Bimbella Beef now offers Fruit and Veg

For those who don’t know, Bimbella Beef has added Fruit & Veg to their range of choices and residents will be happy to know the produce is from nearby sources.

Their Seedless Watermelon come from Blighty and as it is seedless there is no need to constantly scoop or spit out seeds.

Their Clingstone Peaches come from Cobram and they also offer Cauliflower which is a popular choice to put on the side of your plate.

The benefit of nearby produce is that it is considered better compared to some places in the world that gets food from afar and hold it for a lengthy period of time killing off freshness, taste and the amount of time you got to use it by.

Deniliquin has been looking for a good Fruit & Veg source outside the Supermarkets for some time and perhaps this is the solution for shoppers who can now get their fix of nutritious meat, get some food for their pets and now get some Fruit & Veg too.

To keep up to date on all the latest specials and more, check out their Facebook page whose link is at the top of this story.

Items and Prices
Seedless Watermelon @ $1.50/kg
Clingstone Peaches @ $5.00/kg
Cauliflower @ $3 each


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