Thoughts on last week

As many readers know, people throughout town are upset by what happened last week on the Murray River.

The death of anyone is always sad, the death of a child is horrifying because they only got a brief taste of the joys life can bring and it never makes sense why they get denied the chance while people like us have gotten to experience what we’ve experienced.

There is no greater horror than knowing that a life was deliberately taken away and it makes people angry and rightfully so, nobody has the right to play god and nobody has the right to be the devil.

Being a news blog, we really can’t say much because we don’t want to inadvertently ruin prosecution and we don’t want to take advantage of tragedy by trumpeting our thoughts that is why there is no promotion of these thoughts.

But we do say to readers that we must patiently wait for all facts to come out and they will as time goes by and we cannot risk muddying the waters with stories about the accused and then we must let the justice system do its job and hope for the right outcome to be delivered by those who decide fates of those who are accused of crimes every day.

Lessons will be learned and laws will be changed to try prevent what happened from happening again but there always be the thought the price of safety and security for children is already too high.

Be kind to each other and respect life, we only get it once and everyone should get the same chance of enjoying it, free from the chance of somebody taking it away by evil acts, pure selfishness or stupidity.


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