Support shown for Nurses again

A year ago this week, Deniliquin was coloured blue in support of local nurses and once again people will be seeing blue on mailboxes and other locations to show their support one year on.

The jobs that Nurses do are well appreciated and respected by the public although it can be said that those who make up all the terms and conditions like pay, working hours and standard of equipment may not part of that group as evidenced last year when they changed things.

Visitors to Keep DENI BLUE may of noticed a post about 31/4/31 that is starting tomorrow (March 1), it was also done last year and it is hoped that people will be curious about this new effort and perhaps participate in some way.

Last year was a great effort, the campaign and others showed that Deniliquin residents care about a variety of issues and always seek to do something about it.


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