The Deni Pokémon Wrap (28/2/17)

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Deniliquin is steady on 179 members and has no new posts since November 24.

Generation 2 Pokémon have been spotted throughout town with Pokémon like Natu, Granbull and Murkrow encountered and caught by local gamers.

Pokémon Go is considered to still be a work in progress by gamers and this has hurt the long term popularity of the game but it is also considered to be a good game to play when you are out and about and want something to do in quiet moments.

Pokémon Shuffle News

Past and present locals are still making progress on Pokémon Shuffle though it is getting harder to get somewhere.

As you know our two regular gamers Boony and Tiggy are racing each other on the mobile version of the game but have stalled in recent weeks with Boony up to Stage 192 and Tiggy has moved up to Stage 225 and we will continue to follow the race as it progresses.

Stage 225 has the Steel Pokémon Klink as the challenge whilst Stage 192 has the Normal Pokémon Lickilicky.

Tiggy has moved ahead of Boony on the Pokémon count with Tiggy leading 199 Pokémon to 198.

We will be back next fortnight with a new edition of The Deni Pokémon Wrap.


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