Google Earth time warp

Deniliquin is a funny place to look at from high above or on the ground when it comes to Google Earth.

The high up view is from October 2015 and there are options to look back at far as 2005 whilst Street View gives users a chance to see parts of the town as it was in 2008 and see places like Go-Lo and Pinky’s Pizza whilst Centrelink is a construction site.

Mitsubishi is still operating, Silly Willy’s can be seen in the spot Harvey Norman expanded to and the block next to Coles is still being used, KFC still had most of its signs still up

If you are really lucky you might see some Street View images that are from 2010 (around End Street to around the High School) and the images are in far better quality too.

But there is one new edition to the map and that is 360 Cities and users get to see the TransmUTE, Peppin Heritage Centre and Information Centre in a 360 view as you can see by the three red dots on the map below.

It would be nice to get some updated images in the near future but in the meantime enjoy a look at the past while you still can.

Google Earth can be downloaded from here


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