email address to contact them on and don’t forget ‘Waring Gardens Aviary’ in the subject line.

Remember to be polite in your letters, nobody wants to receive nasty mail.

We’ll continue to report on the situation as it develops.


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