Images of Deniliquin

August 9 2017

At one time, tourists could pick up a postcard that looked like an envelope and send to their friends and loved ones a series of printed images of Deniliquin.

We are very pleased to be able to show you some of the images from the postcard series, we do apologise if some images appear wonky but that is due to all images being attached to each other limiting the ability to straighten them up.

Front cover, a generic one as you can tell by the background with ‘Deniliquin’ added to the picture.

National Bridge, considered dangerous before it was demolished.

Camping grounds

Court House.jpgCourt House

Cressy Street, notice just past halfway is the Court House Hotel.

When the pool was part of the Edward River.

Tattersall’s Hotel on the left, Ho’s is on the right and the Royal Hotel is deep in the background.

Town Hall 3.jpg
Town Hall when it was crowded on both sides.

Waring Gardens.jpg
Waring Gardens
War Memorial without the WW2 panels.
Stevens Weir
Outside Central.jpgNapier Street
Sheep at ‘Boonoke’

The back where you can seal it all up and post the lot off.

As you have seen, Deniliquin has changed quite a lot since these pictures were taken, we have a different bridge, the Tattersall’s Hotel and Royal Hotel (end of picture 7) are gone, the War Memorial is different now and there are different shops, different cars and another place to swim now too.

We hope you have enjoyed taking a look at these images and hope that they have brought back memories or have brought interest and curiosity to what was and what will be coming in the future.


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