Rubbish getting out of control

There are reports once again that rubbish is appearing in large amounts against the fences of Deniliquin Plaza and the yards and nature strips of residents along Henry Street and other streets close by.

As reported in 2014 and 2015, some shoppers are leaving places like Deniliquin Plaza with their purchases, consume the purchases moments down the road and throwing the rubbish wherever they are standing at the time the product is consumed.

As you will see in the pictures taken today by Dan Clark, rubbish lines both sides of the fence that is near The Reject Shop and it continues on to the next property and makes it’s way around the corner and continues on past the rail track.

According to Google Earth, the distance between the Bins in the Plaza and the fence is about 50 metres which isn’t a whole lot of time, one idea is to put a bin on the corner of Henry and Napier Street which is 150m from the fence opening as an encouragement for people to hold on to their rubbish until the get to that point.

This then leaves the question of what to do about Henry Street where rubbish is found dumped along, one suggestion is to place a bin every 100 or so metres to try and limit the amount dumped or encourage somebody to pick a piece up and bin it.

A petition made in 2015 has been relaunched this year with hopes it gathers enough signatures to force the ERC to take action and ensure a cleaner town, signatures can be added at this website.

Rubbish dumping is a problem that affects every town and city in the world but we cannot allow this to keep happening, do we really want to live in a world where a walk down the streets is a trek through bottles and chip packets?



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