Exploring Deniliquin in 2008

Some people say Deniliquin does not change and that you can go away for a while and come back and everything is the same.

The other week we wrote about Google Earth being behind the times and it occurred to us that we should expand our report and go through the streets and see what existed in 2008 and doesn’t now.

The below pictures are all taken off Google Earth.


If you needed some furniture, Deni Furniture Centre was the place to go.

KFC was still in the process of being dismantled.


R&J’s – A great place to go to when you needed entertainment like CD’s and more.


Retravision was a big company across Australia until the late 2000’s and was gone by 2012 as the group of companies either split off or financially  collapsed.


This building is a reminder of the death throes of the rail line as it no longer stands.


Subway’s first store in town and Pinky’s Pizza, luckily for Deni another Subway opened up and Pinky’s Pizza is now occupied by That Pizza.


Silly Willy’s before they moved out and Harvey Norman expanded to take its place.


Mitsubishi was still running opposite the RSL Club in 2008.


The former Shell petrol station before its demolition, only the empty sign reminded by 2010.

As you can see lots has changed since 2008 and the above is just a small sample of the shop changes, unfortunately the lack of high resolution images have hampered efforts to display great images for posterity.


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