The downside of Control

Wild Rabbits have been a problem in Australia for centuries with fences and myxomatosis used to try and combat their rapid population growth and their rapid ability to cause damage to farmland and local wildlife.

Now there is a new virus in town doing battle against them and it is called the K5 strain of the calicivirus or otherwise known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV).

There is already RHDVa and RHDV2 out there killing rabbits both wild and domestic and there are fears that K5 will do the very same thing.

The following is recommended to all owners of domestic rabbits

– Keep bunnies indoors
– Invest in fly spray for mosquitoes and spray your flyscreens
– Buy F10 veterinary science online to disinfect rabbit houses and your floors.
– Do not let people walk around your house in shoes.
– Cover cages with netting mesh, this can be brought from Bunnings.
– DO NOT let your rabbits go outside or run on grass.
– Keep all dogs and cats away from your bunnies as can they transfer the virus ie. If mosquitoes poo on their fur.

Lastly make sure they are vaccinated to prevent them from dying from such a virus and if you want the K5 strain from being used, please visit the petition on this link.


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