DNS returns to the fence

Three months ago, DNS wrote about the rubbish situation around the fences of Deniliquin Plaza.

The images taken by Dan Clark shocked many readers and it brought awareness to the problem that many cities and towns face around the world and that is the careless disposal of rubbish.

Today we have returned to the fences to how things are now and unfortunately readers the situation has not improved.

As you will see in the pictures below (taken once again by Dan Clark) the amount of rubbish appears to have increased as the fence line becomes the final destination for rubbish either dropped there or was blown around by the winds until the fences ensured it goes no further.

The rubbish is not of any one type for there is everything from McDonalds wrappers to UDL cans lining the fence waiting to be picked up and properly disposed of.

DNS has a petition on change.org that readers can sign by clicking on the link and using the Facebook login option to sign and if wanted share it with people.

We urge all readers to please put their rubbish in bins for it is the best outcome for the town and for the environment.


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